Klarna casino sites online

Klarna is a payment provider in Sweden that launched their service in 2005. The aim of the Klarna payment system is to make online transactions as simple and easy as possible. This includes transactions at online casinos.

There are now more than 90 million Klarna users and they are continuing to grow. They have agreements with over 200,000 merchants and these include several online casinos. Online casinos favor the Klarna payment system because it is very easy to use, it is safe, and it is convenient for both the player and the casino.

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What online casinos will accept Klarna?

Klarna casino sites

The number of online casinos that now accept Klarna is growing. We have reviewed these online casinos and subjected them to a number of stringent tests. Only the online casinos that passed all of our tests appear on this page.

It will save you a lot of time and trouble if you register with one of the recommended Klarna casinos featured on this page. Our expert team here at CasinoRobots.com has put all of these casinos through their paces and they really are the best available.

Where Klarna is available

Registering with Klarna is free and it does not take long to create an account. At the time of writing, residents of the following countries can register for a Klarna account:

  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Holland
  • Italy
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

When you register for a Klarna account, they will ask you to provide a credit card or debit card so that they can perform a soft background check.

What Klarna does is connect to your bank and enable you to make immediate bank transfers to an online casino. There must be sufficient funds in your bank account for a deposit transaction to take place. When you use Klarna you will not have to provide the Klarna casino with your personal banking details.

What to consider with a Klarna casino

Should you decide to try and find your own reputable Klarna casino then please read these guidelines so that you know what to look for. It is a sad fact that there are some unscrupulous online casinos out there and we want you to avoid these at all costs. It really is simpler for you to choose one of the Klarna casinos on this page as we have thoroughly checked them all.

Take a look at the casino games that are offered by any Klarna casino that you are considering registering with. Many players have a favorite slot game (or several) for example, and if the Klarna casino does not offer the games that you want to play then there is no point performing any other checks.

When you have found a Klarna casino that has the casino games that you want to play, you need to check to see if they have an operating license that is valid. This information should be readily available on their website. If it says that the casino is licensed by a particular authority, check online to see if this is true. Some online casinos have been known to lie about this.

It is very important that you avoid a Klarna casino that is unlicensed. They will look similar to a licensed Klarna casino and may have a large selection of games that you like to play. But it is very risky to play at an unlicensed casino.

Some unlicensed casinos have refused to pay players their winnings. If this happens with a licensed Klarna casino then you can escalate the problem to the licensing authority to get it resolved. This option does not exist with an unlicensed Klarna casino. Do not take the risk.

After finding a licensed Klarna casino that you like the look of, the next thing to do is to check their terms and conditions. Online casinos will often impose rules that players are not happy about and these are found in their terms and conditions.

You need to fully read the terms and conditions of any Klarna casino that interests you. It is essential that you understand all of the rules and limitations that they will impose. If you are not happy with the rules then find another Klarna casino.

We recommend that you test the support offered by a Klarna casino. It is very important that you can rely on good customer support. Most Klarna casinos will have a live chat feature which is the best way to contact the support team. Check to see if this is available and the hours that it operates. Obviously, 24/7 support is best.

The Klarna casino will probably have other methods you can use to contact support such as email and even telephone. We recommend that before you register with a Klarna casino, you need to contact the support team and ask them some questions. If they are very responsive and helpful then you can move on to the next step but if not then find another Klarna casino.

Next it is a good idea to check the security arrangements that the Klarna casino has in place. Do they provide SSL end to end security for all of their transactions? This is one of the questions that you can ask the Klarna casino support team. There should also be information on their website about the security techniques they use.

The last thing that we recommend you do when considering a Klarna casino is to see what the world thinks about them. There are many online forums available where you can check for negative comments about a Klarna casino.

Use a search engine to search for reviews on the Klarna casino you want to register with. There are websites that provide information about online casinos that are blacklisted. Make sure that you check these out as well.

It is a lot of work to comprehensively check a Klarna casino to be confident that it is honest and safe to play at. We do more checks than we have recommended here so you can always be confident that the Klarna casinos we recommend are the very best.

Making a deposit at a Klarna casino

It is fast and easy to make a deposit at a Klarna casino. The first thing to do is to find the cashier page of the Klarna casino. Then you want to choose the option to make a deposit. You will probably be requested to choose your country from a list. In some cases, this may be detected automatically.

Now choose Klarna as your payment method for the deposit. Enter the amount of money that you want to deposit. You will be requested to log in to your Klarna account from the Klarna casino site. Once you are logged in to your Klarna account you will need to confirm that you want the transaction to go ahead.

Usually, the deposit transaction will be very fast and you will be able to see the additional funds in your Klarna casino balance. Be sure to check for any minimum and maximum deposit limits that the Klarna casino imposes and stick to these. As long as you have the necessary funds in your bank account then Klarna will deposit the money.

You should find that the Klarna casino will not charge any fees for making a deposit. There will be no fees from Klarna but some banks will charge for the transaction. Check the situation with your bank to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

The following currencies are supported by Klarna:

  • Australian Dollars (AUD)
  • British Pounds (GBP)
  • Danish Krone (DKK)
  • Euro (EUR)
  • Norwegian Krone (NOK)
  • Swedish Krona (SEK)
  • Swiss Francs (CHF)
  • United States Dollar (USD)

It is worth checking if the Klarna casino you are playing at supports your local currency. If it is in the list above then you can make deposits with it.

Making a withdrawal at a Klarna casino

Be sure to check that the Klarna casino allows withdrawals to be made using Klarna first. If they do, you will have to have your Klarna account set up with SOFORT as this is their partner for transactions. Navigate to the cashier page of the Klarna casino and select the option to make a withdrawal.

Again, you need to be aware of any limits that the Klarna casino imposes on withdrawals. There are usually minimum and maximum withdrawal limits so you need to know what these are. If you do not comply with the limits then your withdrawal will not go through.

Enter the amount that you want to withdraw. Next you will need to log in to your Klarna account and authorize the transaction. Klarna will not delay the processing of your withdrawal but the Klarna casino will probably do this. They may have a policy of checking all withdrawal requests so you might have to wait a few days for the funds to land in your account.

Pros and cons of Klarna casinos

Every payment method has different advantages and disadvantages and this is the case with Klarna:


  • It is free to register a Klarna account
  • Deposits and withdrawals are fast with Klarna (there are no delays imposed by the payment system)
  • Klarna is a very secure payment system
  • You do not have to provide the Klarna casino with your sensitive banking details
  • You can make deposits and withdrawals in different currencies
  • There is multiple language support
  • Klarna casinos often provide enticing sign-up bonuses


  • Klarna is not available in many countries
  • There are only a small number of Klarna casinos
  • Some Klarna casinos will only allow deposits with the payment method and not withdrawals

Klarna casinos FAQ

Are there Klarna casinos available for UK players?

Yes, if you reside in the UK then you can register for a Klarna account and you will also find some Klarna casinos available. You should also be able to make deposits using British Pounds.

Is there a mobile app for Klarna?

Yes, there is a mobile app available for iOS devices from the Apple Store and Android devices from the Google Play Store. You can use the app to make deposits and withdrawals at Klarna casinos using your smartphone or tablet.

Are transactions with Klarna secure?

Yes, Klarna utilizes very advanced protocols for security and is fully supported by major banks.

What is the best Klarna casino to register with?

Choose one of the Klarna casinos on this page as we have tested them all for honesty and safety.

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