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Winbet sport section – bonuses, odds, markets

WinBet is the leading sports betting operator on the Bulgarian market. Any adult can register and deposit money into their account to become eligible. There are over 30 sports published and hundreds of markets for each event. WinBet’s monthly draws contain over 40,000 fights which are available for pre and live betting. Users are facilitated through special tools enabling them to close selections, create single-match combo bets, and receive increased odds. What types of sports bets are offered at the Bulgarian bookmaker and is it worth participating in the site, we tell in the guide.

Welcome Bonus SPORT at Winbet

Every new customer of Winbet is offered a welcome sports bonus. We write sports because it only applies to sports bets in the system. This offer is conditional on you making a deposit, or in simpler terms, you need to deposit some amount on the site (over 10 BGN) to get the bonus. You can take 200% of this amount that you have loaded your gaming account with as the maximum bonus you can get is up to 200LB. This happens after you enter the promo code S2020 when depositing on the platform.

This bookmaker’s promotion has scrolling rules that you are required to cover if you want to take the money won with the extra funds deposited into your account. To do this, place bets worth once the deposit made and once the bonus received 6 times. Here is an example, you deposit 50 BGN, take 100 BGN and bet the whole amount of 150 BGN six times per sport, the total value in this case will be exactly 900 BGN.

The minimum coefficient of the sports you can bet on is 1.30 and in no case lower. Only these bets will qualify for the offer from Winbet.

Navigation and design of the sports section

At the first position in the main navigation is the link that leads to the Sports section of WinBet Online. Once you highlight it, the homepage will load in front of you with the live matches and the most interesting events in the next 24 hours.

The company opts for darker colours, but the text and buttons are clear. A help menu is located on the left side of the segment, where all sports are sorted by interest. An option to change the odds has been added at the bottom, choosing from decimal, fractional and American. On the right is the built-in e-slip, along with live selections, and below that are the popular bets of the day.

Types of sports bets at Winbet

The sports section of the bookmaker allows you to predict events from over 25 disciplines. Football, basketball and tennis are the most popular bets, but e-sports are also gaining popularity. To increase interest in them, WinBet offers live streaming of some of the most exciting tournaments.

Special bets on showbiz, politics, music and sports awards feature in the company’s runs. Bettors on the platform can predict who will be the next US President, who will take the UK Sports Personality award and which song will win Eurovision.

Other sports bets at WinBet include

  • Volleyball Table Tennis Golf Darts
  • Cycling Motor sports Winter sports Ice hockey
  • Snooker Billiards Baseball Rugby
  • Am. football Handball Futsal Water polo

Popular Bets

WinBet has recently published a list of the most popular bets of the day. These are based on player activity and which are the most common selections on their slips. A total of 5 play options are added along with their current odds. You can select one or more markets by ticking them. You then click the “Add to Slip” button and they go into the electronic scorecard.

Winbet sports betting – terms and conditions

We suggest you familiarize yourself with some of the most important rules that apply to users of the online platform. We won’t go into lengthy details, but will focus on those things that most interest prospective customers and users of the brand. And now let’s start with the different limits for betting, depositing and withdrawing from the WinBet account.

Minimum / Maximum bet

The minimum bet at Winbet is worth 0.20 cents, but not less. For example, if you try to bet 0.10 cents your bet will be rejected. As for the maximum bet, it is determined at the discretion of Winbet’s traders. For now, there is no exact information on how much you can bet, but to find out if your bet will go through, just try.

Minimum / Maximum Deposit

All of the Winbet deposit methods we’ve listed earlier in this piece require you to deposit a minimum of 10 levs or their equivalent in the various currencies. Deposits less than this amount will not be accepted into the system. The required amount of 10 BGN is transferred to Winbet, and the operator places it in your virtual balance so that you can bet with it.

Minimum / Maximum payout

The minimum payout amount regardless of the method you choose is 30 BGN or its equivalent in another currency. In other words, if you try to request a payout of 15 BGN, the system will reject this request as you have not met the minimum payout requirement, which we repeat is 30 BGN. This rule should be well remembered!

Types of bets at Winbet

Winbet delights its customers with quite a wide range of sports and gambling bets. Players can choose between several main betting types, which will be offered to them in the electronic slip that stands to the right of the screen. We will now take a quick look at what the basic Sports bets are so that you can be prepared and informed.

