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Many Bulgarian players knew the brand, which offered online casino games. The site was owned by Telematic Interactive Bulgaria EAD, which decided to diversify its range of services and merged the casino with sports betting, giving birth to a new brand called Palms Bet. Here we will provide you with a review that presents all the services on the new website, focusing on sports betting, casino games, bonuses and the various of options provided.

Palms Bet casino bonuses

Whether you’re a sports betting enthusiast or want to try your luck in the online casino section of Palms Bet, you won’t be disappointed with the promotions and bonuses you could find here. New customers to the site, as well as those who have already registered, can take advantage of variety of bonuses. As time goes on, new and interesting offers will appear. Some of these have an expiry date, so they are not permanent, and the dates are listed with each offer. We’re not going to write about all the bonuses but we will cast an eye over the current promotions:

Welcome casino bonus 100% up to 500bgn

Those who love real money casino games also have a reason to be happy, as a starting bonus worth 100% of the deposited cash at Palms Bet is provided. Here, the maximum that can be taken is £500, and again, the offer’s playthrough rule applies if you want to take home the money you’ve won from the online casino. In order to access the withdrawal bonus, you need to roll it by wagering it 22 times on the slots on the online platform. This is the only way you will receive the money you have won.

100% reload bonus

This is an offer for active customers on the website who can get up to 100% first deposit bonus. They can receive an invitation to take advantage of the reload bonus. The bookmaker sends the invitations via SMS to your phone or to the email address you provided during registration. The bonus is available in the form of a free bet. Its activation requires you to text in the live chat after receiving the invitation. So far, it is clear that the maximum amount for this offer is in the amount of BGN 100,000. The rollover is done by a single bet on the bonus amount and the deposited amount. The reload bonus is offered only for the sports matches on the site.

It is important that you provide a current phone number when registering so that you can receive weekly offers/deals via SMS.

Loyalty program

The name of this bonus suggests exactly what it offers, namely an incentive for regular players. By playing slots on the Palms Bet site you accumulate points according to the type of slot you play. Different slots bring different numbers of points with Casino Technology’s slots bringing the most. In these slots you get 0.3p for every lev spent, while in other slots you get 0.15p for the same amount spent. For live casino games and table games, you get 0.1t. for every lev spent. For sports betting, Palms Bet league and virtual sports, 1t. is earned for every 1bgn bet. You can then use the accumulated points to buy vouchers, which can be in the form of a free bet, free games or a bonus amount. The more bonus points you accumulate the higher level you climb, respectively you get more bonuses. The levels are bronze, silver, gold, platinum and diamond, and you can get more information on the Palms Bet website.

Equal chance game worth 500 000bgn – Inactive offer

Any player who has placed sports bets, casino bets or live bets participates in this race. Each participant is entitled to one entry per day. Daily, the organizers from Palms Bet will draw 1000 prizes and announce them on social networks. Here’s what prizes you can win from this game:

  • 1 prize – 500bgn
  • 1 prize – 300bgn
  • 1 prize of 150bgn
  • 20 prizes of 50bgn
  • 50 prizes of 20bgn
  • 200 prizes of 10bgn
  • 850 prizes with 50 free spins.

Refer a friend and get up to 50bgn bonus – Inactive offer

Anyone can take this bonus by recommending the bookmaker to a friend. The bonus is in the amount of 20% up to 50BGN from the first deposit made. The only condition is that when registering in your friend’s account, he should fill in your username in the corresponding field in the registration form. There is no limit to the number of friends you can bring, which is great news for gambling enthusiasts.

In order to receive a reward for referring a friend, you need them to make a deposit at Palms Bet.

