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Deposit and payment methods in online casino websites - the full guide to safe and fulfilling customer experience

Casino Robots is an online demo casino gambling zone, free of deposits, payments, and registration forms. You can try your luck and enjoy hundreds of online slots, card and table games for free - without having to download or install anything, with no need to transfer money, and thus with no real financial profits at the end of the day.

Anyway, licensed casino websites function differently. They offer full game versions and create proper conditions for real money betting. When approaching an online casino, you will need to be fully prepared for managing your financial operations without any risks - knowledgeably and intelligently.

As a bunch of devoted and rather experienced online gambling experts, we decided to create a full and comprehensive guide for all of you, who'd want to take informed actions when it comes to depositing, paying, or withdrawing actual money in online casinos.

What are the different payment methods, what kind of precautions do they require, how they differ around the globe, and how do you need to proceed when asked to confirm a payment method online? We are here to give you all the valuable info, share all the good practices, and ensure that you'll have a safe, adequate, and smart financial behavior when gambling online.

What is a payment method?

First of all, let us define the term "payment method" in online casino gambling.

The payment method is how a buyer (in our case - the player) chooses to send or receive money from the service dealer (in our case - the online casino provider) for a particular product or service (in our case - initiating a game or making financial transactions related to it).

The list of payment methods is determined, submitted, and thoroughly described by the seller. Usually, reputable online casinos offer a wide range of options for the buyer to choose from - this kind of diversity manifests flexibility and adaptiveness, meant to satisfy both sides of the trading process.

Some common payment methods employed by modern online casinos include not merely the good old bank transfers, cheque payments, credit or debit cards, but also different e-wallet platforms, online money transfer platforms, mobile phone bill payments, and digital currencies.

How are you supposed to pick between alternatives after balancing their pros and cons is a question of vital importance, which we will give a competent answer to in the following paragraphs.

How to choose which payment method suits my needs?

As we already mentioned, there is an abundance of various deposit methods administered by different online casinos. What you first need to know is that some of these methods are suitable for depositing only. In contrast, others will enable you to withdraw your financial profits back to your chosen deposit method. These conditions can vary between providers, so you are bound to thoroughly inspect them in the terms and conditions, to make an informed judgment between options.

Choosing a payment method that suits your needs is an individualized process that is highly dependent on your personal user behavior and payment opportunities. Some of the factors to keep in mind while deciding between the alternatives include:

  • Account balance. Logically, you should use a payment method with sufficient funds on your site to make the payment. Anyway, if you are inexperienced in online gambling, it would be wise to employ an account with limited funds to avoid unexpected leaks.
  • Transfer speed. Check with your financial provider and get to know some details about the pace in which your deposit and/or funds will arrive at the balance of the casino provider. Choose the option that suits your needs most accurately, so that you can start playing whenever you'd want to.
  • Additional fees. We advise you to choose a payment method with the lowest possible (if any) additional costs of online money transfers. The more you spare, the more you can later bet and make profits from, right?
  • Local regulations and specifics. Some countries, states, and regions might offer different financial management controls when it comes to money transfer for online gambling. Check the facts and pick the most appropriate payment method for your country.

Are you feeling intrigued yet? We have a lot more to tell you about money transfer and payment methods, so keep scrolling to switch to the next level.

Essential facts that you need to know before choosing the payment method at an online casino

Choosing a wrong or insecure payment option can ruin your whole experience with online gambling. Thankfully, that is a mistake you can easily avoid in the era of global information, and with a little help from the Casino Robots team.

