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Bet365 cash out feature – How to use it

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What is the Bet365 cash out feature

Bet365 cash outIt is very true to say that Bet365 offers its customers across the world many useful features with its betting platform. In this guide we will look at how you can close a bet by using the “cash out” feature. We will explain what this feature is and how it works and discuss why it is so useful for you to use it.

Why would you want to use the Bet365 cash out feature

If you go to the live betting section of Bet365 and decide to bet on one or more of the live matches there, you will see that there is a button with the word “Close” on it which you can use to cancel the sports bet you have made prior to the sports event coming to a conclusion. You can get a specific amount from Bet365 for stopping your bet in this way.

In the event where a match plays out in your favor, the amount that you cash out for will be higher than your bet, and if your bet ends up in a loss then Bet365 will give you a smaller amount when you close it.

The good thing about the cash out feature is that you can limit your risk of losing an entire bet. It also provides you with the opportunity to win more with your bet if things turn out the way that you predicted them.

How you can close a bet with Bet365

You need to login to your Bet365 account and have a bet running on a live event. With your e-slip in front of you, you will see the option to “close bet” and when you click on this you will see your cash out options.

You can choose to close your entire bet and stop the selection you have made. As an alternative, you can also partially close your bet. There are 2 sliders that you will see and you can move these to help you to decide on a specific amount at which you want to close your bet and also the amount that you choose to remain active as a bet.

Having the option to partially close your bet on Bet365 is a really good thing as you can leave part of your bet running on the event. For example, if you bet 100 Euros on a specific match, you can set to close your bet when you reach 50 Euros and leave the other 50 Euros remaining on the match.

If you have already made the decision to close your bet then you will need to confirm this by clicking on the “Close” button which is yellow. You will see this button on your e-slip. There is always the option of not using cash out if you believe that your bet will be a winner.

The Pros and Cons of Bet365 cash out

The biggest advantage of the cash out feature offered by Bet365 is that a customer can determine whether to continue with their bet or withdraw the cash that the company will provide. In a lot of cases, using the cash out feature will prevent you from making losses and there are not many things better than that.

When you add in the fact that there is another feature where you can automatically close a bet when a specific amount has been reached then this truly is a wonderful feature. This means that using the cash out feature offered by Bet365 provides you with the opportunity to make more profits.

There are some small disadvantages with the Bet365 cash out feature such as it is not available for all Bet365 sports matches. Usually, you will benefit with the cash out feature with live betting and big derby matches for example.

The only way that you can check if cash out is available for a certain match is to perform a manual check. If you are using funds from the initial sports bonus for your bets then you cannot use the cash out feature for this.


What does the Bet365 cash out feature allow you to do?

You can close your bet on certain events and take the money offered by Bet365 instead. This means that you have a way to prevent the loss of bets on specific events.

Is the cash out feature offered on all bets with Bet365?

No, the only way that you can check if the cash out feature is available is to check for this manually prior to making a bet.

Can you partially close a bet using the cash out feature from Bet365?

Yes, it is possible to close a bet partially and still make a profit with Bet365.

Can you use the Bet365 cash out feature on a mobile device?

Yes, the cash out feature is available to all customers irrespective of the device that they are using to place their bets.

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