Slot jackpot

You can find a progressive jackpot consisting of 3 levels. In the casino section of the site, you will find 2 amazing jackpot offers. CTG JACKPOT where you can win up to 4000bgn with a minimum bet of only 0.01bgn This jackpot can only be won on Casino Technology games. At the first level named Gold you can win a jackpot of 4000bgn with a minimum bet of 0.01bgn At the second level named Silver you can win a jackpot of 1000bgn with a minimum bet of 0.01bgn And at the third level named Bronze you can win a jackpot of 150bgn with a minimum bet of 0.01bgn. The other fantastic offer is called Jackpot Cards. Randomly when you play a game on EGT (Euro Games Technology) you can unlock a mystery bonus game. During the game, you have to flip 3 cards of a suit to win the accumulated jackpot of the respective suit. The bonus levels are: 1st Spade, 2nd Diamonds, 3rd Clubs and 4th Spades. The size of the corresponding level can be seen in each game that participates in this amazing jackpot, as well as the slot section of the casino.

Cashback bonus

This is the other casino bonus that makes a good impression. Customers can get up to 10% cashback on live games. If 1,000 bucks is lost in a week, 10% will be returned. This offer is only relevant for the live casino and cannot be used to bet on sports or any other type of gambling on the site.

Palms Bet Casino Registration

The first step towards starting your online betting participation is going through the Palms Bet account registration procedure. The basic rule here is that you must be of legal age – 18 years old to create an account. If you meet this requirement, you need to log in to the website and follow the steps we will describe below.

How do I register at Palms Bet casino?

On the Palms Bet home page you will see a link to the registration form. It is located in the top right hand corner and is called “Register”. You are required to click on the link to view the form, which needs to be filled with your details. We bring to your attention what the registration form contains and how to complete it:

Login Information – this is the first step for your Palms Bet registration where you type in your username, password, email address, your country and the currency you wish to bet in on the website. Once you have completed the required fields, click the blue “Next 1” button;

Personal information – the second very important step is to leave your personal information. This includes fields for first name, last name and unique identification number (SSN) and contact phone number. All fields are required, so you cannot leave a field blank. P provided that you have filled in your details, you must press the “Next 2” button;

Additional information – this is the last part of opening an account on the site. On the page, you can write the name of a friend who has recommended the online platform, but this is optional. Read the terms and conditions and put ticks in the designated places. Finally, click on “Register”.

You have now created an account with Palms Bet. With competing sites of this type, you must confirm registration by clicking on an activation link that is sent via email. Here, however, this is not necessary. In case you have completed the above steps, you can now safely log in to the website.

Fill in your personal details correctly and accurately, because you will have to verify your account later via a  ID photo.

How to verify yourself?

Like most online bookmakers, Palms Bet requires its customers to verify themselves. Verification at Palms Bet involves submitting a scanned copy of your ID to the company, who will compare your personal details with those you provided when you registered. If you do not submit a scanned document (ID or driving licence) your access to the withdrawal menu in the system will be blocked.

To transfer a copy of your ID to Palms Bet, you need to log in to your account, then click on the “Verification” tab. Once the new page loads, you will find the option to attach files. Open the file, attach it and wait to be approved. If that doesn’t happen email support in chat and ask for the reason. Usually the procedure requires a technical time of 2 to 5 working days.

The other option to send the document is via Palms Bet email. In the header write “Verification Document” attach the file with the scanned copy to the email and write which user it is about. Again, wait for the deadline and check that you have been approved.

How to deposit funds at Palms Bet Casino?

Depositing at Palms Bet is done so that you have money in your gaming account with which to wager. The bookmaker has offered several options to load your account with funds. You are required to choose a suitable method and deposit the amount you want. The actual depositing of money is done once you click on your account, and then select the “Deposit” option.

In the new screen that will appear in front of you, the methods provided to fund your account are listed. Specify one of them and complete the procedure by filling in the charts you will see. Below, head over to the methods page to see what methods the bookie offers:

  • EasyPay – the ability to deposit at EasyPay locations nationwide;
  • – an option to fund an account via the e-wallet;
  • Deposit by card – a way to deposit by debit or credit card;
  • Skrill – deposit via the international e-wallet for quick and easy payments;
  • Bank Transfer – loading the gaming account via bank transfer;
  • Cashterminal – the ability to deposit via Cashterminal devices;
  • Deposit with A1 – account loading via mobile number for A1 customers;
  • FastPay – similar to EasyPay, you can deposit money at cashpoints across Bulgaria.

