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Novomatic - company overview

Novomatic Novomatic is an international company that develops casino games. It was founded in 1980 by the Austrian billionaire Johann Graf. Initially, the casino software provider started designing slot machines and slot games. Later, it expanded its product assortment to introduce instant payout games and digital scratch cards. Novomatic's group includes three holding companies, with 43 offices in different parts of the world, including Europe and America. You can find out more interesting facts about the provider in the following paragraphs.

History of Novomatic

Novomatic's first office was opened by Johann Graf in 1980 in Gumpoldskirchen, Austria. The company started producing slot machines and trading them to the casinos. Later came the electronic scratch cards, as well as various instant win games. Novomatic's business began growing, and the company was supported by 3 holding companies. In 1981, a real expansion in Europe took place - Novomatic expanded their markets in Germany, France, the Netherlands, and Switzerland.

At the beginning of 1984, the company developed a powerful hardware platform - MPU 01 - the base of the most contemporary slot games. 1989 was particularly memorable - that's when the casino game provider launched the American Poker II slot machine, which is a true legend nowadays. The corporation starts conquering new markets in South Africa and Europe. Its products are introduced in Poland, Norway, Latvia, Estonia, Botswana, Namibia, and many other countries. Slot machines are also installed in the continents of Asia and North America.

Novomatic owns 28 gaming halls in Bulgaria - a fact worth mentioning for the sake of its supporters, as well as the fans of statistics. The operator functions excellently in our country and is very successful today. We will tell you more about the functions of the corporation in our country later in the overview.

Novomatic casino software company celebrates its 40th year in 2020. Throughout its history, the corporation has proven its place in the global casino game market as one of the world's largest developers. But let's stop here and move on to the provider's products and its achievements so far.

Famous Novomatic games

If we look at Novomatic's portfolio, we will notice that this is one of the companies that design a considerable number of casino games in multiple genres. Of course, we won't have the time to introduce all of its popular products. Still, we will submit a short list of top games that have delighted generations of players and continue to be number 1 in the list of casino fans around the world:

  • Book of Ra - a classic slot with an accent on Ancient Egypt, which allows players to interact with 5 columns, 10 pay lines, free spins, and other surprises.
  • Sizzling Hot - one of the fruit slot masterpieces, with 5 pay lines and 5 reels. There is hardly a true slot lover who has not played this slot at least once.
  • Always Hot Deluxe - a slot machine with 3 reels and five pay lines. Indeed, the game does not provide the most significant winnings, but it is one of the most favored of all time.
  • Dragon Hits - another unique slot, which operates with five columns and 25 pay lines. Its scatter and wild symbols deliver large profits.
  • PAY DAY (Prize of the Nile) - an excellent slot machine that offers 5 reels and 30 pay lines. Bonus rounds and free spins are available.
  • Sic Bo - a dice casino game where you can make a suggestion for both a single dice or for all 3 present in the game. You can play a free or a paid version of the game.
  • Blackjack - another classic card game in which players and a croupier face each other, each striving to get as close as possible to the score 21 before the dealer.
  • Other games - the company also offers electronic baccarat, poker games, keno, bingo, and roulette to offer maximum amounts of fun. Their catalogue of slot games is quite significant, as you can see for yourself.

At Casino Robots, we have gathered most of the famous Novomatic slot games, which you can play without having to sign up or make a deposit. You can play the demo versions of the games free of charge in order to test them. Then you can decide to enjoy their paid versions and play with real money in the famous online casinos we have reviewed. The variety is really massive, so it's all up to you!

Where are Novomatic games distributed?

From the brief history of Novomatic explained above, we understand that the company functions in half the world. Meanwhile, their representatives claim that they are planning to reach even more other markets. We offer you further information about the presence of the software developer by continents. Keep in mind that this is not the full version of the list, but rather a set of important highlights picked by our team:

  • Europe - Austria, Great Britain, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Czech Republic, Poland, Netherlands, Norway, Latvia, Estonia, Bulgaria, and others;
  • South Africa - Botswana, Namibia, and others;
  • Central America - Nicaragua, Panama;
  • South America - Chile, Peru, Paraguay, Argentina, and others;
  • North America - Canada, Costa Rica, Mexico, and others;
  • Asia - Macau, Kazakhstan, Laos, South Korea, and more.

The list clearly points out that the company has expanded its reach around the world and is celebrating a series of successful endeavors. This is quite logical given the innovations in the hardware and software development in the casino games industry. The best thing is that the company maintains its own gaming halls in Bulgaria - it employs a number of citizens, and grants them excellent working conditions. In this line of thought, we compliment the brand on its reputation and popularity.

RTP of Novomatic slot games

Novomatic is unquestionably one of the companies with the broadest slot assortment in their portfolio. They manage a vast range of slots on all topics such as slot games with pyramids, slots with fairy-tale characters and magical creatures, fruit slots, slots with fantasy and comedy motifs, casino games with 20 lines, games based on popular movies, casino games with 40 lines, and many more. Each of these games has a different Return to Player rate (RTP).