Single bets – these are single bets that you make on one selection. In other words, you choose one football match and bet only on it. You are required to indicate the amount of the bet in the field provided for it in the bet slip, and to confirm the bet. By doing so, you agree to the given odds and some of the money available in your account goes towards the prediction you have made;

Multiple bets – these are also known as “straight column” bets where you place three or more sports matches on your bet slip, indicate the amount of your bet and the system automatically multiplies the odds of the selections by your bet to work out the value of the winnings you can get if you have made successful predictions for all three matches;

Combination betting – various betting systems are available for sports including doubles, trebles and quads, as well as combinations and more. This type of betting is recommended for more advanced bettors who know what to do;

Sports betting markets at Winbet

Looking at the options for betting on football, basketball, tennis or any other sport, you will find that there are other betting propositions alongside the standard 1 for a home win, 2 for an away win and X for a draw. These are called markets and exist on every bookmaker website. Here, however, we turn our attention to the bookmakers redesignated for Winbet:

Betting Option (Handicap) – there is a lot of buzz around the handicap and what it represents. After all, there is nothing so complicated and mysterious about it. The online bookmaker, in this case Winbet gives you the chance to bet on the underdog in the match, giving them an artificial lead of 1 or 2 goals. For example, if Manchester United play Liverpool, the handicap could be 0:1 in favour of the visitors. In other words, if you bet with a 2 sign and the match ends in a goalless draw, you will catch the match as Liverpool have a one goal lead;

Over/under number of goals – here you will have to predict how many goals will be in the match. To be more comprehensive we will give an elementary example. You can specify whether the hits in the given match will be under 2.5 or over 2.5, and other values are also available. The odds in this case are quite inflated, and you will be able to achieve big profits even when making a smaller money bet on your part;

Option (double chance) – in this option two winning signs are placed. To give an example, we apply the following situation: Real Madrid and Barcelona are playing, and you are hesitating whether the white ballet will win or the match will end in a draw. In this case you are offered to play with two signs 1X, which means that you win if Real Madrid wins or the match ends in a draw. The other option is to bet with an X2 sign, in this scenario, you predict a win for the Catalans or a draw;

First Half / Final Score Prediction – Here you are given the opportunity to predict the winner of the first half as well as the final score of the match. This market has very high odds but is often tricky to figure out, so be careful when making your predictions;

Other betting markets – we’ve described sample football betting markets above, but you’ll also find similar markets for basketball, tennis, boxing and all sorts of sports. To find out what betting options exist for your favourite sport, you need to click on it and select a match. All sorts of betting options will appear before your eyes, so choose the best way for you and act.

What features are available on

  • Electronic slip

First up is the infamous e-slip, where you place your bets. There is nothing very special about it. By adding selections from the sports menu to the slip, it will mark them, and the system will calculate the odds to tell you how much you can win if successful. The slip has several features, namely placing singles bets, accumulators (straight column) and systems. Everything is accurately and clearly shown so you won’t get confused. However, if something is still not clear to you, you can ask support on the website.

  • Cash out

Next comes the “Cash Out” help feature, which can save you a lot of wasted money. It is a way of pre-closing a bet when you doubt that it won’t be to your liking. And there are two options present here that we want to clarify. The cashout option offers customers to close their bet before the end of the match.

When you go to lose the sports match, you have a button to close the bet. This button saves you some of the money you bet when the opposing team is leading in the score. The bookmaker comes up with offers to part with half of the bet, but the other half stays in your account.

The other option is to close the bet on a favourable turn of events. Let’s say you have bet on the Olympique Marseille – PSG match with a 1 sign and your team is leading. In this line of thought, pressing the close bet button, also known as Cash Out, will bring you more money than you bet. Another issue is that if you take advantage of the feature, your bet is terminated and you only take the bookmaker’s offer.

What sports can I bet on at Winbet?

Customers at Winbet can enjoy colourful sports bets that are not only placed on commercial sports, such as football, tennis, boxing and basketball, but also on many other events that we will not miss in this review.

On our pages, we offer you an insight into the nature of the individual sports bets so that you get the information you need in relation to where and how to bet. But, because we don’t want to waste time, we go over the essentials, presenting the different types of sports on the platform.

