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Where and how to play free animal themed slots?

Animal Casino GamesLet’s be honest, everyone loves animals and we have a number of websites and online casinos for you where you can play for free animal themed slots. With these free animal themed slot games there is no need for registration and no download involved. You can play these animal themed slots right in your browser.

It is a lot of fun to play online free animal themed slots. You can practice your skills with no deposit necessary. If an animal themed slot machine is your kind of game then you will find that the online casino and casino based websites below will provide you with the opportunity to play this great casino game for free.

You can play animal themed slot games for free at So be sure not to miss out on the joy and thrills you can have playing these animal themed slots online free. By playing the demo games you can practice and really master these slots. Then if you want to play for real money you will be very confident.

Animal themed slot games come in a variety of formats. Some are very basic slots with 3 reels and limited paylines while others have more reels and a high number of paylines. You can load up all of these free animal themed slots in your browser and experience the thrill of the spin.

With most of these games you will see how to play them as you load them up. All of them are going to have a “spin” button and there may be a turbo option and an “auto spin” feature with some of the animal themed slots. With some of these slot games you can choose the number of lines that you want to bet on.

There are hundreds of free to play animal slots available. Some of these are ideal for those that are new to animal slots and others are for more advanced players. We suggest that you choose one animal themed slots game that you really like and master this before moving on to others.

Animal themed slots overview and history

If you like the idea of playing slots that have an animal theme then you will be spoiled for choice as there are so many animal themed slots available. Animal themed slot machines have been around for over a hundred years. Some of the early slot machine manufactures used animal symbols on their slots because they knew they would be popular.

Although there are many different animal themed slot games, you will find that they will all have symbols of animals on their reels. Some of the slots are themed around one particular type of animal such as a cat, a monkey, a horse and so on. Others will feature a variety of different animals such as the jungle, farm or safari based animal themed slots.

You can find animal themed slots that feature really cute animals and then there are others that will feature more aggressive animals such as tigers, gorillas, wolves and lions. Some of the animal themed slots feature sound effects of the various animals that they represent.

Slots with animals – which symbols are typical?

There are not really “typical” symbols used with animal themed slots as the games tend to be based around a specific animal or group of animals. You will certainly find many animal themed slots featuring cats as these seem to be the most popular. There are animal themed slots featuring domestic cats as well as big cats such as lions and tigers.

Horses are popular too and there are several animal themed slots featuring them. If you like monkeys then there are a lot of animal themed slots that contain monkey symbols. With the farm and jungle type animal themed slots you will see symbols of a number of different animals appear as you are playing.

Popular animal themed slots

With so many animal themed slots available it is difficult to tell which games are the most popular. We have looked at many of these animal slots and how popular they are to bring you what we believe to be the most popular animal themed slots.

Kitty Glitter by IGT

Animal themed slots that feature cats are definitely among the most popular. If you are just starting out then you will find that Kitty Glitter has a fairly old-school look about it. Despite this, this slot game is cheerful and bright. There are different symbols of cats on the reels and you will find scatter symbols and wild symbols in the game.

Dog Pound Dollars by Rival

This is another very popular animal themed slots game probably because it is based around dogs. Everyone loves dog’s right? Well there are some very cute dogs featuring on the reels of this slots game including different breeds. There are also symbols of dog toys and dog food. There are free spin bonuses available with this animal themed slots game.

White Buffalo by Microgaming

Microgaming makes a lot of animal themed slots. White Buffalo is one of those classic slots that feature in many top ten lists of animal themed slots. This game has very high quality graphics and the game play has all of the usual features that you would expect.

Jack’s T Rex by Blue Gem Gaming

This is an interesting animal themed slot game that features a young boy called Jack and his pet dinosaur! The slot has 5 reels and 20 paylines. There are several symbols used in this slot game including the boy Jack, dinosaurs, backpacks and trucks. It is a very popular animal themed slot.

Happy Panda by NetEnt

This is a solid panda based animal themed slot game that seems to be very popular. There are a lot of good features with this slot game such as bonus rounds and wild respins. You will see that this game has a “bamboo” feel to it and includes many different symbols of pandas and other animals too.

Bonus rounds and payouts of animal themed casino games

With the vast amount of animal themed slots available you can expect different payout levels and bonuses to be available so you need to do your homework here. You will find that some of the animal themed slots do not have bonuses for example, while others will have this feature.

It is always good to choose an animal themed slot game that has the opportunity of bonuses. There are a lot of these out there so it will not be difficult for you to find them. As far as payout levels are concerned you will find that some of the animal themed slots have progressive jackpots for example.

Return to players RTP and strategies of animal themed slots

Some animal themed slots have high RTP of higher than 95%. Usually the RTP for any animal themed slots game is easy to find. The top games will publish this along with their instructions on how to play the slots.

In terms of strategies it is the same for any type of slots game. Decide on your betting budget and stick with this. If you want to try and win big then you are best to place maximum bets each time you spin.

Unlocking bonuses is a good strategy for animal themed slots as bonus rounds often have high payouts if you win with them. Once you have played an animal themed slots game for a while you will learn how to unlock the bonuses. Focus on one slot game at a time so that you know it well. Don’t flit from one animal themed slot to the next.

Software providers offering animal online games

Because animal themed slots are so popular, you will find that all of the well known slots software providers have games to offer you. One of the leaders in the field of animal themed slots is Microgaming. They have several animal slots for you to choose from. Other major players are:

  • IGT
  • EGT
  • Betsoft
  • Rival
  • Playtech
  • Netent
  • Gameart
  • Zeusplay

There are others as well. Some of the newer software providers are also creating good animal themed slots as the demand is so high.

Mobile animal themed slots

If you use a Samsung smartphone or tablet that uses the Android operating system or an iPhone or iPad that uses the iOS operating system then you will find many apps and web sites for animal themed slots.

Apps are available in the Apple Store or Google Play Store depending on your type of device. There are many apps available and we suggest that you research this so that you end up with the animal themed slot games that you really want on your mobile device.

Pros and cons of animal themed slots


  • There are many animal themed slot games available
  • Some slots are based around one animal and others feature many different animals
  • Animal themed slot games are fun and entertaining


  • Some animal themed slots have only basic features so check to see what they offer first


If you are an animal lover then you will find the many animal themed slots games a lot of fun and very entertaining. Take the time to find animal themed slots with animals that you really like and also check out features and bonuses to add to the overall enjoyment of your gameplay.

FAQs about animal based online slots

Are there many different types of animal themed slots available?

Yes there are! You will find animal themed slots based around one type of animal as well as jungle and farm style slots that feature many different animals.

Do animal themed slots have good bonuses?

Some animal themed slots have good bonuses and others do not have any bonuses at all so please check this before playing.

Are there many animal themed slots available for mobile devices?

If you have an Android or iOS based mobile device then you will find many animal themed slots games are available.

Why are animal themed slots so popular?

Because people love animals!

Overall rating of animal slots by Casino Robots

Rating 9.5 out of 10