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Bet365 betting systems – Multiple bet options

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Betting systems in Bet365

Bet365 betting systems

Many bookmakers will offer you the chance to bet on an individual event. This is known as a single bet. With Bet365 you will have the opportunity to make more than a single selection for a bet. This is known as a “multiple”.

Bet365 has a number of different betting systems on offer to you and in this short guide we will introduce you to these and the concept of multiple bets. We want you to have a good understanding of the different types of bets that are available with Bet365.

If you place a single bet then the odds for the bet are multiplied by the amount that you wagered. But with a multiple bet, you have the chance to multiply the odds you will receive over several selections. When you predict these right you will receive the multiplied odds times your original wager. You have the chance to win a lot more with multiple bets.

How does a multiple bet work

When you place a multiple bet, you have to predict the outcome correctly of two or more different events. With the Bet365 platform, the interface is easy for you to use and when you make a selection you will see this appear on the right of the screen.

Your selections will be organized one underneath the other and you will be able to see what the total odds would be for a multiple which contains all of your selections. This would tell you what you could win if all of your predictions were right.

After making all of your selections you can see what kinds of multiple combinations you could have with your bet. All you need to do to see this is to use the “show all multipliers” link and this will open a drop-down box below your selections showing you the different multiple combinations that are possible.

What kind of betting systems exist on Bet365

A system is a large bet consisting of several multiple selections and combinations. There are different system bets available for the number of events that you are prepared to predict at one time. Here are some of the popular system bets:

  • For 3 events you have the “Trixie”
  • For 4 events you have the “Yankee”
  • For 5 events you have the “Super Yankee”
  • For 6 events you have the “Heinz”
  • For 8 events you have the “Goliath”

For the bigger system bets, you can increase the size of your bet by adding more columns to it. People that play these systems usually avoid selections that have very short odds as the overall returns will not be as high as they could.

How the systems work

Let’s use the example of the smallest system we discussed which is the Trixie. In order to create a Trixie bet you will need to make 3 different selections. The multiples here are 3 different doubles and one treble which is all 3 selections winning. This gives you a total of 4 columns.

So, if you wanted to place a $1 bet on each column in the system, the Trixie bet cost would be $4. In order for you to win your Trixie bet, it is usual for two of the three selections you have made to be winners. Of course, if you get three winners then you will definitely make a profit. This principle is similar for the larger betting systems that are available through the Bet365 sports platform. You will just be increasing the number of selections which leads to more combinations and more columns. Betting systems are very popular because they can be really exciting. The player knows that their odds with the bet are increasing with each winning selection that they get.


Why are betting systems so popular on Bet365?

Betting systems are very popular because they provide a way to dramatically increase the odds for a winning bet.

What is the smallest betting system on Bet365?

The smallest betting system on Bet365 is the Trixie where you make 3 selections which provides you with 3 doubles and a treble.

Do Bet365 provide bonuses for betting systems?

Usually yes there is a bonus for winning systems – Bet365 will add an additional percentage to your winnings.

Is it easy to win with betting systems?

No, predicting the outcome of more than one event is a lot harder than getting a single event outcome right.

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