Football betting at Winbet

The fact that football bets are preferred by Winbet customers will hardly be news to our readers. However, it should be noted that it is football that is the most desirable sport to bet on. This is due to the high odds for the individual leagues and the countless markets we have already written about above.

If you also want to bet on football matches, we will give you a brief guide on how to find them on the bookmaker’s website and the ways to get involved in the game. There is nothing complicated or impossible when it comes to Winbet and its super offers.

For starters, log in to and on the main page you will see a menu featuring the “Sports” tab, which you need to call up by clicking your mouse or using your finger if you are using a mobile device for Winbet login. On the left side of the platform are the sports to choose from, and in case you are interested in football, so click on it.

After clicking on the football section, a drop-down menu is displayed listing the countries for which different championships apply. You are able to bet on football not only in Europe, but also in Asia, Africa and America. In addition to the domestic championships of these countries, commercial tournaments such as the Europa League, Champions League, Libertadores Cup and so on are also available. National competitions such as the European and World Championships are not forgotten.

By selecting a championship or tournament, you will see the upcoming matches, live matches, odds, markets and everything related to football betting. With one swipe, you add selections to your slip and place bets, so you won’t have any problem with WinBet. Let’s not forget that bonuses are also available, but we’ll open a word about those a little later.

What markets are available for football matches at WinBet

Football betting attracts most of the operator’s customers. That’s why WinBet is constantly improving the football matches section, incorporating more and more innovative markets. Matches from the leading championships are accompanied by hundreds of options arranged in the following categories:

  • Main – number of goals, final outcome, handicap, double chance, both teams to score;
  • Quick Markets – will there be a goal by the 30th minute, what will happen in the first 10 minutes;
  • Half time – lead at the break, correct score in the first 45 minutes, clean sheet;
  • Player specials – to score, first goalscorer, to get carded, Scorcast, Wincast;
  • Corners – total in the game, more corners, handicap, 1st half corners;
  • Cards – who will get more, exact total, under/over cards, will there be a red card in the match.

Basketball bets

Basketball bets are also available in the Sports section and are called up from the left sports bar. As well as the national championships of the various countries in Europe and other continents, you will see the major tournaments such as the NBA, Euro Cup, Euroleague and so on. High stakes, lots of markets and generous betting options apply to all of them.

Knowing the first half of the games, the number of baskets, shooting from three and so on will increase your chances of a high win. This is because predictions on the more complex markets are highly rewarded. Clearly, you need to have a broad view of this sport to be able to be accurate when you predict, but if you do, it will be a welcome change for you.

Basketball at Winbet is not left in the background as it is visible to the naked eye. The presence of so many events is eloquent proof of the bookmaker’s desire to please fans of the game. However, to be blunt, we suggest you log on to the site and see for yourself what it’s all about. In any case, you won’t be disappointed with what you see.

Tennis at WinBet

There is a lot of interest in tennis betting in Bulgaria, because there is more and more noise about the success of the genius Grigor Dimitrov and our other athletes. In this line of thought, WinBet has prepared a tennis section where the biggest matches of the world are bet on, not only for men, but also for women. Unlike the competition, the brand insists on being number 1 and gives great values for the matches. This is the reason why so many players prefer this platform.

As for the events that you will find in the sports section and more specifically in the tennis section, they are really generous. The Davis Cup, Challenger, ITF Men and ITF Women are just a few of the competitions that are found on the main page dedicated to tennis. Wimbledon and Grand Slam bouts are present in full force and the odds are more than good.

Clicking on tennis from the left sports events menu will bring up a main screen that lists all upcoming events, as well as those that are being played in real time. There are markets for sets, games, successful players and anything else you can think of. Indeed, few online bookmakers can boast so many offerings for this sport on their sites.


Betting on volleyball is less known in the world, but here in Bulgaria it enjoys quite a few fans. These are men and women who follow every event closely and have personal impressions of the players’ performances, the stats, the successful teams and so on.

Putting things this way, Winbet doesn’t compromise and has put volleyball as one of the main sports you can make predictions on, be it for upcoming matches or live matches. And this sport can be called up from the main page by going to “Sports” and heading to the left bar where the sports betting suggestions are placed.

We made a comparison of the volleyball odds at Winbet with several sites, which we will not quote, but it is indicated that the operator performs very well with the bets and can compete even with the largest bookmakers in Bulgaria. According to players’ opinions about Winbet, the site really offers good returns. Do your own checking to get to our opinion, and note the truth as we present it to you here.

