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Bet365 sports

Bet365 sports

Bet365 is one of the most renowned and reputable sports betting companies in the world. It is trusted by millions and the company is continuously growing on the back of its comprehensive sportsbook. For many years now Bet365 has been adding more to its sportsbook as well as providing other betting opportunities such as poker, an online casino and more.

The online casino features all of the classic games you would expect. There are slot machines with jackpots and a wide range of other popular games such as video poker. Bet365 provide bonuses to new players, VIP treatment for regular players and a great support team available 24/7. In this review I will explain why you should register with Bet365.

Bonuses for sports betting

With the online gambling industry being so competitive these days, players expect to see sportsbooks and online casinos offering good registration bonuses. Bet365 is aware of this and offers a number of bonuses to new players. The company is very focused on the customer and they have been offering sportsbook bonuses for a long time.

Bet365 leads with its sportsbook and as a result a lot of their bonuses are focused on this. There are usually a number of sportsbook bonuses available for new players. Not only that, but Bet365 provide loyalty bonuses to existing players which include things like an increase in winnings, early payouts and cash back if a bet loses.

Sports betting offered by Bet365

It will be hard for you to find another sportsbook that has the coverage of Bet365. They have dominated the market for a long time. Their sportsbook offers a number of diverse markets and they have some of the best bet365 betting systems available.

When you go to you will see that they focus mainly on football and tennis. But it doesn’t end there. You can bet on horse racing, ice hockey, American football, basketball, baseball and a whole lot more.

Bet365 will accept single bets of large amounts. You can participate in combination bets up to a maximum of 20 selections. There are the most common multipliers available such as the Yankee, doubles, trebles, accumulators and so on. If you like bets like the Heinz and the Happy 15 then you will find these available at Bet365.

Bet365 football bets

The company really focuses on football bets. They have some great features such as Asian handicaps and there are usually a lot of options available. Then there are goal lines where you can have splits and halves as well as whole lines.

If you want to bet on the number of corners or yellow and red cards in a match then Bet365 can accommodate you. You have the option of placing these kinds of bets on the first half only or for the entire match. Bet365 provides predictions for goal scorers as well as correct score bets and wincast bets. There is an option to correctly name the first and the last goal scorer.

Bet365 is so committed to football betting that they cover more than 100 championships across the world. You will normally find the best odds for matches at Bet365. They offer a variety of football bets including halt time / full time, total goals and a variety of handicaps. For a long time, Bet365 has led the way with Asian handicaps.

You can combine different options from one match with their “Create a Bet” feature. Up to 6 markets on one match are available as a combination with no restriction on odds. The Bet365 football section covers all of the major leagues such as the English Premier League, Spanish La Liga and German Bundesliga. But they also cover a lot of other leagues across the world too.

Bet365 tennis betting

Tennis is another favorite sport with Bet365. If you are interested in tennis betting then you can bet on the outcome of matches at a lot of the top ATP competitions. Now you can bet on ATP 500 tournaments as well as Masters tournaments. There are even betting opportunities available for the lowest ranked tournaments such as the ATP 250.

If you like women’s tennis then Bet365 provides access to a lot of the WTA competitions. It is possible to watch these matches with a live stream on Bet365. Of course, you will be able to bet on any of the major grand slam tournaments that happen across the world as well.

Other Bet365 sports betting

Bet365 provides a number of other sports that you can bet on apart from football and tennis. When you first visit it can be a bit overwhelming as there are so many different sports available. You may not have even heard of some of them!

You will be amazed at the variety of betting options that you have with the Bet365 sportsbook. If you want to bet on surfing or Celtic sports you can do that. At the Bet365 e-sports section you can even place a bet on non-sports related things such as show business, cinema and politics.

Apart from football and tennis, the most popular sports to bet on with Bet365 are likely to be horse racing, American football, ice hockey, basketball and volley ball. Bet365 have made it very easy for you to find the sporting event that you want to bet on thanks to the navigation and responsive search engine on the site.

Here are the most popular sports to bet on with Bet365:

FootballAmerican FootballIce HockeyBaseballHorse RacingBasketball
TennisGolfVolley BallHandballTable TennisBundy
DartsSnookerCeltic SportsElectronic SportsFormula 1Moto GP
RallySki JumpingRugbyBilliardsCyclingCurling
MMACricketWater BallGreyhound RacingSurfingPolitics

Bet365 live betting

Live betting on Bet365 is very popular. A lot of customers register for this as it provides them with additional betting options. Bet365 have provided some of the best live betting tools to help gamblers make the right choice as well.

Most days you will find live streams of football matches on the Bet365 site. These are usually from the top leagues in the world. You can access these live streams after you have registered and made your first deposit.

