Apple Pay casinos

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Deposit at online casino using Apple Pay

Apple Pay casino sitesLike Google pay casinos, Apple pay casinos are a pretty recent thing. The official launch was in 2014, but it took a year or two for things to get going. Many people trust the Apple company completely, so it was no surprise that Apple pay was a success after launch.

You can only use Apple pay if you have an Apple device such as an iPhone (must be iPhone 6 or later), iPad, an Apple Mac computer or an Apple watch. There is no app for Android devices and you cannot use it on Windows computers. It is a popular payment method with Apple lovers who like to play at online casinos.

When was Apple pay first accepted at online casinos?

There are no public records on when the first online casino accepted Apple pay as a method for making deposits. This will have been after 2015 or perhaps 2016. The take up of Apple pay by online casinos has been fairly slow, but more are waking up to the fact that it is a good idea.

The reason that the online casinos that accept Apple pay did so is because they know that there are a lot of Apple product users out there. They trust Apple to provide the highest quality services and they are happy that the transactions are fast and secure.

Why should players use Apple pay?

Online casino players like Apple pay because there is no need for them to share any of their sensitive financial details with the casino. Apple pay has “touch ID” protection and the transactions are fast and easy.

Apple do not charge any fees for deposits made through Apple pay at online casinos. The Apple pay service is compatible with Visa, American Express and MasterCard so just about every type of credit card is covered. It is a very secure system so your transactions will always be safe.

What is the process to obtain an ideal account?

It is not difficult to set up your devices to use Apple pay. You have to have an Apple device such as a Mac desktop or laptop, an iPhone (iPhone 6 and up), an iPad or an Apple watch. You will also need an Apple ID and be signed in to iCloud and a credit card that is supported by Apple pay. You can find a full list on the relevant Apple support page.

It is possible to setup Apple pay on more than one device, but to do this you will need to add your card(s) to each device. To setup Apple pay on your iPhone, tap on your wallet and then follow the on-screen instructions toad your card(s). The issuing bank will need to confirm that you can use the card with Apple pay. For other devices check the relevant Apple support page.

Are there licensed online that accept Apple pay?

Yes, there are. The experienced team at have provided you with a list of Apple pay casinos below. We highly recommend that you only use the Apple casinos on our list because we have checked them all out to ensure that they are safe and secure for you to play at.

The pros and cons of Apple pay casinos

All casino payment methods have their pros and cons and Apple pay is no different. We believe that there are more advantages than disadvantages of playing at Apple pay casinos:


  • There is no requirement for you to provide any of your sensitive financial information when you use Apple pay to make deposits
  • It is an Apple service so the quality is very high
  • There is a lot of security with Apple pay including touch ID
  • There are a lot of credit cards compatible with Apple pay
  • Any deposits are very fast
  • There are no fees from Apple
  • It is easy to setup and use Apple pay


  • There are a limited number of casinos that accept Apple pay but the numbers are growing
  • You cannot make withdrawals with Apple pay
  • You can only use Apple pay on an Apple device

Deposits and withdrawals with Apple pay

Using Apple pay to make a deposit at an online casino is simple. You need to login to your online casino account and then navigate to the “cashier” page. Choose the option for making a deposit and then choose Apple pay from the list of payment methods.

Now you need to enter the amount of your deposit and then you will need to login to Apple pay using your secure login details. If you are using a mobile device, you can use your fingerprint to verify who you are.

You will be asked to confirm the deposit transaction and then after this the funds will appear in your casino account very quickly. It should only take a few seconds to update your casino balance. Make sure that you check this immediately after confirming the deposit.

At the time of writing this guide, it isn’t possible to make withdrawals using Apple pay at an online casino. You can only use the Apple pay method for making your deposits. It is unlikely that this will change anytime soon.

Does Apple pay provide anonymity for you?

You do not have to disclose any financial details when you use Apple pay so from that point of view it is an anonymous transaction. For true anonymity with an online casino, you should look for no account casinos which have Apple pay as a payment method option.

Do Apple pay casinos have deposit limits?

Every Apple pay casino is going to have different minimum and maximum deposit limits. If you are looking to make smaller deposits then you need to sign up with low deposit casinos. Apple pay will not restrict you in terms of the amount that you want to deposit, but you need to know the limits of any Apple pay casino you want to use.

Are Apple pay transactions fast?