So, here is our little list of facts to consider when approaching the situation:

  • A more extensive choice usually means greater dependability. Supporting different payment platforms and channels is a sign of financial well-being - a rather crucial factor for any ground or online casino. Anyway, don't be surprised if you find that your favorite payment option is missing. Some casinos comply with local regulations, which are unfavorable for specific platforms.
  • Local is always better. Playing in a local casino will somewhat guarantee that there are no cultural, legal, or other obstacles that you will happen to be unprepared for when making a financial arrangement. The same goes for local or globally accepted payment methods that you've been using for a while now.
  • Being well-informed is a must. Every reliable online casino provider has a thorough section explaining the terms and conditions for making a deposit or withdrawing funds. You are sincerely recommended to read this section carefully and familiarize yourself with all the details described in it. What to do if you simply can't find such a section? Well, probably leaving the website would be your wisest decision possible.
  • Transactions might have different speeds and costs. If you are using different payment accounts, you will probably be acquainted with their specific fitness for local and international money transfers. Pick your priorities and act wisely.

Of course, you should only ever trust known and recommended payment options to keep yourself safe from lousy service and even fraud or money theft.

Why do you need to be informed about casino payment methods?

The Internet is big and bad people lurk around the corner. Financial frauds, money leaks, and deceiving conditions are unfortunately not very uncommon. Unfortunately, they contribute to the bad judgment of the entire gambling sector in public opinion, which is truly unfair.

The truth is but very simple and rather straightforward - most of the financial frauds in the gambling sector happen due to user misinformation and lack of education about making secure online transactions to trusted providers. If you care enough to do careful prior research, pick a reputable licensed casino, and learn to investigate a bit before providing payment details, you are guaranteed to be 100% safe.

As simple as it is, being well-informed about the different casino payment methods and financial procedures will help you succeed in gaining money from your luck and playing skills. If you happen to rush too much and undermine the importance of collecting recommendations from reliable sources, you will instead lose your funds due to deliberate misinformation, no matter how great your luck or skills are.

What is the most secure deposit method?

There are a variety of payment methods proven to be working flawlessly and providing an excellent security level.

Security codes, personal verification, insurance and fraud prevention protection, and ID protection are among the means of making one payment as safe for the user as possible.

To sum it up, some of the safest deposit methods include:

  • Credit Cards, Debit Cards & Prepaid Cards granted by reliable banking and financial institutions that you know and trust. These include Visa Electron, Visa Debit, Maestro, Mastercard, PaySafeCard, American Express, Laser, or Switch. Most of those have strict insurance and fraud prevention protection and 24/7 support for customers if you have any questions or uncertainties.
  • Bank transfers and cheque payments are also an acceptable option, yet a somewhat outdated one. They will hardly harm security matters, but will definitely slow the process down and make it harder than it should be for you.
  • E-wallets are super fast, convenient, and safe for making online casino deposits, payments, and withdrawals. Most online players widely prefer these new-generation online financial services. They include PayPal, Neteller, EcoCard, MyCitadel, PayNearMe, and more.
  • Phone billing is also a generally safe deposit method. Services like Payforit allow mobile online casinos to charge an amount directly to the customer's mobile bill. In the deposit alternatives, you will be free to choose to pay by mobile or SMS.
  • Digital currencies are slowly taking over most of the large online casinos, along with their farsighted smaller competitors. There are many places online where users are welcomed to pay in Bitcoins, Litecoins, or other crypto money. Stored on a decentralized blockchain ledger, these payments present superior security and are therefore widely preferred by casino players.

All of the deposit options mentioned above are considered safe. Yet, you can still put your funds at risk if you happen to provide personal, banking, or another kind of sensitive data to suspicious websites that are not licensed, trustworthy, and legitimate.

Why do payments methods differ in every casino?

There are complex reasons why payment methods vary among online casino providers. Some of them are pretty logical once you start thinking about them. Here is a shortlist of suggestions, just to begin with:

  • Licensing and developing partnership agreements with various financial platforms are complex processes that need to be undergone by every casino provider. Some of them last longer than usual, some of them face local regulatory concerns, and not all of them and up with success.
  • The local regulations on gambling transfers may differ significantly depending on the country's policy, region, or state. Sometimes, specific payment and deposit methods fail to meet the regulatory preconditions, and sometimes they face taxes that make them generally unserviceable.
  • The range of clients of the casino plays an enormous part in creating the list of payment methods since every country has one or more prominent payment systems preferred by its citizens. Different payment methods are native to Canadians, Russians, or Chinese, for example.
  • The provider's prior experience sometimes indicates the need for specific deposit methods to be removed for security, user experience, applicability, or general interest.