It’s important to know that if you deposit money with Cashterminal you won’t be able to withdraw it in the same way. If there is an amount available for withdrawal after depositing with Cashterminal and if no other method is verified, customers are not required to deposit, but to verify a new payment method i.e. send documents for bank card verification or additional account verification and release of the amount at Easy Pay/Fast Pay’s cashier

Minimum / maximum deposit

The minimum amount you can deposit, regardless of which of the above methods you choose, is 10 BGN. The maximum amount that can be loaded into the account is 10 000 BGN. The bookmaker has the right to change these figures, but at this stage this is the information that is on the site. Here we add that deposits with bank cards are accepted by MasterCard, VISA, and VISA Electron.

How do I withdraw my money from Palms Bet?

If you bet on sports or casino and win, there comes a time to withdraw money at Palms Bet. Of course, the bookmaker offers this option for which there are various methods you can use.

Withdrawals are easy and anyone can make them, as long as they have gone through the verification process on the site. The “Withdraw” option is available in your account. Click on it, and you will be presented with a page with all the available ways to withdraw your winnings. And here are the allowed ways for customers to withdraw funds:

  • Bank card;
  • Skrill;
  • FastPay;
  • EasyPay;
  • Bank transfer;

Minimum / maximum withdrawal amount

For all methods listed, you must have a minimum of 30 BGN in your account to withdraw. The maximum amounts for the proposed withdrawal methods, excluding bank transfer, are 5000 BGN. If you wish to pay by bank transfer, you can withdraw a maximum of BGN 10 000. Here you can also use VISA and MasterCard bank cards.

Minimum/maximum stake

The minimum amount that can be wagered on Sports at Palms Bet is worth 0.50 cents. The minimum for betting on casino games at Palms Bet is 0.5 cents, with the exception of live casino where there are entry fees. You can see the latter once you have chosen a table for a game. The bookmaker does not provide information on the maximum bet allowed, but it can be a five-figure amount.

The maximum win you can achieve with a single bet on the website is worth BGN 100,000. This information has been consulted with the live chat operator as well as the help section on the site. Please note that the figures presented by us are subject to change.

Limiting players

In most cases, people are looking for information on the risks of account limit at Palms Bet. So far we have not seen any complaints about account limits on the bookmaker’s site. We have not come across any stories regarding unfair treatment and so on. Nevertheless, you should follow every rule and condition that the operator has proposed on the site.

If for some reason your account is blocked, then you have most likely broken one of the site’s rules. Best to contact them and find out what is going on.

If the terms and conditions are not followed or are broken, there is a very high risk of having your account limited. At the same time, consecutive wins of very large amounts for the same championship can lead to suspicions of corruption. Here too there is a risk of restrictions. These are our judgements based on our experience with online bookmakers.

How do I close my Palms Bet account?

To close your account on the online platform, you need to go to the drop-down menu of your account. Then select ‘My Account’, and then head to the ‘My Limits’ option.  There, check the “Deactivate Account” box, and you must fill in the “Reason for Account Blocking” field. If you have followed these steps all you have to do is click the “Save” button and a short time later your Palms Bet account will be deactivated.

If you forget your password you do not need to close/deactivate your account, you can recover it by providing the email you entered when you registered. You will be sent a link to change your password to a new one.

You do not need to enter any specific reason. You can write that you do not wish to use the bookmaker’s services or give another reason for the closure. It is important that the field is completed in order to complete the closure request for this account.

Review of Palms Bet Casino Section

The big advantage of Palms Bet is that it is the successor of the site, which belonged to the same owner. To get your online casino on, head to the Casino option, and if you want to get in on the games with real croupiers, take advantage of the Live Casino section. We tell you about all these options in the following lines.

At the Palms Bet online casino, you’ll find a veritable extravaganza of casino games, with perhaps the most interesting being the 40 lines casino games including everyone’s all-time favourite – 40 super hot. Other interesting offerings from the world of slot games are the 20 lines casino games and perhaps the most popular slot game falling into this category, namely 20 super hot.

At Palms Bet, you will find slot games from all the major and world famous casino software providers such as Casino Technology, EGT (Euro Games Technology) and many more, which are themed differently from pyramid casino games to fruit slot games also known as fruitcakes.