Yes, they are. It should only take a few seconds after you confirm your deposit transaction for your online casino balance to update with the new amount. If it takes longer than this you need to first contact the support people for the online casino. You may need to contact the Apple pay support team as well to resolve any issues.

What fees will Apple charge you for Apple pay transactions?

Apple will not charge you anything for the deposit transactions that you make using Apple pay. It is very unlikely that the online casino will charge any fees either but you need to check that this is the case because it could happen.

Do Apple pay casinos have free spin bonuses?

You are pretty likely to find Apple pay casinos that offer a free spin bonus and other casino bonuses as well. There is a lot of competition for new players so bonuses are usually offered as an incentive. If you do get free spins, please bear in mind that these come with terms and conditions that explain what happens if you win.

Are there Apple pay mobile casinos?

It should be possible for you to find mobile casinos that accept Apple pay. These casinos know that a lot of people use iPhones and iPads and they are keen to accept new players. Before signing up to a mobile casino, make sure that they support Apple pay as a viable payment method.

Take these things into account when choosing an Apple pay casino

You should never sign up for an Apple pay casino that is not licensed. All of the Apple pay casinos in our recommended list all have valid operating licenses. If you have a problem with an unlicensed Apple pay casino then you have nobody to complain to and you are at their mercy.

Always check that an Apple pay casino has a good reputation and track record. You want to ensure that they are going to pay your winnings and that their games are fair. Look for the casino name on websites that have blacklists. Go to user forums and see what people have to say about an Apple pay casino you are interested in.

All Apple pay casinos will have limitations on deposits and withdrawals and you need to be fully aware what the rules are. Some Apple casinos may make a charge for deposit transactions as well. Check that the Apple pay casino has good security arrangements in place for all of their transactions.

What bonuses does the Apple pay casino have on offer? You need to know that the Apple pay casino has the games that you like too. If you are a fan of crime slots or horseshoe slots then check if these are available. Also look at the different table games that they have available to see if they are to your liking.

Is it completely legal to use Apple pay for online casino deposits?

Yes, the Apple pay system is totally legal. You would expect nothing less from Apple have their reputation to preserve. Never worry about whether an Apple pay transaction is legal or not because the chances are that it always will be.

Will you see games from the top software companies in Apple casinos?

There is every chance that you will see casino games created by reputable software providers at Apple pay casinos. You are very likely to come across these names:

  • Novomatic
  • IGT
  • Microgaming
  • Playtech
  • Bally
  • WMS
  • NetEnt

Apple is a well-established company trusted by millions so there is no reason why the major software companies would not include their games in Apple pay casinos.

The best reason for a player to use an Apple pay casino?

As a player, you need to put your security and safety first and Apple pay casinos are good for this. Their payment system is very secure and you will never have to provide your sensitive financial details to an online casino. Apple will always comply with stringent financial transaction rules.

Which countries can use Apple pay?

Apple pay is available in a number of countries across the world. This is always changing so it is best to check the relevant Apple support page to see if your country is listed. You can use Apple pay in the United States and Canada as well as major European countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany and France. It is also available in Australia, New Zealand and Brazil.

Typical games you will see at Apple pay casinos?

At any Apple pay casino you should find a very good choice of games. There are likely to be horseshoe slots and gold slots and many other slot themes. If you like table games then you should find the most popular ones. Here is a sample of what you can expect at an Apple pay casino:

It is essential that you check if an Apple casino has the casino games that you want to play prior to signing up with them. 

Final thoughts

If you have an Apple device then it makes a lot of sense to use Apple pay for your online casino deposits. The Apple pay system is very secure and you can trust it because Apple are behind it. You will never have to disclose your sensitive financial details when using Apple pay. Please sign up with an Apple pay casino on our recommended list.


Do all online casinos accept Apple pay?

Unfortunately not. There are quite a number of Apple pay casinos and the numbers are increasing

Do all Apple pay casinos have valid licenses?

The Apple pay casinos in our recommended list all have valid operating licenses. Never use an unlicensed Apple pay casino

Are deposit transactions fast with Apple pay?

Yes, it usually takes just a few seconds after confirming your deposit for your casino balance to update with the deposit amount

Do you have to pay Apple any transaction fees?

No, Apple will not charge you a transaction fee for using Apple pay to make a deposit at an online casino

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