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Bet365 common problems – How to solve them

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Common problems and issues with Bet365

Bet365 problemsThere are always going to be problems and issues with any gambling website and this is true for Bet365. To find out what kinds of problems customers are having, we performed a survey where we looked for the opinions of Bet365 customers from different countries online.

We found some interesting comments. Some of the customers complained that their Bet365 accounts were limited after they had achieved large wins. Other customers had experienced problems with the verification process. And there were some customers that discussed issues that they had with the deposit and withdrawal process at Bet365.

In fact, we came across a number of common problems that customers experienced with Bet365 and we wanted to address these for you right here.

Problems with the verification process

Bet365 insist that you scan a document that proves your identity such as a passport, national ID card or a driver’s license and send this to them. If you do not do this then you will not be able to make any withdrawals from your Bet365 account.

Some customers delay the verification process for a variety of reasons. A few customers that took longer than 3 months to go through the verification process claimed that their Bet365 was then limited.

In order to ensure that your Bet365 account is not limited and that you can withdraw the money that you have made with winning bets, we advise that you perform the verification process immediately after registering and making your first deposit. It is not that difficult to get a scanned copy of your identification document and send this to the company.

Deposit problems with Bet365

You need to be fully aware of the deposit limits with your Bet365 account. There is a minimum deposit amount that you must adhere to. If you try and make a deposit of less than the minimum then the request will be rejected.

It is also important that you understand any restrictions with the payment method that you want to use. For example, if you want to use Neteller or Skrill to make your deposit it is very likely that you will miss out on the initial bonus. Some of the payment methods will also set their own minimum and maximum deposit limits so check this as well.

If you cannot make a deposit then you cannot bet with Bet365. The terms from Bet365 about deposits are pretty straight forward and it should be easy for you to comply with them. Failure to do this could lead to restrictions and even stop you being able to make deposits at all.

Trying to make a deposit with someone else’s card

Something that happens fairly often is where a customer attempts to make a deposit using a credit or debit card that belongs to someone else. If you try to do this the Bet365 system will automatically detect that the card is not in your name and reject the deposit.

Bet365 is very concerned about under age gambling and will not accept another person’s card as a way of funding your account. If you do not have a credit or debit card of your own then you can always look into e-wallet systems like Skrill as a way to fund your Bet365 account.

Withdrawal problems with Bet365

The most common reason why withdrawals fail with Bet365 is that the customer has not gone through the verification process successfully. Apart from this, you need to be aware of the minimum withdrawal amount rules that Bet365 have.

Your minimum withdrawal amount can change depending on the method of withdrawal that you choose. There are likely to be different rules for a withdrawal to a bank account or conventional credit card compared with a withdrawal to an e-wallet for example.

You need to know all of the facts here. If you request a withdrawal amount that is less than the minimum stated by Bet365 then the request will be denied. There may be maximum withdrawal limits in your country so make sure that you check this out as well.

Betting issues with Bet365

Some customers have experienced the issue of having their account limited because they won big amounts on a regular basis. This is because Bet365 have doubts concerning the “big lotto”. The company say that this is quite a rare thing to happen but that it is a possibility.

Another way that you might have your account limited is to make to many withdrawal requests for small amounts. This is because Bet365 have to pay fees for each withdrawal transaction, so regular small withdrawals will rack up their costs.

One thing that is very likely to get your account blocked is if you place bets using different accounts or different IP addresses. Each customer of Bet365 is only permitted to have a single account. Sometimes customers do travel around so you need to explain this to the company before placing a bet if you are not in your usual location.

Bet365 online casino problems

To be honest, reported problems about the Bet365 online casino are pretty rare. There have been some reports that the Bet365 team are pushing a particular slot game too aggressively. You can just ignore this if it happens.

To play at the Bet365 online casino in the past you would have needed to have the Flash player installed for your browser. This is no longer necessary as all of the online casino games from Bet365 are coded in HTML 5 which means that they will play automatically in your browser.

If you are using a mobile device such as a smart phone or tablet then there is no need to download any software and install it to play the Bet365 online casino games. All of the games are fully optimized for mobile play so all you need is a browser on your mobile device.

Bet365 live casino games problems

A lot of customers like to play the live casino games with Bet365 and to avoid problems here you always need to adhere to the betting limits imposed at the different tables. When you select the live dealer game you want to play, you will see different tables appear with different minimum and maximum bet amounts.

It is easy to see the minimum and maximum bets for every table available. There are usually always tables available that have lower bet thresholds and there will also be those that accept higher stakes. Make sure that you check the bet rules before joining a table.

Bet365 contact problems

We were unable to find many issues reported by Bet365 customers about contacting the support team. Bet365 no longer make a phone number available as a method of contact which some customers are not happy with. The 24/7 live chat at Bet365 is really good. It is rare that you will have to wait too long for a support team member to respond to you and you can get a lot of issues resolved easily using this method of contact. There is also the option to send an email to the support team and you can even use snail mail to contact the company if you wish.


Will Bet365 automatically limit your account if you experience a big win?

No, this should not happen. They will only limit your account if they have any suspicions about it.

Why is there no support phone number for Bet365?

The Bet365 company is based in England but they have customers all over the world. They have decided to withdraw the phone option and replaced this with live chat and email.

Why do Bet365 insist on a verification process?

Bet365 holds a number of operating licenses in different countries and in all cases, they insist on strict KYC (know your customer) procedures to prevent under age gambling and money laundering.

What is the biggest problem with withdrawals?

The biggest issue here is not being verified. This is followed by not observing the minimum and maximum withdrawal limits.

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