Opening the Casino menu we see the available games listed in a list located to the left of your display. In total, five options are present, and we will write a few words about each of them so that you can get your bearings when you visit this part of the web platform:

Favourites – this subsection is where visitors’ favourite casino games are located. These are the games that are played most often by customers and the titles are offered on this basis. Of course, you can like other types of games in the system;

Newest – new titles added to the online casino section are listed here. And, if the bookmaker adds something new, you will find it right in this subsection;

Slot – clicking on this category will bring up a list of providers: CT Gaming, EGT, Amatic, ISOFTBET, which offer slots on the pages of Palms Bet. Slots with fruit, adventure, cartoon, pyramid and so on are available;

Live Casino – the section features games with real croupiers. They contact you in real time and offer you to play any of the existing offers. You have the Blackjack, Casino Hold’em and Roulette games, which are the brainchild of casino software provider Ezugi;

Table Games – classic European Roulette, three games of Video Poker and Keno are among the options available to players. These are generated by a computer program and do not count towards the live games.

Slots games at Palms Bet casino

Slot game lovers will not be disappointed with the wide selection offered by the online casino. In the casino games section, you will find a huge variety of slots from different software providers such as Casino Technology, EGT – Euro Games Technology, Amatic, iSoftBet and others. The variety is very large and there are slots of all themes from fruitcakes, to jewels to pyramids and other ancient themes. Also offered are slots with different paylines from 5, 10, 15, 20, 40 all the way up to 100 and more. Wish me lots of scatter and wild symbols and may the luck be with you!


The online casino has made sure to give blackjack fans the opportunity to play their favourite game live online. Ready to beat the croupier in and collect 21? We wish you good luck and big wins!


What would an online casino be without live roulette? It is for this reason that Palms Bet have got gambling fans covered with this casino game. You could play the European version of roulette or the American version. Choose black/red, odd/even or whatever else you choose and start your epic gambling adventure. Apart from live roulette, you can also find the popular European Roulette by the big software provider EGT – Euro Games Technology in the casino section of the site.

Poker at Palms Bet casino

There’s no way an online casino wouldn’t offer poker right? This is the reason why you could play Texas Hold’em Poker live at Plums Bet. In the casino section, you could play both live poker and EGT – Euro Games Technology’s popular games such as Jacks or Better, Joker Poker and 4 of a Kind Bonus Poker. We wish you many Royal Flush hands, good luck and huge winnings!

Keno at Palms Bet

Although keno games are not one of the most famous and popular casino games in our latitudes, they in turn also have their loyal fans and admirers. In the table games section you can find the offer of EGT – Euro Games Technology, namely Keno Universe, which is available for fans of this type of game resembling the classic bingo.

Live games at Palms Bet casino

At the Palms Bet online casino, you can find some of the most popular and preferred casino games that can be played live online with a real croupier. In the Live Casino section you can play live blackjack, live roulette and live casino hold’em. In addition to live games, you can also enjoy many other classic offerings such as slots and many other table and card games except baccarat.

Free games in demo mode

Palms Bet also offers the opportunity to play casino games for free in demo mode. This can be done once you log into the Casino section and select any of the online slots or table games. Hovering over the game window you will see two suggestions – Play and Demo. Clicking on “Demo” activates the free version of the game. It doesn’t require you to have made a deposit and you are wagering play money.

This way, players can test the titles to see if it’s worth betting with real money or if it’s better to take their time. Winnings from demo games are completely virtual. You are not allowed to claim any payouts. It’s just a kind of fun that lets you explore the online casino.

PalmsBet casino mobile version and app

And, since it is clear that Palms Bet is one of the main competitors for the first place in the ranking of licensed bookmakers in Bulgaria, it is normal to offer customers a mobile version of its website. Yes, there is one, and its activation is done in several steps. Simply log into the browser of your smartphone, iPhone or tablet and type in the bookmaker’s URL. The mobile version will load for you, which has all kinds of options, features and bonuses.

Palms Bet don’t have a mobile app for Android and iOS, but instead their site is made with a responsive/responsive design and works perfectly on all types of phones and tablets.