There are dozens, even hundreds of volleyball leagues. Most of the matches are played on the old continent, but there are also some in South America and Asia. As time progresses, matches from Africa and other parts of the world can also be encountered. It is up to you to keep an eye out for new developments.

Ice hockey

Fans of the sport of ice hockey can also predict wins and losses of teams from different parts of the planet. The gambling brand allows you to head to the most curious hockey competitions, including: the Champions Hockey League, the MOL League, the APS Hockey League, the National Hockey League (NHL) and a whole lot more attractive battles on the ice podium.

You can get to ice hockey betting with a few clicks by visiting the sport’s website and navigating to the sport. And there’s a whole host of markets here, as well as the option to place a live bet. The betting methods offered are not few, and here you also get markets including handicap (including for overtimes), exact score, shootout score and so on.

High odds are likely for the bigger events in the NHL and European tournaments, but you’re unlikely to find any solid odds for the smaller championships. To be accurate to a fault, we advise you to subject the hockey games to analysis and decide if the figures provided guide you. If it does, then don’t bother putting money on it.

The idea of scrolling through pages of hockey matches through quick clicks is a great alternative to play whenever you feel like it. By sorting the games by league or time, you will know at what point, what fights are on. More on this topic can be found on the online pages of the Winbet brand.

American Football

From our extensive experience with bookmakers, we know that there is a certain contingent of American football bettors who are looking for good options and profits on the net. And that’s where the site we’ve dedicated this review to steps in. There you can access a host of events, and this includes – the US National Football League (NFL), the NCAA and Canada’s CFL. These are popular leagues and tournaments that will help you win big if you know the game well.

American football at Winbet is also available in the Live section, where players place bets during the matches that have already started. However, no matter if you are going to place a bet in real time or on an upcoming event, you are entitled to over and under markets on the number of goals, regular match score, final winners and some others that you will see when you visit the section.

We realize that American football is unlikely to intrigue most of our readers, but we can’t afford to turn our backs on one of the sports that are the founding fathers of betting on the World Wide Web. That’s why we’ve looked into this sports section, which will no wonder be useful and enjoyable for a large number of punters.

Australian Football

There are two teams taking part in Australian football, each with 18 players. Goals here bring six points each, and the emotion is very high indeed. Betting on Australian football can be found rarely at Bulgarian online bookmakers, but here at Winbet they have them too. Yes, this sport doesn’t count among the popular ones in the country, but it is not devoid of supporters.

It is not in vain to place Australian football in the sports section of, because many or few people like it and bet on it regularly. The company has complied with the rates of the big operators and does not give in to them. This is obvious at your first contact with this type of football game, which we spend time on in the review and want to be of help to you.

And, having looked at the betting odds, we’ll also look at the betting markets. It is beyond doubt that they are not modest at all, quite the contrary. One option is to guess the winning mark for the match, and the other is to pick one of the teams involved in the races. Usually, the Australian rules football matches come from the most famous event, namely the AFL Premiership.


In most American productions on television, we watch Baseball and have more or less gotten used to this sport. There are whole fan clubs in Bulgaria that follow the baseball performances of popular teams not only in , MLB, USA, but also in Mexico and the rest of the world. The interest in baseball is not just visual as many like to bet on their favorite teams and players.

Where else but at Winbet will you find so many baseball bets? To see if we’re right, log into Sports from the navigation on the first page, then head to the Baseball section on the left sidebar with the sports and disciplines listed.

For the moment, baseball games are not offered live, but this is compensated by the not a few high-level matches in the United States, Mexico and more points of the planet. You pick the World Series winner, the game winner, the best player and dozens more markets. To win at this sport, you need to know the rules and participants of existing state championships and professional tournaments. Otherwise, you will be disappointed.

Combat Sports – Boxing and MMA

Combat sports have always been a source of admiration for their fans and bettors. Winbet are a force in this respect, as they have posted MMA or boxing betting odds with strong odds on their pages. For example, if you click on Boxing on the online platform you will see all the latest fights from international competitions, local tournaments and so on.

As far as MMA events are concerned, they are few. Taking a quick look at the free fights, we see that the bookmaker provides bets on the top matches from “Cage Warriors”, “Glory Kickboxing” and “Bellator”. Of course, other international appearances for the sport are not forgotten.

