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Palms Bet Sports

Palms Bet provides quite a few sports bets on its website. To see them go to Sports from the main menu and look at the sidebar on the left. All sporting events are shown there. Note that if there are currently no matches of a particular sport, it will not be displayed among the offers. For example, if there are no tennis matches in the winter, they will not be shown. Once there are any, they will be on the list we mention.

However, we will now pay attention to the main sports that can be bet on. Selecting any of these will bring up a drop-down menu where you will see the different countries, and the championships and tournaments to them.

Sports Bonuses at Palms Bet

All types of promotions and bonus codes at Palms Bet, as well as all the information to them, can be found by logging into the Palms Bet website and from the main menu clicking on the “Promotions” section. More details about the rules of redemption and drawing of the offers can be found there. Alternatively, if you need more help, the live chat is available for you to ask your questions.

Welcome Bonus Sport 100% up to 200bgn

This is the so-called starter offer that applies to users who wish to make their first registration at Palms Bet. Once you sign up and deposit you will get 100% of the money you put into your gaming account. The maximum amount you can get is 200lv. In other words, if you make a deposit of 200 levs, you will get a free bet of 200 levs. To get your funds that come from betting with the bonus, the offer must be rolled over. The rule states that the customer is required to wager six times the bonus and the deposit they made in order to take their winnings from the website. The sports betting bonus provided by Palms Bet is in the form of a free bet, which means that only the winnings are paid out.

500 000 Sports Jackpot – Inactive Offer

Are you good at sports predictions? Making huge multipliers and generating great winnings with small bets? Then this bonus is just for you! If you make a multiple bet of at least 15 matches with a stake of at least £1 you could win the sports jackpot of £500,000 every week. With 15 matches you win 500 000lv, with 14 matches 10 000lv and with 13 matches 2000lv. Bets must be 1X2, i.e. a win for the home team, a draw or a win for the away team. More information can be found on the website of Palms Bet.

Survivor – inactive offer

Will you be able to survive and get a bonus of 1000lv. Palms Bet challenges you to predict 10 consecutive sporting events and win a 1000lv bonus. The bonus game is only open to active players who have made at least 1 bet within 30 days. Each participant is entitled to predict 1 sporting event preselected by the organizer. Each correct prediction brings 1 point and after collecting 10 points the grand prize of 1000lv is won. In case of not guessing the result the points are reset and the player starts from 0 points. After each prediction you have 5 days to make the next one, if you miss this deadline your points will be reset to zero and you will start all over again. More information can be found on the bookmaker’s website.

Bonus exact score – Inactive offer

This is a free bonus game being run by Palms Bet. You need to predict the exact result of a pre-selected sporting event and you can win a bonus of 50lv. Guess how many goals both teams will score and how the match will end and in which minute the first goal will be scored and you are already entered for this bonus. In case there are 2 or more participants guessing the exact result, then the predicted minute of the first goal is considered and whoever is closer to it – wins. You can view all the terms and conditions of this promotion on the bookmaker’s website.

Types of sport bets at Palms Bet

Palms Bet is one of the good betting sites with multiple types of options available to their customers.

Sports bettors on the Palms Bet website, have access to different types of betting options. You can place single bets, multiple bets as well as system bets. These can be done through the electronic slip that is at your disposal. You have an option such as Cash out, which you use to close the bet and live betting, all of which we talk about below in the review.

We start by introducing you to the betting options available on the bet slip, which is located on the right side of the screen. Here’s what each option represents individually:

Single bets – these are the single bets offered on the slip. Here you place one bet or several single bets. Each of them is individual. For example, if you have three singles bets and two of them lose, but the third one wins, you will get your money at the odds you bet on the particular sporting event;

Straight column – these are the multiple bets that most bettors are familiar with. In these, a so-called accumulator is made up of several matches. The customer can combine different selections of different sports into a straight column. The system calculates the odds according to the bet you have placed and calculates the possible profit;

2 out of 3 system – the classic type of 2 out of 3 match system is present in the possible betting options of Palms Bet. Here the payout is determined according to the system applied.

Cash Out option

One of the popular options at the online bookmaker Palms Bet is Cash Out. With it you close your bet during the sporting event. You are offered an amount of money for the actual closing, which can save you from losing all the money you have wagered, as well as bring you more income than you have wagered.

The cashout feature is not available for combination/system/column bets. You can only use it on singles.

Let’s say you played the match Levski – Loko Plovdiv on 1 and bet of 10 levs. Lokomotiv takes the lead in the 15th minute with 0:1, and by pressing the close bet button you will get an offer that saves you money. For example, if you use the cash-out, you get the amount of 8.50 BGN. In other words, if you agree you will only part with 1.50 BGN and the rest will stay in the account balance.

In the opposite case, if Levski is leading 1:0 and you check the cash-out offer, the bookmaker will give you more than you have bet. The example amount could be 11 BGN or 11.50 BGN, which means you get 1.00 BGN or 1.50 BGN on top when you close the bet.