There is a “cash out” feature with Bet365 live betting which allows a player to close their selections. You also have the ability to edit your bets using the “edit bet” feature. Then there is the “create bet” feature which we have already mentioned. Here you can bet on more than one market in the same match.

Bet365 online casino

Bet365 has won awards for its sportsbook but the company wanted to provide its customers with other betting options. They introduced an online casino in 2004 which has gone from strength to strength. The casino games available to players depend upon the licensing laws for the country that you are playing from.

You need to set up a separate account for the online casino which makes the management of your bankroll a lot easier. Transferring funds from a casino account to a sportsbook account is easy and there is no charge for doing this.

It is possible to play the online casino games using a computer or an iOS or Android mobile device. Mobile users will need to install the Bet365 app. There are bonuses available for new online casino players.

Registration with Bet365

In order to gain access to the sportsbook and other features such as the poker rooms and the online casino you will need to register with You cannot place any bets on sports or anything else unless you are registered.

Go to and click on the “join” button. From here you will be automatically taken to the registration page which is a long form where you need to provide specific personal details. There are different stages to this form where you will need to accurately enter your information.

  • Bet365 is available in a number of countries but not all of them. If your country is not in the drop-down list then you cannot register
  • You need to provide your full name as well as your date of birth
  • You need to verify who you are with Bet365 so choose an identification document such as a passport, ID or driver’s license
  • Enter your contact details – this includes a valid email address and your mobile phone number
  • Provide details of your permanent address
  • Enter a four-digit PIN code (you will need to remember this)
  • Create a unique username and password for logging in to your account
  • Choose your time zone and add a bonus code if you have one
  • Accept the terms and conditions and complete your registration

Bet365 will send you an activation email to the email address that you entered. You need to find this email and click on the link to activate your account. There is a verification process which you need to complete. Scan your passport or other identification document and send this to Bet365.

Using Bet365 on a mobile device

The Bet365 site has been fully optimized for play on a mobile device. This means that you can use a browser on a smart phone or tablet and be able to use the site as you would with a computer. Quality of the graphics is not affected by this mobile optimization and the experience is good.

If you have an Apple iOS device such as an iPad or iPhone or an Android device such as a Samsung Galaxy, there is a Bet365 mobile app available that provides the very best experience. You can download and install this app on your device and you will have the advantage of receiving notifications as well as being able to make direct entries on the home screen.

Downloading the iOS Bet365 app

Owners of iPhones and iPads can easily download and install the Bet365 iOS app. The process for doing this is as follows:

  • Go to the Apple App store on your device
  • Find the Bet365 app by searching
  • You then have a choice of sports or poker as a download
  • Download the app which will install automatically
  • It will provide a shortcut icon which you can use to access the app

Downloading the Android Bet365 app

Rather than going to the Google Play Store it is best if you download the Android mobile app directly from When you use a browser on your Android device to navigate to there should be an automatic redirect to the mobile version of the site which is

From here you can choose to download and install either the sports or the poker app for your Android device. There are a couple of installation steps that you need to follow but usually in a minute or so you will have the app installed on your Android smart phone or tablet.

The Bet365 verification process

The Bet365 company has very strict rules when it comes to KYC (know your customer) and you will need to verify who you are using a valid document. Bet365 is totally committed to responsible gaming is very much against under age gambling and money laundering.

All that you need to do is to scan your passport, ID or driver’s license and attach this to the special verification form. It is essential that any scans you send to the Bet365 KYC verification team are completely clear and show all of the relevant details. Usually, the verification process takes around 48 hours to complete.

Making a deposit with Bet365

Depending on your country, Bet365 will provide you with a number of different payment methods that you can use to make a deposit. Just navigate to the “cashier” page and choose your payment method. Enter the amount of the bet365 deposit that you want to make and then confirm the transaction.

In most countries, you can use conventional credit cards from MasterCard and Visa as well as bank transfers and debit cards. Bet365 will accept Neteller as a payment method and also Paysafecard and Skrill. You will have to abide with the minimum and maximum deposit rules. Minimum deposits are usually $5 or £5 or €5.

There may be additional limitations with the payment method that you choose so you need to check this prior to making your first deposit.

Making withdrawals from Bet365

You will have the choice of a number of different withdrawal methods with Bet365. These will vary from country to country, so please check what is available. If you have not been through the verification process, then you will have to do this before making any withdrawals.

Check to see what withdrawal limits apply. Bet365 has its own rules about this, and so do some of the payment processors such as Neteller. Once you have confirmed your withdrawal the Bet365 staff will check everything, and a few days later, you will receive your winnings.

