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Are you feeling like hitting the virtual tables for a game of poker? How do you plan on funding your account? If you’re new to the world of online gaming, this post is for you.

There are plenty of ways to fund your gaming account. The most common method is using your credit or debit card.

Prepaid card casino sites

However, what are you going to do if you have a maxed-out card? What if you don’t want to use your card online? If you don’t have a credit or debit card available to fund your account deposit, there are other options you can use.

Prepaid cards are a popular option for online gaming. These cards give you the ability to fund your account without the need to use your Visa or MasterCard.

They offer you fast and efficient funding of your casino account, with no transfer fees involved in the transaction. In this post, we’re going to unpack the details surrounding prepaid cards and how to use them at online casinos.

What Prepaid Cards Work for Online Gambling?

Most online gaming sites offer prepaid cards for sale on its website. You sign up for an account and make a purchase of your card using a wire transfer, or your credit or debit card.

Most banks offer prepaid cards, and there are a variety of lenders online offering prepaid cards for sale. With a prepaid card, you load the amount you want to spend on the card. The balance will reflect instantaneously or in up to 48-hours, depending on how you transfer the funds.

Typically, wire transfers take a few days to clear. However, using a credit card to purchase a prepaid card is a good option, as long as you have the limit available on your card, and you don’t mind using it online.

Prepaid cards make a good option for controlling your gaming expenditure. Load the amount you need onto the card, and when it’s gone, you don’t have to extend a credit line and get into debt to keep funding your account.

Buying your prepaid card from vendors is a better idea if you want to pay cash. With a cash deposit onto the prepaid card, you get an instantaneous transaction, with your card loaded and ready to fund your casino account.

Pick up your prepaid card from your local bank, or approved financial services providers. Some cards have different deposits limits and withdrawal limits. If you want to lift these account limitations, you’ll need to verify your identity with the card provider. The other option is to deposit at no account casino where no verification is needed.

The issuing authority needs a copy of your photo ID for identity verification. This process prevents money laundering and financial crime. However, verifying your account is worth the extra hassle. With a verified account, you instantly access your money, regardless of the amount you’re depositing or withdrawing.

Which Online Casino Sites Accept Prepaid Cards?

Almost every online gaming venue accepts prepaid cards when funding your account. When logging into your account, go to the deposits section and look at the payment gateway options. Chances are there will be options for all prepaid Visa and Mastercard’s.

A prepaid card comes backed by Visa or MasterCard. Therefore, you get to benefit from these payment networks when signing up for the service. As a result, you get fast and efficient funding for your gaming account.

When signing up for your prepaid card, look for the Visa, MasterCard, or Maestro symbol to verify the card’s authenticity. Before signing up with any prepaid card service, do your due diligence. Make sure you investigate social platforms to see what people are saying about the service.

A simple search on twitter reveals thousands of results for the best prepaid card providers. You’ll find reviews on the service and useful information to help you decide on the best prepaid card provider.

It’s important to note that fees for prepaid cards can vary from provider to provider. Therefore, it’s in your interest to do some shopping around before settling on your prepaid card service.

Online USA casinos gift card deposits and Vanilla gift card casino bonuses are popular forms of funding your account online. However, almost any prepaid card will work at online casinos worldwide.

Why Choose to Deposit with a Prepaid Card at Online Casino?

Some of the reasons to use prepaid cards in online casinos include safeguarding your privacy and personal information.

The leading reason for using prepaid cards at online casinos is privacy. Prepaid cards are the best method for safe online transactions because you don’t need to hand over personal information when using them, up to a specified amount, usually between $3,000 to $10,000.

When making your deposit, the gaming site will only have access to your card number and not your name or social security number.

Prepaid cards also offer favorable fees and limits, with most online casinos not charging anything for depositing or withdrawing funds through your prepaid card.

Prepaid cards also come in several denominations. You get cards for $5 to several thousand dollars. These cards offer you immediate access to the money on the card when making payment. For most prepaid cards, you have limits of $200 to $500 for the maximum denomination available.

How to Deposit at a Casino with a Prepaid Card?

When making a minimum deposit online casinos won’t bother asking you to confirm your identity. It’s when you withdraw that this might cause and issue, but we’ll cover that in a moment.

If you’re thinking about depositing with a prepaid card in the United States, this section is for you. Let’s unpack everything you need to know about making your first deposit with your prepaid card.

If you have a prepaid card with an amount already loaded, you can navigate to the account funding page and complete your transaction. The funds should reflect in your account instantaneously, don’t deal with casinos that make you wait.

If you’re topping up the card balance, visit the payments or cashier section of your gaming site. Select the prepaid card option, and look at the payment gateways on offer. In some cases, you might have options available for specific cards, such as Paysafecard or EntroPay.