Football bets at Palms Bet

All major football championships and tournaments are present to the bets on the site. You can play on matches from Europe: England, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, Bulgaria and others, and it is possible to make selections from countries outside the old continent, including Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Kuwait and so on. The odds are not the highest of all such sites, but they are certainly not to be underestimated. There are also many markets (betting options) other than the standard type 1, X or 2. To give an example, you can bet on half time, double chance, handicap, combination bets, multiple bets, card bets (red or yellow), corner bets and many more.

Palms Bet provide incredible odds for the top events in football – Champions League, Europa League, European Championship, World Cup etc.

Basketball bets

With PalmsBet you get many of basketball events from around the world. The most famous championships on which bets are offered are those of Bulgaria, Germany, Croatia, Cyprus, Belgium, Brazil and the USA. NBA, Euroleague, Eurocup, Adriatic League and so on are not to be missed. There are not one or two markets to bet on. How the match will end, first quarter score, second quarter score, handicap and a number of other options for Palms Bet customers.


Tennis lovers are not forgotten. Grand Slam, ITF, ATP, Australian Open and dozens of other matches are on the list with offers. Men’s and women’s competitions and doubles are present. There are dozens of options available to help you up the odds. To be more precise, if you don’t bet on the standard option where you bet on a winning tennis player, you can go for the suggestions: first set, number of sets, handicap, set to end with a certain score, etc.


Volleyball fans have a lot to see at Palms Bet. Opening the betting options you can see that quite a few events are included. We see men’s and women’s matches from Bulgaria, Greece, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy and even Brazil and Qatar. If you open a match to place a bet you will also see what options have been added. Set winner, number of points in the match, handicap and all sorts of other markets are available for you to play and profit from your correct picks.


Boxing matches are also on the website. From the drop-down menu on the left-hand sidebar, you can choose whether to view men’s or women’s boxing. In most cases, the standard winner or other match development option is selected, but there may be more markets available. No boxing spectacle is missed, so if you like fights, you will find the most interesting here.

Electronic sports

The well-known bookmakers on the internet do not fail to include eSports in their menu. It is for this reason that eSports at Palms Bet are well covered and all the biggest eSports/computer games tournaments and races are provided. The eSports on the system are many. Betting takes place on Counter Strike GO, Dota 2, Overwatch and games from different genres (strategy, action, adventure).

Other sports

These sports are not the end of the list you will find. But we presented these because they are the most popular among customers in Bulgaria and not only. More importantly, you get plenty of options, which is not found everywhere. As time progresses and the platform evolves, more disciplines may emerge, and we’ll keep you posted.

Virtual Sports

We can’t leave out the ‘Virtual’ section, where virtual sports betting is available at Palms Bet. These types of bets are games that resemble real sports. They are played at random, as are their outcomes. They are broadcast with a live picture and their duration in terms of time is shorter than real events. Generally, the player finds out if he has won within 3 – 4 minutes, no matter the type of sport.

At Palms Bet, bets are offered on virtual football, tennis, keno, horse racing, rally and table tennis. The graphics from the video broadcasts are crystal clear and the sound effects are more than good. The odds are in no way different from those of real sports, betting markets are included and you will enjoy a wide variety of all sorts of options.

What differentiates virtual sports from real sports is that with the former you can’t rely on predictions and information about injured players, team performances and so on. Everything is just random. Of course, when playing this kind of sports competitions, you need to approach it wisely and use it for entertainment, not as a source of basic income.

Live betting

It is hardly a secret to anyone that live betting at Palms Bet, is preferred by many. That is why they are present in the system of the Bulgarian bookmaker. You’ll find them when you click on “Live” from the main menu, and a new page will open up, which is where the real-time bets are located. These are available for the sports of football, tennis, basketball, hockey and more.

The live betting itself allows you to play when the match has started. And, assuming that the first 15 or 20 minutes have passed, it does not prevent a bet from being placed. Yes, there will be a change in the odds as you join in later, but that’s the thrill. The dynamics versus changing odds is what makes live betting so interesting.

Your screens display a graph that includes the event score, elapsed time, infractions, cards and more. You don’t even need a TV to watch what’s happening in the match you’ve bet on. Everything is viewed directly from the Palms Bet website, which is a great relief.

Frequently asked questions related to Palms Bet

What is the initial sports bonus at Palms Bet.

If you deposit 200bgn at Palms Bet you will get 200bgn free bet. What does Free Bet mean? You will be able to place bets without risking your own funds. If your bet is a loser you will not lose any money from your real balance, only the bonus money.

Does Palms Bet offer a cash out feature?

Yes, the bookmaker Palms Bet have a cash out feature that only works on single bets. On system bets and straight columns you do not have the option to close the bet. Also the feature is only available via desktop. You cannot use it on a mobile phone.

What sports can I bet on at Palms Bet?

Palms Bet do not have a large selection of sports bets. You can bet on all major football leagues, cups and tournaments (Champions League, Europa League, European, World, CONCACAF, etc.), tennis matches, basketball, volleyball, ice hockey, boxing, eSports (CS:GO, DOTA), handball, mixed martial arts, snooker and more.

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