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There are a few poker variants available online and one of the most interesting games is Three Card Rummy from Betsoft. This is a good game for poker beginners to play as it is not as intimidating as Texas Hold’em for example. Since its launch, Three Card Rummy has proved to popular with many players.

The best way to learn how to play Three Card Rummy is to play for free. We have the full demo of Three Card Rummy here at Learn how to play the game properly before you join an online casino and start to use real money to bet. There is no download of any files involved and you play in your browser right away.

It really is easy to play Three Card Rummy for free here. With no registration to concern yourself with and no deposit of any funds necessary you can just get started immediately. You should be able to pick up the rules of Three Card Rummy quickly and you will soon be confident playing the game.

Once you have mastered Three Card Rummy using the free version here you can then play for real cash if you want to. Register with one of the online casinos that you see on this page for the best deals and also the safest play.

How to play Three Card Rummy

A single deck of cards is used in the Three Card Rummy poker game. As Betsoft is the developer, the graphics are really clear and sharp and the sound effects add to the enjoyment of the gameplay. This game has a return to player of 98.06% which is very good and better than the average. There is a re-shuffling of the deck after each hand.

The first thing that you need to do to play the game is to place your ante bet. There are controls available to adjust your stake and typically you will find that the minimum bet is 1 and the maximum 250. Please be aware that this can vary at different online casinos so check this first.

You can also place a bonus bet in this game. Use the bonus bet feature for side bets as well if you want to do this. Bonus bets and side bets are completely optional. With your bets placed you will now click on the deal button and you will receive 3 cards. The 3 cards for the dealer are face down at this point.

Now you have to make a decision based on the cards that you have. Are you going to continue to play because you believe that you have a better hand than the dealer or do you fold? If you continue then you need to place a raise bet. After you have raised the computer will reveal the hand of the dealer and you will know if you have won or lost.

The software will check to see if the dealer’s hand qualifies first. In order to qualify, the hand must be 20 or less. If it is over this number then you will automatically win. A qualified dealer hand is then compared to your hand and the winner will be the hand with the lowest total.

Card values are the same as they are in conventional poker with the exception of aces. An ace is always counted as the lower value of 1. If you want to place side bets then you will probably win additional amounts from time to time. There are some very good payouts possible here.

Payouts for the Three Card Rummy game

Let’s look at the base game first. If the total value of your hand is more than 6 then the payout for a win is even money. When you have a hand that has a score of between 1 and 5 then the payout will be 2 to 1 for a win. It is possible to get a hand worth zero which is a pair, 3 of a kind or a straight flush. In this case a win will have a payout of 4 to 1.

If you are looking for bigger wins then you can find these with the side bets. There is a 100 to 1 payout if you can land suited threes, twos or aces. You should also win more just for having the lowest hand when you play a side bet.

Playing Three Card Rummy with a mobile

While there is not currently a mobile app available for either Android or iOS devices, it is possible for you to play Three Card Rummy using a smartphone or a tablet. If you have a Samsung Galaxy smartphone or an Apple iPad for example, you can use a browser to play the game.

We tested this on a smartphone and it worked really well. Betsoft have fully optimized the Three Card Rummy game for mobile users. All of the graphics are very clear when you use a smartphone and overall, it was a good experience.

Three Card Rummy final words and score

If you like to play poker variants then you will find the Three Card Rummy game very entertaining. We experienced reasonably frequent wins and believe that this game is medium variance. The graphics are of the highest quality and the sound effects and background music are also good. Our review score for the Three Card Rummy poker game is 4.6/5.

Three Card Rummy FAQ

Is it easy to learn how to play the Three Card Rummy game?

Yes, use the free game here at to practice and you should be able to master the game in a short time.

What is the RTP of the Three Card Rummy poker game?

The Three Card Rummy poker game has an RTP of 98.06% which is very credible and better than the average.

Can you play Three Card Rummy using a mobile device?

Yes, you can use a smartphone or a tablet to play Three Card Rummy. Betsoft have optimized the game for mobile play using a browser. At the time of writing this review there was not an iOS or Android mobile app available for Three Card Rummy.

Do all online casinos offer the Three Card Rummy game?

No, there are several online casinos where you can play Three Card Rummy but we strongly recommend that you choose one that is featured on this page as our expert team have certified them all as safe and secure.

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