KYC process at online casinos

Casino verification

If you want to register to play at most online casinos these days then you will need to go through a verification process. You may be wondering why you need to go through such a process as it usually takes time and requires you to supply certain documentation.

The reason is that online casinos need to comply with the “know your customer” (KYC) strict laws and regulations. A licensed casino will usually have an obligation to complete this verification process for all of their players. They are not just targeting you specifically.

It may be possible for you to skip the verification process initially when you first register with the online casino. But at some stage, you will need to complete this process. This will certainly be the case when you want to withdraw any winnings. The online casino is highly unlikely to release any funds to you unless you have gone through the KYC process.

Sometimes players find the KYC process very frustrating but it is not usually as bad as you may think it is going to be. If it is something that you need to do to play at the online casino and withdraw any winnings then it is worth the effort. Those players that do not want to go through the process can check out no KYC casinos.

Most online casinos will insist on verification to comply with the law

There are two ways that you can look at the online casino verification process. The first is to see this as an intrusive and time-consuming process. Alternatively, you could look at an online casino that wants you to go through a verification process as being legit. They need to put you through the KYC process by law and they are complying with this.

Legit online casinos will have a valid operating license from an approved authority. This is good news for you. Unfortunately, there are quite a number of unlicensed casinos around these days. They look the same as licensed online casinos, but if you experience any problems then the unlicensed casino is likely to do nothing about it.

A licensed online casino is obligated to assist you as part of its license conditions. Let’s say that you had a problem with withdrawing your winnings. If you felt that a licensed casino was being unreasonable then you can refer your case to the licensing authority. You do not have this option with an unlicensed online casino.

What documents is an online casino likely to ask you to provide?

The verification processes operated by online casinos are going to vary slightly but they usually end up being similar. An online casino is going to want you to verify who you are by means of an ID card (if this is applicable), a driving license, a passport and some official document that has your address on it.

Can casino sites ask for bank statements? Yes, they can. They are likely to want you to prove your method of payment which you will use to make deposits and withdrawals. There are several payment methods acceptable at online casinos these days so a bank statement is not going to be required in all cases.

Why do online casinos ask for you to prove your identity? The KYC laws are primarily aimed at preventing money laundering. This was something associated with casinos both online and offline for a number of years. In addition to this, the online casino needs to verify that you are of an age where you are legally allowed to gamble.

Any identification documents that the online casino requests from you will need to be copied using a scanner or some other means. You will need to make a copy of your ID card, driving license or passport and send this electronically to the casino.

It is essential that all documents you send to an online casino are clear and that all of the information is visible. A document that has your picture on it is very likely to be requested. If the quality of your documents is poor than the online casino is likely to reject them and ask you to send them again. Any documents you send must be valid and not expired.

Online casinos will ask you to prove your home address

Proving your address is something that you are also likely to have to do as part of the verification process. Usually, the casino will ask you to provide a copy of a recent utility bill or a bank statement. Your name and address must be clearly visible on the document. You can blacken out any other information that you do not want the casino to see.

Often, an online casino will insist that any proof of address document is no older than 3 months. It is unlikely that you will be able to furnish a copy of your mobile phone bill as most online casinos will not accept this.

You will usually have to prove your method of payment

The final step in the verification process is usually the proof of payment. Why do online casinos require that you furnish some proof of income? Well, they want to ensure that you are the official owner of the payment method. They also want to ensure that there is no money laundering taking place.

Some players will want to use their bank accounts to send deposits and to receive withdrawals. In this case, the online casino will probably require you to take a screenshot of your online banking setup. This image must clearly show your full name, your account number and the bank logo. Sometimes a copy of a recent bank statement is acceptable here.

A popular way to make deposits and withdrawals at an online casino these days is to use an e-wallet service such as PayPal or Neteller. Again, you will need to take a screenshot of your account that clearly shows name and your email address.

Many players like to use credit cards for online casino deposits and withdrawals. You need to check the laws of your country here as there may be restrictions. If it is OK for you to use a credit card, create an image of it and be sure to blacken out some of the digits. Your name should be clearly visible on the image of the card.

If the online casino has a KYC requirement, then you have to comply

Online casinos are usually strictly monitored by governments and licensing authorities. They want to ensure that there is no under age gambling taking place and that there is no money laundering either.

If you are unable to comply with the verification process in any way then it is likely that the online casino will not provide you with an account. They must be seen to be complying with the laws and regulations and they will not usually make any exceptions here.


Is it hard to comply with KYC casino requirements?

It depends on the casino and the verification team. In most of the casinos you only need to show your ID card.

When should I do casino verification?

Many of the online casinos need your documents only when you want to withdraw your funds.

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