Below, we will talk a bit more about the most popular and reliable deposit and payment methods for different players worldwide. Do you still have some questions unanswered? So, keep on reading!

Best casino deposit methods for Europeans

When it comes to players from both Eastern and Western Europe, some of the most secure and widely preferred deposit methods involve:

  • VISA and Mastercard credit or debit cards are still the most commonly employed payment method in the European online casinos.
  • PaySafeCard - a well-known prepaid card that can be used for online casinos and gives out zero personal bank information. When using your PaySafeCard, you’ll be given a 16-digit PIN for online transactions to be made. You can also employ it as a standard prepaid card, withdraw your funds to a bank account or PayPal.
  • Skrill, on the other hand, is another reliable online payment platform, which will ask you to link a debit or credit card and go through a verification process. Depositing funds with Skrill is a bit slower, as it can take a couple of days for withdrawals to complete.
  • EcoCard is also a favorite among European players. Technically, this is a prepaid MasterCard, which offers free deposits to online casinos, and a minor tax for making withdrawals from your EcoCard to your banking account.
  • WebMoney is widely accepted in online casinos and is especially popular in Norway. It requires no confidential information, personal details, or bank account while also offering an excellent security level.
  • Cryptocurrencies are a worldwide phenomenon that is also very common in European casinos.

Other options for Europeans to make financial transactions in online gambling websites include Neteller, Trustly, ClickandBuy, Boku, and more.

Best casino deposit methods for Americans

Contrary to your expectations, players from the USA face a rather limited list of options, when it comes to depositing at online casinos. America has stringent banking laws when it comes to online gambling, making it generally difficult for players to enroll.

The USA's UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act) makes it illegal for gambling companies to allow payments knowingly connected to unlawful wagers. This law prosecutes not merely illegitimate gambling websites, but also payment processors that keep them going.

So, what are even the options?

  • Visa and MasterCard are fast and easy to use, but still a subject to the UIGEA. The chances of making a successful payment with a credit or debit card are 50/50 as the system rejects over half of internet casino deposits.
  • Bitcoins are a perfect choice for Americans since this cryptocurrency still doesn’t fall under American jurisdiction.
  • Gift cards and prepaid cards are funded anonymously, and with zero personal data, so they work perfectly well in the case of the USA. Unfortunately, you will often face a limit to the amount you can deposit in such a card.

Will USA citizens ever gain more unproblematic access to online casinos? Well, everyone hopes so.

Best casino deposit methods for Asians

When depositing to your user account, you need to remember the fact that most Asian casinos accessible online, do not offer the local currency as a base currency. Nonetheless, this shouldn't bother you at all, since you can enjoy online gambling using dollars instead. Consequently, after you have loaded your online casino account using local Asian currency, your balance will automatically be switched and displayed into US dollars.

Here are the most common payments, deposits, and fund withdrawal systems employed throughout Asian online casino websites:

  • Credit and debit cards are widely accepted all throughout Asia. We can mention VISA and MasterCard once again to be the most popular choice, followed by JCB as far as Japan is concerned. Anyway, many Asian banks do not allow payments by online casinos, so fund withdrawals are not an option when credit cards are employed. In this case, an alternative method of receiving your gambling profits would be through a bank transfer or another non-card arrangement.
  • ecoPayz is a featured payment method in the majority of online casinos in Asia. Creating an e-wallet user account in ecoPayz is free; making a casino deposit is instant. Clients are offered adept user support in Chinese and Japanese as well.
  •  iWallet is accepted in several Asian online casinos, particularly those centering at a Japanese audience. This is a quite common online payment provider located in Hong Kong that empowers players to deposit or withdraw funds free of charge.
  • Instadebit is a bank transfer option received in most casinos in Asia that also provides service to players in Canada. It enables both deposits and withdrawals, provides an instant account creation, and no fees charged on the part of the casino.