Contrary to expectation, several types of bets are also available in combat sports. By standard, you have to predict which of the competitors will win, but you can give a prediction for the number of rounds, in which of the rounds there will be a knockout and several other possibilities.


The game of darts captivates a large number of people from different countries, cities and provinces. There’s hardly a self-respecting bar that doesn’t have a darts target, and also take bets on this type of entertainment. However, if you want to reach out to international darts tournaments and competitions, then head to the online bookmaker Winbet offering the game.

Bets are accepted on the main three world competitions, namely the “PDC Players Championship”, the “PDC World Championship” and the “BDO World Championship”. However, that’s not all, because the operator allows you to predict additional darts games as well. From everything we have noticed, we come to the conclusion that the odds are very decent and meet the expectations of the players.

Almost every one in the forums mentions the name of Winbet when it comes to darts, as this is proof enough of the perfect offers. If we can talk about additional markets here, then we should list: winner, set handicap, most 180s or 1 player to score 180 in the match. In some situations more options can be added.


Are you into international snooker betting? If you answer yes, you will be able to take advantage of the greatest snooker performances of the world’s top players. Winbet allows you to make World Championship, Championship League, UK Championship and Masters predictions. You don’t see so many tables and players together every day.

Our research shows that snooker is booming and gaining ground in bookmaking circles. It can’t be otherwise, because the big traders provide top odds for this sport. The basis is predicting the winner of championship matches and tournaments. It’s rare to see markets for exact hits and so on, but the odds are at a good level.

Snooker will always be relevant, and betting will never cease because of the strong interest from domestic players as well as international bettors. We have briefly mentioned the betting offers here, and for more information head directly to the bookmaker.

Betting on eSports

In all likelihood, everything interesting about eSports has already been written, but we’re going to offer a different take on them. Remember when you were young and played games on the black and white Pravets 8M, back then it was a big thrill. Now gamers have evolved and become professionals. They not only jitterbug on their favorite games, but they also profit from their agility and ability to anticipate the moves of opposing players in multiplayer competition.

Gaming tournaments with huge prize pools have started to be organised around the world. At times, the prize money reaches five-digit sums and even higher. Betting sites such as Winbet have not missed out on this and have included these eSports competitions in their betting. In other words, if you keep track of what’s happening on international e-gaming forums on the net, you can win some bucks by betting on the internet platform of the eponymous operator.

The international battles pit players from Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, America and Australia against each other. They play on a network of super titles, of the variety of StarCraft, League of Legends, Country Strike, Dota and Dota 2, etc.

The e-sports are arranged by tournaments and categories. We give the following genres as examples: action, strategy, sports, arcade and dozens of additional ones. To see them all, log into Winbet’s “Sports” and select “E-Sports” on the left so you can see what you can bet on. The odds here are even higher than you’ll encounter for any of the sports listed above.


There are not a few who overlook handball on bookmaker websites. However, they don’t know that there are more pronounced favourites for this sport than for football, basketball, tennis, boxing and hockey. At the same time, there are handball enthusiasts who make good money betting +18. If you are familiar with this type of sporting discipline, you can try your luck.

Winbet has given a rich section with handball from Europe and the world, and in the sports betting are placed matches with men and women. European Championships, World Championships, Friendlies and State Games matches are the most common events that you will surely find interesting.

We can’t claim that the odds are the highest here. But considering the nature of this sport and the small number of bettors, you may find the odds acceptable. Let’s leave it up to you to decide if the values suit you, and if you are interested in them.


This sport exists in Bulgaria, so a big bookmaker like Winbet can’t help but include it in their sports betting section. The European Cup and the World Cup are the prestigious events on the site, but they are far from the only ones. We can also add the “URS World Series”, “PRO 14”, “PRO D2”, “Six Nations”, “European Challenge Cup” and additional ones.

Rugby connoisseurs can bet on the ultimate winner of these races and also on individual markets. We can hardly talk about a plethora of options, but the ones we see are enough if you are a supporter of this sport and want to show off your skills as a good tipster.

Virtual Bets at Winbet

Virtual betting is one of the newest betting sites, but it has already established itself on the market and many people use it. To be more specific, we will briefly explain what these bets are. We are talking about sporting events, including football, greyhound racing, horse racing, basketball and other sports whose outcome and result is generated by a computer system. You see it all before your eyes by entering the “Virtual” or “Virtual +” tabs. The odds, markets and payouts are completely real to the user.

