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Are there any poker fans among you? We’re sure there are. Pokerstars is probably a familiar platform to most people, but to others it’s a novelty. Pokerstars has been the undisputed leader in the poker industry for twenty years now. The site offers you exclusive titles, live tournaments and dozens even hundrets of players online at the same time. But most important – security, protection and privacy. There’s hardly anything the site can’t boast. For all poker enthusiasts – the place is Pokerstars. Following lines, we’ll introduce you to downloading the software from all possible devices and the possible difficulties you might have.

Pokerstars Casino – why you should download it right now

We live in times where everything can now be done via your phone and/or laptop, from paying a bill to booking a plane ticket and a trip to applying to university. That’s why poker should be no exception in this regard, and to that end Pokerstars Casino have created a great platform to satisfy even the most pretentious player. But what’s really impressive is the fact that the company offers not just a site to play on, but software to download to your devices and have a truly fulfilling experience. The team’s uncompromising attention to quality drives the platform’s success and its unprecedented leadership in the field.

How to download the app on your laptop

After clicking the download button on Pokerstars front page, click “Run” and in the next few minutes the software will install on your desktop. In order to run your game, you must accept the terms and conditions that the company places on end users. After creating a free Pokerstars account, you can proceed to your game. In case you have difficulties downloading the software on Mac or Windows:

  • try downloading through a different internet browser;
  • clear your browser history (cache) and temporary internet files;
  • close the software download and reload it afterwards;
  • and last but not least – if you are unable to download Pokerstars, contact their team and have them give you all the information you need so they can resolve the issue;

Pokerstars download on phone and tablet

The mobile casino can be downloaded from both the App Store and Google Play. But in case of difficulties, there is an alternative way. By loading the site on your phone, you’ll get a notification of an available mobile app, to download it you’ll need to change your phone settings to allow downloads from foreign sources. There are a few installation steps that take just a few minutes, after which you can check your app list, which will now include Pokerstars.

The mobile app lacks nothing of what you might find in the PC version. If you’re on a newer smartphone, then you’ll have the pleasure of great graphics and speed that will make your online poker experience really enjoyable.


How do I download the PokerStars software?

We have placed a button on our page where you can download the software.

Is the PokerStars software safe?

Yes, absolutely safe and licensed.

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