Lost login information

If you forget your username or password then you can use the “forgot login” feature on the Bet365 site. You must answer some security questions here and enter your four-digit PIN number. Bet365 will send you an email where you will be able to reset your password.

Dealing with a blocked Bet365 account

When you have a Bet365 account, you will need to comply with the strict regulations that are associated with it. If you violate any of these regulations, then Bet365 can block your account or place a limit on it.

The most common reasons for account blocking and limiting are:

  • Detection of more than one profile (you have more than one Bet365 account)
  • Frequent withdrawals and consistently large profits
  • Large amounts of bets on lower-tier football matches
  • Using Bet365 as part of an arbitration bet
  • Violating the terms of offers and bonuses

Bet365 will not always tell you that they will block your account. If your account is blocked, contact the support team to sort it out.

Closure of Bet365 accounts

Bet365 is a champion of responsible betting and provides its customers with a number of tools that they can use to control their use of the site. With these tools, you can restrict your access to Bet365 and impose limits on your betting transactions.

You can also arrange for temporary messages which will interrupt you if you spend too much time on the site and even close your account. Bet365 does not want to close your account, but it will do if it believes you have a gambling addiction.

Bet365 terms of use

The terms of use for Bet365 will vary from one country to the next. Here are common terms that you will need to adhere to:

Minimum and maximum bet – for UK players the minimum bet is 10 pence, and the maximum can be as high as £1,000.000. Check the rules for your country.

Minimum and maximum deposit – again for UK players the minimum deposit is £5 and the maximum £20,000. Again, you will need to check this for your country.

Withdrawal minimums and maximums – if you reside in the UK then the minimum withdrawal amount is £5 and there is no maximum amount. Check to see what rules apply in your country.

Bet365 Operating Licenses

One of the reasons that Bet365 is trusted so much across the world is that it has operating licenses in various different jurisdictions. The company has a license for the UK and also a license in Malta and Gibraltar. They also have licenses in Australia, Bulgaria, Denmark, Italy and Spain.

Who owns Bet365

Bet365 is a family-owned business. Peter Coates opened a string of betting shops and involved his daughter, Denise, with the operational management. Peter’s son John was also involved in the betting shops.

Around 2000, Denise Coates told her father and brother that online gambling was the thing of the future. Peter Coates was so convinced by this that he mortgaged his betting shops to provide the startup capital required to launch

All three of the family members have a stake in Bet365 with Denise owning around 50% of the stock and her father and brother around 20% each. The rest of the stock is divided among smaller investors.

Bet365 has gone from strength to strength since it launched in 2001. This is mainly due to the vision and drive of Denise Coates. They have added an online casino, and poker rooms and made many changes to their sportsbook over the years. They were pioneers with live betting and are now one of the most respected and trusted gambling sites in the world.

Contacting Bet365

There are several different ways that you can contact the support team at Bet365:

  • Live chat online
  • Phone
  • Using the “contact” form on the website
  • Sending an email to

The news from Bet365

Bet365 offers a news service about upcoming sporting events that you may be interested in placing a bet on. There is always news about forthcoming football matches including relevant news about injuries, suspensions, etc. You will also see an analysis of previous meetings of the teams, and you can find the results of matches played today and yesterday.

The Bet365 news page is at, and you should be able to receive the news in your language. From here you can navigate to the Bet365 results page where you will see major football results as well as tennis and basketball.

Bet365 affiliate program

There is a good affiliate program associated with Bet365. If you own a sports related website or provide tips for the outcome of sporting events, then you can sign up as an affiliate and make money from sending new customers to Bet365.

You will receive a unique affiliate link, and there are other marketing tools available such as banners that you can use on your website to promote Bet365. Anyone that becomes a new customer through your affiliate link is identified as yours. When a customer has a losing bet, then you will earn a 30% commission.

Why you should join Bet365

There is no doubt that Bet365 is one of the most reputable sportsbook operators. Every month they have around 30,000 possible betting opportunities, and there are usually always live betting options. The live betting feature of Bet365 leads the field with its special features such as “edit bet” and the famous Bet365 cash out function. Bet365 is available in a lot of countries, and it provides support for different languages and currencies. There is always a new customer bonus available for players that want to use their sportsbook. Taking everything into account, our review score is 9.5/10.


What is the minimum age for betting with the Bet365 sportsbook?

You must be at least 18 years of age or over. Bet365 has zero tolerance for underage betting.

Why do you have to go through a verification process?

Bet365 has several operational licenses that all have strict KYC rules.

Is there a mobile app for the Bet365 sportsbook?

Yes, there is an app for Apple iOS devices and Android devices.

Can anyone view the live streams of sporting events?

No, you must be registered and have made an initial deposit to view live streams.

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