Unfortunately, however, there is no mobile app available to date. The app has been waiting for a long time, but is not a fact. We can’t blame the company for not offering you a *.apk file, but it would be nice to get this done as soon as possible if it wishes to show character and please more users. We’ll let you know when the app hits the light of day. Naturally, you will also find information on the official website.

Affiliate program

Palms Bet has an affiliate program, which is open to partners with themed websites where they can place promotional material for the bookmaker. Webmasters owning sites, forums or blogs about sports or casino games can embed links and banners on their property, and if a customer signs up through the placed ad, the affiliate will receive a commission on the loss of the user who created a site through the affiliate link. Palms Bet’s affiliate program offers 35% to 50% commissions.

A control panel is offered from which to control the banners and get the various HTML and Java codes. You are given detailed statistics on clicks, registrations, deposits made and so on. The affiliate program is available at, and there you will also find contact details for communicating with your affiliate account manager.

History of Palms Bet

Although still a new bookmaker – Palms Bet have a history. We won’t go into boring details that hardly interest the majority of users, but we will pay attention to the most important ones. After all, this is one of the real and proven gambling operators in Bulgaria, which enjoys serious interest from customers, so it is worth sharing interesting facts about its creation and the road traveled so far.

Who owns Palms Bet?

At the beginning of our review we mentioned that Palms Bet was born after the rebranding of, which was operated by the company Telematic Interactive Bulgaria EAD. The new online platform combines sports betting, virtual betting and casino games. The brand appeared on the Bulgarian market in 2018 and is licensed by the State Gambling Commission in Bulgaria.

Behind the Palms Bet brand stands the legal entity “TELEMATIC INTERACTIVE BULGARIA” EAD with UIC 206568976 and registration address. Sofia, PK 1345, Ilinden district, g.k. “Zakharna Fabrika”, ul. “7. The company has a valid gambling license for both sports betting and casino games issued by the State Commission on Gambling (SCG).

The registered owner of Palms Bet is the aforementioned company Telematic Interactive Bulgaria EAD. The information about managers, capital and others are public and anyone can see them. The online bookmaker has a license and legally offers gambling for adults on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Contacts and support

The online bookmaker offers support via live chat, phone and email. The chat can be found below on the website. Clicking on the “chat” link will bring up a window where a company representative is waiting to answer your questions in real time. The other option is a telephone link to contact Palms Bet.

Here things are a little different. In the “Help” section in the footer of the website, you will find the “Request a Call” option. If you click it you will need to type in your names, type in a specific question and leave a contact number. Later the bookmaker will contact you by phone to provide you with information. Recently, Palms Bet also offer a phone number to call in case you need help : 0700 45 700

The last option is to click on the “Email” option. A contact form will appear where you can leave your query or explain your problem. After a while, you will receive a reply to the email address you provided in the form.

You could also send a direct email to the following address –, describing the nature of your problem or what information you would like to receive through your enquiry.

The quickest way to contact Palms Bet and get adequate assistance is live chat. The operators are polite and will answer your questions immediately.

In which cities are there Palms Bet casino outlets?

The brand offers not only online betting, but also land-based casino rooms where you can play slots and other gambling games. In Palms Bet’s land-based halls, you can find timeless retro classics like the Mega Jack slot machine that can’t be found and played in online casinos. Outlets are located in different parts of the country, and we will mention the main ones as well as the addresses where you can visit them.

Residents can visit the Palms Bet casino rooms located at the following addresses:

  • Palms Bet Casino Sofia, Blvd. “9 Vladimir Vazov Str;
  • Casino Palms Bet Sofia, 9, ul. “73 Tsaribrodska Street;
  • Casino Palms Bet Sofia, ul. “8, Bl. 821, Ent. А;
  • Casino Palms Bet Sofia, ul. “Alexander Pushkin” 5;
  • Casino Palms Bet Sofia, ul. “14 Todor Alexandrov Str;
  • Casino Palms Bet Sofia, ul. “88A Pop Gruyu Street;
  • Casino Palms Bet Sofia, ul. “Madrid” 38;
  • Casino Palms Bet Sofia, ul. “121 Vitosha Street.
  • Palms Bet has casino halls in almost all major regional centers and cities and you can find their addresses at the following addresses:
  • Casino Palms Bet Varna, Vitosha Blvd. “186 Vladislav Varnenchik Str;
  • Casino Palms Bet Varna, ul. “Tsar Osvoboditel” 109A;
  • Casino Palms Bet Plovdiv, ul. “13-15 Tsar Peter Street;
  • Casino Palms Bet Plovdiv, g.k. “46 Trakiya Blvd;
  • Casino Palms Bet Burgas, ul. Palms Bars Casino, 7, “Cont Androvanti”;
  • Casino Palms Bet Burgas, ul. “13-15 Tsar Peter Street;
  • Casino Palms Bet Pleven, ul. “Palms Casino Palms Bet; Palms Casino Palms Bet; Palms Casino Palms Bet; 2 Tsar Boris III, Hotel Rostov;
  • Casino Palms Bet Pleven, ul. “Danail Popov” 12;
  • Casino Palms Bet Ruse, ul. “124 Borisova Str;
  • Casino Palms Bet Ruse, ul. “Petko D. Petkov” 7;
  • Casino Palms Bet Velingrad, ul. “Otse Paisii Hilendarski” 2A.

This is the main part of the gaming halls, and for the whole list you can seek information directly from the company, which will offer you other locations where outlets are located. It should be noted here that the service is at a high level, and also various bonuses and surprises are offered to visitors of the different sites.

In which districts of Sofia are there Palms Bet casinos?

Palms Bet has a total of 8 land-based casinos located on the territory of Sofia as of the beginning of 2020.

Palms Bet as an employer

The staff behind the brand multiplies every day. More and more people are employed to serve the bookmaker’s customers. So far, there have been no negative comments from the employees, which is a prerequisite to think that the operator provide good remuneration and treatment to its staff.

Apart from the staff who take care of the website and maintenance, quite a few croupiers are employed in the land-based rooms and so on. The company inspires confidence and it shows. Last but not least, we will note that new jobs are expected in the future, which is another plus in the Palms Bet’s column.

Site design, structure and interface

The design of Palms Beth is clean. The pages are structured in a perfect way and the interface is elementary. Bets can be placed with a few clicks and are immediately reflected in the electronic bet slip. The colours are well chosen and do not intrude on the players. Information about the games and bonuses is accessible and you can get to it very quickly.

The system has been worked on by professionals and it shows. It is noteworthy that when betting on slots or games in the live casino, no delays and problems occur. This is due to the excellent gambling software developers who deliver services to the bookmaker. Companies like Ezugi, Amatic, EGT and other famous ones stand for the casino games on the website.

All in all, we can’t say that we are not satisfied with what we have seen. The design is top notch, as are the various options and features. The presence of a mobile version adds to our good impression. The only omission at this point is the absence of a mobile app for players.

Palms Bet alternatives

If for some reason Palms Bet doesn’t satisfy your needs as a commerce site we are ready to recommend other sites similar in features to Palmsbet. Such a reason could be a blocked or limited account, or you are not satisfied with low odds, you don’t like the slots in the casino section or slow and inadequate behavior of the support, etc. In general many things can annoy you at a bookmaker. Don’t be afraid of trying out new sites and taking advantage of their promotions.

Fortunately, there are a total of 5 gambling sites in Bulgaria that are good alternatives to Palms Bet and where you can safely place your bets:

  • Bet365 – a globally recognized sports betting, casino and poker site. You won’t go wrong if you choose this established brand. The sports betting odds are average, the slots are on the best providers, the biggest poker tournaments are also available.
  • Bwin – a very big betting site, mainly known in Western Europe. Bwin are known for their bonuses to current players. If you are active you can expect a different promotion every week, which you will receive via SMS or email.
  • Efbet – Efbet is probably the biggest Bulgarian bookmaker, it also has a sports and casino section. They have great promotions for new players.
  • Winbet – Winbet are popular for their casino, but have recently been gaining momentum with sports betting. Their odds are relatively good, they have a lot of sports and different markets.
  • PokerStars – Many people don’t know about PokerStars casino, but it offers the biggest bonuses for Bulgarian players. PokerStars is the most established poker brand in the world. You can trust them completely for casino games as well.