However, some casinos only have options for Visa or MasterCard, and you’ll need to choose the gateway that matches the provider on your card.

Verifying the transaction is an easy process. You need to enter the card number and expiry date, along with the PIN for the card. Some cards only require a name, not a PIN, while others require other security protocols to confirm your identity.

Your casino might offer you’re the opportunity to purchase your prepaid cards directly from the site. You can pay for these cards using money from your e-wallet, credit, or debit cards. Some casinos allow for wire transfer payments as well. However, some banks may reject funding cards if they find out its for gambling use.

Prepaid cards technically gift vouchers. Therefore, there are no processing fees, and the funds on the card are readily available after completing your transaction.

How to Withdraw from a Casino when Depositing with a Prepaid or Gift card?

Withdrawing from your casino account is more of a challenge when it comes to using your prepaid card to access your funds. Gaming sites need to comply with international laws surrounding customer identification and anti-money laundry practices.

Therefore, if you want to withdraw an amount above a threshold figure set by the site, you’ll need to confirm your identity with the casino using a photo ID. However, for smaller payouts, you might not have to verify your identity.

Most casinos don’t charge any fees when funding your account with a prepaid card. However, most sites will charge you a withdrawal fee, depending on the card provider’s rate. EntroPay demand a 1.95% fee if you choose to withdraw your funds onto your prepaid card.

Most casinos will process the transaction in a few hours for small amounts. Larger amounts and jackpots may take up to 24-hours to reflect in your card balance.

Are there Prepaid Debit Cards for a Deposit at a Casino?

There are different types of prepaid cards available for use at online casinos. There are a variety of venues providing you with prepaid card options, from banks to service stations. A prepaid card is essentially a gift card. However, since it comes backed by Visa or MasterCard, you can use it anywhere that displays these payment gateways.

The Visa and MasterCard systems are the largest retail payment gateways globally, processing more than 1,700 transactions a second.

If your prepaid card features these gateway logos, it will work at almost all online casinos.

So, what are the most common types of prepaid cards, and how do they work? Let’s unpack the options you have available to you.

Prepaid Gift Cards

Did you receive a gift card for your birthday? These cards are a handy tool for giving people control when spending their money. If you can’t think of a gift idea, rather provide them with the money to find it themselves. With a gift card, you can spend the funds at any retailer that offers the card payment gateways.

Typically, gift cards are for small amounts, and the maximum denominations for these cards are between $200 to $500. You get the option of closed or open prepaid cards for use with a specific retailer or general use at any store. Typically, the general use cards are the only types accepted at online gaming sites.

Closed prepaid cards for Starbucks and other organizations won’t be viable for a deposit on a gaming site. When using a gift card for your deposit, you’ll find you get easy and fast funding of your account. However, there are no casinos that will let your withdraw into these cards.

Disposable Prepaid Cards

These cards operate as the name describes. They’re a disposable form of payment that expires after you deplete the card’s funds, or the card reaches its expiration date. With disposable cards, you can fund your account, but you get the same problem as a gift card when withdrawing.

No casino will payout onto a disposable card. There is no option for this by the issuing authority. After depleting the card, there’s no option for reloading, and you must purchase another. Disposable prepaid cards are also available at a wide variety of venues, from retail stores to gas stations and kiosks.

Disposable prepaid cards come with prepaid limits in small denominations, typically up to $500. PaySafeCard is an example of a disposable prepaid card that’s viable for use for your deposit at an online gaming site.

When conducting the transaction, you’ll have to enter a unique PIN for the card to access the funds. As a result, you get a safe and secure means of depositing with your online casino.

Reloadable Prepaid Cards

This prepaid card acts more like a debit card. When you deplete the funds on the card, you can reload it with more money. However, instead of transferring money from your checking account to the card-issuing authority, you pay them cash to load your balance.

Some issuing authorities will let you load the card using your credit or debit card, and a few will let you load it using your e-wallet. However, there are fees involved with processing any transaction on the card. These fees can be high, costing you money out of your winnings.

Banking authorities most often issue reloadable prepaid cards. They come with a PIN and have your details included in the account information.

As a result, you don’t have to deal with the annoying limits that you get with so many other prepaid options. However, you’ll still have to verify your identity with the casino when making a large withdrawal above the maximum limit.

Virtual Prepaid Cards

The virtual prepaid card is the most popular and convenient choice for people using online gaming sites. These cards have a specific design for use online, offering you the best flexibility and convenience of any payment system for making a deposit.

Virtual cards are available from many online casinos, in various denominations. The ecoPayz card is an excellent example of a virtual prepaid card that’s suitable for gaming online. With these cards, there is no risk of fraud or theft, and you can top it up online.

