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In most online casinos you will find different versions of blackjack that you can play. Most players are familiar with American blackjack but European blackjack is a good variant. It is interesting to note that a lot of people believe that the widely understood American blackjack game was derived from European blackjack rather than the other way around.

European blackjack is similar to American blackjack

European Blackjack

If you are familiar with, and have played, American blackjack, it should not be too difficult for you to learn how to play European blackjack because there are a number of similarities. European blackjack is played against the dealer and the aim of the game is to make your hand as close to 21 as you can in order to win.

As with American blackjack, the picture cards king, queen and jack all have a value of ten. The ace has a value of either one or eleven and the remainder of the cards have their face value. This is the same as in American blackjack.

The difference with European blackjack

Probably the biggest difference with European blackjack is how the deal works. As a player, you will receive two cards that are placed face down. The dealer will get one card face up first, and will not receive the other card until players have placed their bets.

Players will inspect their cards and decide what bet they want to place. If a player has an ace and a card with the value of ten (10, jack, queen or king) then this means they have blackjack and will win immediately. The exception to this is where the dealer also has blackjack which will force the game into “push” mode.

If either the player or the dealer has cards that are higher than 21 then they will immediately lose. In the case where a player has less than 21 with their cards, they may choose to “hit” where the dealer will provide them with another card.

Where a player has less than 21 but they believe that they have a good chance of winning (maybe they have 20 for example) then they can choose to “stand”. A player can choose to “double down” where they will double their initial bet and receive one card from the dealer and they have to stand with this.

When a player receives two cards that have the same value then they can “split” them and request further cards from the dealer playing each hand separately. A player can choose to “surrender” with the first two cards they receive and if they do this, they will lose 50% of their bet.

Special rules with European blackjack

There are some special rules that you need to be aware of when playing European blackjack:

  • The dealer cannot check to see if they have blackjack if their upturned card is either a ten value or an ace
  • A player is not permitted to split their cards if they have two cards of ten value (10, jack, queen or king) or 4s and 5s
  • If the dealer has 16 then they must draw another card
  • When a player splits their cards, they are able to double down afterwards
  • A player can split two aces, but they will only receive one more card for each ace

It should not take you too long to get used to these special rules and the main differences from American blackjack. European blackjack is an enjoyable game where you have as much chance of winning as you do with other forms of blackjack.

Usually, you will see only two standard card decks used when playing European blackjack. With American blackjack, you will often see between 6 and 8 standard card decks used. It is more difficult to card count when playing American blackjack.

Our recommended European blackjack online casinos

Our team at has found a number of reputable casinos that offer European blackjack. They have checked all of these thoroughly so that you can be sure you are safe to play the game.

We recommend that you only choose an online casino from the above list to play European blackjack. Although many other online casinos may offer the game, we cannot vouch for them being fair and safe.

European blackjack FAQ

Is European blackjack popular with players?

Yes, a lot of players actually prefer to play European blackjack over American blackjack because they believe that they have a better chance of winning and that it is a fairer game. There is no evidence to support this though.

Do all online casinos offer European blackjack?

We cannot say for certain that all online casinos will offer European blackjack to players but most probably do. Choose a recommended online casino from our list as these all have European blackjack and it is safe for you to play.

Is there a live European blackjack game?

Yes. You will find that some of the online casinos in our recommended list have live dealer versions of European blackjack.

Is the aim with European blackjack still to get as close to 21 as possible?

Yes, this is no different to American blackjack.

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