Virtual Bets

It is of great importance to mention that the sporting events are abbreviated here. In other words, you don’t have to wait all 90 minutes to a match to find out who the winner is. Both halves are played for close to three minutes, after which you get clarity on the outcome of the sporting event. Matches come with live video, gorgeous graphics and are accompanied by sound.

Clicking on the “Virtual” section you will see simulations of football from Europe at national level (Virtual Euro Cup) and football from around the world in the Virtual World Cup. Club football fans can head to the Virtual League option There are more options, including dog racing, tennis and basketball.  In addition to the ultimate winner of the races or a draw (if allowed), you will also have additional markets to bet on the matches.

In addition, Virtual+ is also available, and these are also located in the main menu of Sports such as table tennis, rally and badminton are found there in addition to football and dog racing or horse racing. For all of them certain markets and odds apply.

That’s generally about the virtual bets at Winbet. They are present throughout the year and do not change. Keep in mind that virtual sports have nothing to do with real events, so you can’t rely on news and predictions from various sources.

Live sports betting at Winbet

At the outset, let me inform you how to get to live betting on the Winbet website. The first step is to open the home page where the menu with the different tabs is located. From it, call “Live” by clicking on the link/button with your mouse. This will show you the sporting events that allow real-time betting. These events include football matches, basketball matches, tennis matches, volleyball, American football, eSports and all sorts of suggestions. Each event is reflected with a graph on your monitor/display.

The essence of live betting lies in the ability to place your prediction when a match has already started. We give the example of football and the match Barcelona – Real Madrid. If it has started and 10 minutes have elapsed and the score is 1:0 for Barça, this does not prevent you from placing a bet. The system will calculate the odds you are entitled to and offer them to you in the electronic slip. From that point on, you will now be able to follow the development of the match in every minute of the panel.

Live betting is interesting because it is available at any time. Specific markets are added to them: handicap, half-time winner, total goals scored and correct score. The more complex options will give you more solid odds. And, if the bookmaker has ordered odds of 2.20 for Barcelona, then, guessing the end of the first half, the value can be changed to 2.40 or a higher bet, depending on the decision.

In live betting, the close bet feature we already wrote about above also applies. It should be clear that cash outs may not be available all the time, especially if events occur that are of an irreversible sign. In other words, if your chosen winning team is leading by a convincing score, then the close bet will be blocked and unusable.

In LIVE sports competitions, a graph is displayed which shows the score, penalty cards, number of fouls, corners, penalties and other important things. You don’t need to use score tracking sites as they will be displayed on your screen directly in the bookmaker’s platform, in the case of Winbet. That’s the most important thing for players.

Sports jackpot

The Bulgarian brand organizes a weekly jackpot, from which you can win 50,000 leva. A certain number of matches fall into the draw, and your task is to predict the final winners. If you guess every single match, you will win the grand prize. Of course, Winbet gives out consolation prizes for users hitting fewer selections.

Create a bet option

WinBet allows you to make a single-match combination. This is done through the “Create Bet” feature, which is available for football bets. You include up to six markets from a single match, whose odds are multiplied together. This brings you better value bets even though you are only predicting one match. Betting options include: final outcome, double chance, number of goals, team total, first half and more.

Electronic slip

Placing bets at WinBet is done using an electronic bet slip. After marking the bets on the selected selections, they fall into the tab located on the right side of the platform. You decide whether you want to play singles, in a system, or risk a straight column. To make it easier for customers, the bookmaker builds in a tool to automatically approve new odds. The minimum for betting on sports at WinBet is 0.20 leva.

Frequently asked questions

What are the most popular sports bets at WinBet?

Analyses show that the most popular bets are on football, basketball, volleyball, tennis and ice hockey.

Are there bets on eSports?

Yes, Winbet has a separate section where eSports bets are added. You can predict tournaments on CS:GO, Starcraft, League of Legends, Dota 2 and FIFA.

What types of football bets are available at Winbet?

The football betting list includes over 100 leagues. Bettors have access to hundreds of markets such as: final winner, exact score, 1st half, handicap, corners and more.

How little can I bet on sports?

At WinBet Sport there is a minimum threshold of 0.20bgn per bet, whether it is a single, system or accumulator.

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