EntroPay is the leading brand of virtual prepaid cards. You get to load funds onto the card through your credit card or wire transfer, with fees for the service ranging between 4.95% to 3.95%. With these cards, you can make a withdrawal from your casino account, taking home your winnings.

What are the Advantages of Using Prepaid Cards at Online Gaming Sites?

There are plenty of advantages to using prepaid cards at casino sites. Using a prepaid card to top up your account is convenient, and transactions are instantaneous. Best of all, using the prepaid card ensures your anonymity and privacy when transacting on these sites.

Every casino requires you to open an account and leave personal information. The casino requires your full name, physical address, and telephone number when opening your account, and records all transactions you make on the site under your profile.

The prepaid card offers you a secure payment gateway for funding and withdrawing from your casino account. You get high-security levels around the transaction without a complex verification process to access the funds.

While prepaid cards come with some costs, the monthly and reload fees, are typically low. The creation of the prepaid card was to help the unbanked receive payments other than in cash format. Therefore, they are widely available from plenty of retail and banking locations.

You can obtain a prepaid card, regardless of whether you own a bank account. Your credit score does not make any difference when purchasing or applying for the card due to paying upfront for your limit. In many ways, the prepaid card is like a secured credit card, where you have to pay for your credit limit before you can access the account.

Due to the popularity of prepaid cards, you can find them in every country throughout the world. There are dozens of vendors providing prepaid cards, each of them offering a competitive rate and service level agreement.

Choose the prepaid card that suits your gaming experience, make your payment, and log onto your favorite gaming site to fund your account. Prepaid cards support a variety of currencies, from USD, EUR, GBP, and CNY. Retailers and issuers in your area will offer prepaid cards in your local currency.

Prepaid cards are the ideal choice for gaming online. If a gaming site experiences a hack, the prepaid card number is useless, and they won’t get your credit card details.

One of the biggest advantages of using a prepaid card is controlling your spending. If you’re having a hard night at the slots or tables, and lose, you might find it tempting to dip into your credit card to refund your account.

Every gambler knows that when you’re on a losing streak, it’s better to walk away. With a prepaid card, you have a predetermined spend you have to adhere to. When the money is gone, you can close up shop without overspending on your gaming budget. 

What are the Disadvantages of Using Prepaid Cards at Online Gaming Sites?

While prepaid cards are a great option for making a deposit or withdrawal at a gaming site, they come with some drawbacks.

The monthly or annual fees, along with the loading fees, can be a pain. Some fixed costs can range up to $10 per month, so make sure you shop around and understand the terms and conditions before signing up for your prepaid card.

Most prepaid cards don’t have the option of reloading the card. Therefore, if you win at the gaming site, you won’t have any means of withdrawing your funds. Only specific brands of reloadable and virtual cards are available for reloads.

Prepaid cards are a secure and private means of funding your account, and the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.

Final Thoughts

Prepaid cards continue to gain in popularity as a form of making deposits and withdrawals on gaming sites. The privacy and security advantages of this payment method make it a top choice for gamblers.

You can purchase them form a variety of locations, with options for verified or unverified accounts. You get instant deposits and fast withdrawals, making it a preferred choice for transacting with your favorite gaming sites.

Frequently Asked Question About Prepaid Cards

Is it safe and legit to use prepaid cards to deposit at a casino?

Yes, it’s entirely legal to use prepaid cards at gambling sites. However, you must comply with the terms of service regarding this payment method. If you’re depositing or withdrawing a large amount from a gaming site, you’ll need a card that accepts withdrawals. Virtual and reloadable cards are your best options, with affordable transaction fees. In some cases, you might have to verify your identity to withdraw to a prepaid card, especially if it’s a large amount of money.

Which are the best prepaid cards to use at a casino?

There are hundreds of brands of prepaid cards available from online and offline retailers. We recommend going for the virtual or reloadable prepaid cards. Many gaming sites sell virtual prepaid cards, and banks and financial institutions offer reloadable cards that accept loads for your credit card.

Are there visa or MasterCard prepaid cards for online gambling at a casino?

Yes, there are Visa and MasterCard prepaid cards available for use in casinos. We recommend going with reloadable cards or virtual cards that allow you to withdraw your winnings from the casino. Disposable prepaid cards and gift cards do not accept reloads, making it challenging to withdraw the money in your casino account.

Do land-based casinos accept prepaid cards?

Some of the brick-and-mortar casinos accept prepaid cards for tokens at its establishment. Hard Rock, Golden Nugget, Ocean Resorts, and Ignition are a few locations where you can buy and use prepaid cards for gaming activities.

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