Other recommended transaction opportunities around the Asian gambling world include EntroPay, iDebit, Interac, MuchBetter, and of course - bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Best casino deposit methods for Australians

Australia is among the countries with relatively strict legal regulations as far as the gambling market is concerned, especially in terms of user support and security.

In Australia, preferred depositing methods can significantly fluctuate from casino to casino. Besides, sometimes specific options can't be used to withdrawing your winnings. If you need a piece of advice from the team of Casino Robots - before settling for a particular method of payment, you better check with the financial service provider and ask if gambling-related transactions are supported.

Anyway, which payment options prevail in the Australian online gambling market?

  • Credit and debit cards, of course, are vital and widely accepted here as well. Players are welcome to use their VISA, Maestro, American Express, or MasterCard for depositing at almost any online casino out there. However, withdrawing funds to a MasterCard might be a little too problematic.
  • POLi is a free, fast, and secure electronic payment method with growing popularity in Australia. Using POLi for depositing requires you to attach your e-wallet account to your banking account without providing any personal data.
  • Neteller is a swift and remarkably well-protected online transaction service. It allows you to make instant deposits to your casino gaming account and withdraw funds at no time. The service presents 24/7 customer support and is successfully operating on the gambling market in Australia and Europe. 
  • Cryptocurrencies are the usual suspect when it comes to the new generation of online gamblers. Australian coin diggers make no exception since bitcoins are also a widely accepted deposit method on the continent.

Like Europeans, Australians tend to appreciate significant financial services such as Skrill, EcoCard, Entropay, MyCitadel, and more.

Best casino deposit methods for Africans

There are many opportunities for South African online casino players when it comes to deposit and banking systems. We at Casino Robots have gathered a list of the best online payment options that are South African-friendly, enabling gamblers to pay in ZAR.

  • Credit and debit cards keep being among the usual suspects. Using your VISA or MasterCard is one of the most manageable forms of transferring funds into your online casino account when gambling in a licensed online casino in Africa.
  • EasyEFT is a South African-friendly banking system, held and administered by South Africans. It has one considerable advantage for the locals - it doesn’t demand players to own a credit card or convert their funds from ZAR to US dollars.
  • SID is another trading system that was designed especially to accommodate the specifics of the South African market. It has been around long enough to prove convenient for the local players and become an option in most online casino gambling websites.

The African gambling industry is also well-prepared to operate with payment options such as Skrill, Neteller, EntroPay, Citadel, and ecoPayz.

Which are the fastest payment methods of all?

Making a speedy transaction with a result as close to instant as possible is an enormous prerequisite for having an outstanding gambling experience.

Thankfully, the digitalization of the gambling industry makes depositing and fund transfers faster than ever before. Transaction processing may vary between providers. Yet we can easily say that e-wallet and cryptocurrency payment methods tend to be the fastest ones available out there. They are specially devised for on-the-spot use online and thus are thoroughly optimized for speedy digital payments.

Some credit and debit cards should also not be neglected since their transfer speed is also outstanding. Anyway, they are often dependent on the banking institutions' policies and can produce a slight delay every now and then.

Using online banking or cheque payment, on the other hand, may feel native to some people, but is rather slow and inconvenient for the fast-paced online gambling world.

Which payment methods do you need to verify?

First of all, let's clarify that verifying an online payment method is not that bad, especially if you want to take advantage of more all-embracing financial protection. It is a practice that will help you stay in control of your transactions, keep track of the payment amounts, remain aware of cases of malfunction and fraud, and seek adequate compensation if something goes wrong.