If you are interested in knowing more about the Return to Player rate of the slots offered by the company, then you can discover extensive information on the pages of Casino Robots. What made a good impression on us is that most of their slots distribute winnings quite often, which is essentially what fans are interested in.

To be precise, we will give you an example with one of Novomatic's bestsellers - the Book of Ra slot game, which has a 96% RTP. Of course, there are many other games with good returns, so do not hesitate to inspect them on our website and try their free demos.

Let us once again remind you that RTP means Return to Player. The higher the RTP percentage, the more often you can expect to make a profit by a slot game. In the slots' reviews on our website - Casino Robots - we have indicated the RTP of the games.

Novomatic as an employer in Bulgaria

As we mentioned above, the company manages 28 gaming halls in Bulgaria and employs many citizens. The company should indeed be praised because, during the crisis with the Covid-19 virus, it did not dismiss any employees from the "Admiral" gaming halls. Out of a total of 350 people, no staff has been released or fired, as reported by the national television BTV.

The Novomatic games are distributed in the Admiral gambling halls. The accountable representatives state that they want to keep all their staff and provide them with peace of mind during the challenging times of the crisis. Of course, there are no new working positions at the moment. Still, reliable sources declare that after the infection is over and people return to their regular lifestyles, there will be work provided for many additional people. We don't know what will happen in the future - yet we have faith in the information given out by our sources.

Although the gambling business in land-based casinos is collapsing during the closure, players can still experience and enjoy the Novomatic products. They can do this in licensed online casinos in Bulgaria and in other well-known betting sites on the Internet.

Public opinion about the games of Novomatic

Slot enthusiasts are familiar with the Novomatic products. Some of them are on the list of typical favorites in both online and land-based casinos. Other players fancy playing scratch games, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and others. Generally speaking, there is hardly a devoted slot fan who doesn't recognize the brand and hasn't played its most popular games.

Popular websites, including those of Efbet, Bet365, Winbet, 1xBet, Palms Bet, Bwin, and others, let you enjoy many of the company's products by betting real money or trying the demo versions. Again, we remind you that you can play the games on our website - free of charge and with no more than one click of the mouse - without having to register, deposit, or download anything to your device. We're giving you the chance to play Novomatic's games, have non-stop online fun, and a good time. We hope you appreciate our initiative.

Frequently asked questions about Novomatic

If you are a new player and you're not familiar with the Novomatic gaming software, then you certainly have some questions. The questions listed below appear on the web very frequently, so we will go one step ahead and present comprehensive answers to satisfy your demand for information. You can contact the company's representatives in our country if you fail to get an accurate answer.

Are free versions of Novomatic's games available?

Yes, each of the company's games can be played for free. This means that you are not investing real money, but merely testing the game online and making virtual profits. We remind you that we've already mentioned the places you can play with real money - these are the majority of licensed online casinos in Bulgaria, along with other websites.

Can I play Novomatic's games on a mobile device?

Yes, the games have an adaptive design and interface, so they run on all mobile devices that have access to the Internet and use Android for Google or iOS for Apple. The only slots without a mobile version are the first ones produced by the company years ago.

Which land-based casinos offer Novomatic's games?

In Bulgaria, you can find Novomatic's slots in Efbet, Winbet, and Palms Bet. Customers can try standard slots as well as lots with a progressively accumulating jackpot. You can find additional information in the casino halls.

Are there any bonuses in Novomatic's slot games?

Depending on the slot game you choose, you will discover various bonuses, additional levels, and the chance of winning free spins. Each game is supplemented by a help menu with information about the bonus offers, as well as a detailed explanation of how to use them.

Is the RTP percentage of Novomatic's slots high?

We cannot give an unambiguous answer to this question, as there are games with both a higher and a lower RTP rate. From this point of view, we advise you to browse the reviews of the company's slots on the Casino Robots website and collect helpful information, including this detail about the games.

Are there any special bonuses for Novomatic's games?

Novomatic is one of the most significant casino software development companies worldwide, so many online casinos provide exclusive casino bonuses for their casino games. There are also several online casinos in Bulgaria where you can play their games such as Efbet, Winbet, and Palms Bet.

Final words

We did our best to recreate the thrill and emotion of the games rendered by the Novomatic corporation. Of course, you'll be able to better comprehend the developer's unparalleled quality, once you play at least one of its games and enjoy it. You decide whether to play for free on our website or to choose the paid versions in online casinos. In both cases, however, you will understand our appreciation of this casino game provider, which is discussed by players of different ages, genders, and races. We strongly believe that our overview might be of interest to you, and we wish you good luck!

Overall rating for Novomatic's casino games from Casino Robots:

Rating 9.9 out of 10