These are the licensed gambling sites in Bulgaria in combination with National Lottery ( and Eurofootball, which had a valid license until a few years ago. The new licensed online casinos are, Sesame and Alphawin.

Frequently asked questions related to Palms Bet

Here we will present the questions of users that we encounter on the Internet frequently. We will try to give accurate and comprehensive answers, but if you don’t find your question among the listed ones, it’s best to contact an operator’s consultant. Now let’s see what customers are asking and what they are concerned about:

In what currency can I make a deposit?

For the time being it is suggested to choose only Bulgarian levs for making a deposit. However, you can specify that you want to place your bets in Euros, and this is done when registering on the site.

When should the verification take place?

Here, we should clarify that you do not have to perform verification immediately after depositing into your gaming account. This can be done at a later stage, but it is not a good practice to delay for months. The bookmaker may ask you to verify.

Can I register from a smartphone?

Yes, you have no problem. Registration can be done from the mobile version. Once you load the site in your smartphone browser you will see an account registration button, which just like the desktop version takes you to a reg. form to fill out.

Why can’t I withdraw my winnings from Palms Bet?

If you don’t see the withdrawal options on the site, you probably haven’t gone through verification. To do so, you need to send a scanned copy of your ID (color on both sides). For more information, contact an advisor via live chat;

How do I make an EasyPay deposit?

After selecting the deposit option – EasyPay and entering the desired amount you want to load your account with, you will receive a code that you need to present to an EasyPay cashier. When you deposit the money, it will be instantly credited to your gaming account.


What casino welcome bonus Palms Bet offer to their new customers?

Palms Bet offer a bonus of 500bgn for casino games. To take the bonus you need to deposit 500bgn and you will instantly have 1000bgn to wager. To be able to withdraw your funds you will need to place bets totaling 22000bgn

What bonuses are there at Palms Bet?

The Palms Bet betting site has an initial sports and casino bonus. Keep in mind that if you request a casino offer you will not be able to play with those funds in the sports section, and vice versa. It is important to know what you want to bet on when activating the bonus.

How do I claim a bonus from Palms Bet?

You can take a bonus from the casino by clicking on any of the promotions in our offers table. It’s important to use our bonus codes because you’ll get a bigger bonus that if you go directly to the site.

How do I open an account at Palms Bet?

Opening an account is quick and easy. Click the register button from our review and you’ll instantly be on the bookmaker’s page, where you simply need to enter your personal details.

What are the ways to deposit funds at Palms Bet?

You can use your debit or credit card to deposit money at the bookmaker, whether it’s Visa, Master Card or Maestro. You can also deposit via EasyPay, Skrill, ePay, Bank Transfer and Cash Terminal. Palms Bet does not charge fees for all deposit methods. You can deposit money into your Palmsbet account using your name only.

How do I withdraw money from Palms Bet?

Withdrawing money is quick and easy from Palms Bet as long as you have completed the verification process. You can withdraw using a debit or credit card, Skrill, EasyPay,, Bank Transfer. Only you can’t withdraw via Cash Terminal and you will have to use one of the other methods.

What are the ways to contact Palms Bet?

The casino has a handy live chat where you will get up-to-date information on everything you are interested in. You can also email them or call them on the phone.

What are the account verification methods?

To verify your account you need to provide a copy of your ID on the back and front. Also ways of deposit must also be verified. For example, if you deposited with a debit card, you will need to email a copy to prove that the card is in your name.

What can I bet on at Palms Bet?

You can bet on sports and casino games at Palms Bet. The site does not yet have a poker section.

Summary and our evaluation

We highly appreciate the work of Palms Bet. In just 1 – 2 years, the bookmaker has gained popularity throughout the country. The nice bonuses it offers, as well as a multitude of games, are all reasons worthy of placing 947 points out of 1000 possible for the bookmaker’s services. Of course, we expect to see more nice surprises from the operator in the future time, as well as even more interest from online betting supporters. We believe that our review was interesting and useful.

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