Verifying your identity and transactions is supported by many banking institutions that use credit or debit cards and many e-wallets, including PlaySafeCard, which will send you a 16 digit security keychain.

Verifying your identity is not a must when using e-wallets like Skrill or Neteller. Yet, unverified users may face some limitations regarding the transfer amounts and additional functionalities. 

Recommended payments methods at online casinos

All of the payment options mentioned above are well-built, reliable, and generally safe if utilized intelligently.

Anyway, if you are a beginner at gambling or the online world in general, we would highly recommend you to use prepaid cards, e-wallets or other payment options with limited amounts of money present in your account.

Once you gain more experience and confidence in where you pay and what you pay for, you can already start using your debit or credit card. Of course, you should only trust licensed gambling providers with a proven reputation and excellent user feedback.

Which are the best payment methods in my country?

As we already explained above, every country has a specific legal framework when gambling games are concerned. When looking for the best payment methods in your country, you should make your little research on the following topics:

  • Which are the most widely used local online gambling payment methods? If something works well, it is logically widely employed by the leading gambling providers. A good strategy would be to scan through their websites, compare options, and choose the one that is present at all times.
  • What currencies do the payment platforms support? It's actually no big drama to switch to USD or EUR. Yet, you will probably feel more comfortable when gambling in your native currency if such an option is available.
  • Are there any particular local regulations that you should keep in mind? If you've been paying attention, you already know that Americans are not allowed to use e-wallets or almost any other kind of payment method except for gift cards or bitcoins. Stay aware of the local law and act in accordance with it.

Are you still having any doubts? Google has an answer to almost any question out there. Look through forums, official documents, and real user feedback so that you can compose an informed decision about the best online payment arrangements in your country.

Can I use the deposit method of another person?

Technically speaking, the Internet will let you do many things that you are not supposed to. It is always better to use your own payment accounts when possible.

Anyway, if you have the other person's informed consent, you can employ their deposit methods as long as you verify them and use them in accordance with your spoken or written agreement.

In some countries, using another person's payment accounts if you are not of legal age is either highly unrecommended or punishable by law and so is gambling in general.

Basically, you're free to use anyone's deposit account, as long as they have let you do that and follow all the standard procedures required by the provider.

Which are the most widely employed payment methods in casino sites?

Once again, the answer to this question depends intensely on your location and the industry's local specifics.

Some of the most widely preferred payment methods on a global scale nowadays include credit and debit cards and e-wallets such as Skrill and Neteller.

PayPal was a global leader until recently, but nowadays, it faces a raging competition. Anyway, it is also usable in many online gambling websites.

Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, on the other hand, are increasingly popular in online gambling and widely accepted in virtually all prominent online casinos.

Secure and reliable payment options in casino sites

If you are to remember just one simple rule when choosing a safe and trustworthy payment option, let it be this one: it needs to be reputable and widely accepted by both the community and the professionals.

Don't jump into reckless bravery and do any experiments with your finances. Always stay on the safe side and employ payment methods with trusted providers, decent customer support, and good public image.

It would be wise to prefer payment methods that ensure smooth and manageable 24/7 visibility to your funds, answer your calls and requests, and demonstrate a reasonable attitude toward fraud insurance management.

Casino deposit methods without fees

Some widely accepted casino deposit methods without fees include VISA, MasterCard, bitcoins, EasyEFT, and POLi. The price for a financial transaction is clearly stated in the policy of every provider. It is something you are supposed to check in advance before making your final decision.

Crypto deposit methods - myths and facts

There are many types of bitcoin and ethereum casinos offering slot games, table games, or random number of games paid in cryptocurrencies. Also, players can sometimes enjoy no deposit Bitcoin bonuses, where they are not expected to deposit any currency or bitcoins to the casino. With these bitcoin bonuses, they can engage in online gambling with no risk.

Generally, depositing bitcoins is a fast and generally secure payment method. If you don't own any bitcoins, you can get some in Trusted Bitcoin Exchanges such as Bitstamp, Coinbase, or Kraken, where you can exchange US dollars or Euro to bitcoins. Some of the best trusted software wallets to store bitcoins are, for example, Electrum, BRD, and Bitcoin Wallet.

Crypto depositing is decentralized, super-fast, fully anonymous, and operates globally. It offers fees as small as 0.05 US dollars, and several additional bonuses for crypto players.

Is it safe to deposit with your personal debit/credit card at a casino?

If you do it right, depositing with your personal credit, debit, or prepaid card is absolutely safe. Yet, what does "doing it right" include?

First of all, you should be visiting only licensed casinos. The certificate of authenticity and the official documents confirming that the local authorities approve the provider should be readily evident.

Furthermore, you are expected to follow the recommendations of your banking institution. Check if they support online gambling transactions, have some official safety recommendations, and have a "white list" of legal casino providers that are safe for engaging with.

If you feel unsure about your transaction, don't hesitate to reach out to the casino's support team and ask for additional information. That's a good reality check and will help you recognize how adequate their customer care actually is.

Can your card information get stolen in an online casino?

Your card and banking information should be completely safe, once you follow just three simple recommendations:

  • Engage with casino websites that have SSL protection. SSL or Secure Socket Layer is a technology that keeps an internet connection secure and safeguards people's sensitive data. It will protect all data sent between two systems, stopping evildoers from viewing and altering any information transferred, including card and banking details. An SSL protection should be stated or displayed somewhere on the casino website you choose to play in.
  • Stick to regulated casinos. Carefully look for the casino license, approve that it is authentic, and prefer to stick to big casino websites with a good reputation and plenty of user feedback.
  • Keep your card info for yourself. Giving access to your digital banking is a somewhat risky deal, especially when it comes to online gambling. Never give your banking data to strangers or friends online, do not answer anonymous or suspicious messages regarding sensitive information, and thoroughly instruct your relatives on online safety before giving them access to your card.

Once you follow these three uncomplicated steps, your banking info shall be as safe and sound as possible.

Applications suitable for online casino depositing

Depositing through a dedicated app is a very convenient way to handle financial transactions in an online casino. This option is easily accessible for Android, iOS, iPhone, Windows phones, and virtually every type of device in one form or another.

Some of the applications with excellent user feedback on the market include Revolut, iCard, Phyre, Monzo, Transferwise, and more. Each of them has a different pricing policy, additional extras, transaction times, and authentication method, so it would probably be wise to do a bit of prior research before settling with a financial service provider.

Can you deposit at a casino via an SMS or phone call?

As we already mentioned above, phone bill payments are a rather widely preferred option in some countries nowadays. Some services, such as PayForIt, allow easily manageable phone bill payments.

That's an accessible and comfortable way to pay, particularly when you're engaging with mobile casinos. Mobile payments are usually processed very swiftly and are typically ready for use immediately. At the same time, you provide zero personal or banking info.

To make a mobile deposit, you will be asked to enter your mobile number and validate it. You will then receive a text message regarding the payment, and you will have to reply to the amount. A further SMS text will inform you if the payment has been made successfully.

To sum it all up

Depositing and making financial transactions in an online casino may sound like rocket science, but it is actually not. In the paragraphs above, we've tried to sum up all the expert opinions, good practices, and valuable advice on safety, caution, and financial intelligence in the matters of online gambling.

Precaution and research are a vital part of the safe and worthy player experience. That's why you are always welcome to come back to the Casino Robots website and seek helpful information regarding all matters related to online gambling. We have it all, plus an extensive catalog of free demo games, to try your luck with secure depositing, smart playing strategies, game reviews, bonus offers, and expert recommendations.

Because casinos may have a lot of customers, but we at Casino Robots have a lot of friends instead!