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Using for deposits and withdrawals in Bet365

Bet365 deposit and withdrawals epay.bgBet365 offers betting services in a number of countries and one of these is Bulgaria. The customer in Bulgaria has a number of different options when it comes to payment methods for deposits and withdrawals with Bet365.

One of the most popular payment methods in Bulgaria is the ePay system. This is very convenient to use for Bulgarian customers and in this guide, we will explain why the ePay system is so useful and how you can use it to make a deposit with Bet365.

How to make a deposit at Bet365 using ePay

The first thing that you need to do is to open an account with Then you will need to add a debit card or some other funding source to top up your micro account. Once you have funds available in your ePay wallet then it will be easy for you to make a deposit at Bet365. We have provided the steps below that you need to follow to make a deposit at Bet365 using ePay:

  • Login to your Bet365 account
  • Go to the cashier page and choose the option to make a deposit
  • You will see a drop down menu and you need to choose
  • You must now enter the amount of your deposit – this needs to be a minimum of BGN 30
  • You will then be asked to enter the password for your ePay account
  • Confirm the deposit transaction and make the payment

It is essential that you comply with the minimum deposit rules for Bet365 and this is currently BGN 30. If you attempt to make a deposit with a smaller amount than this then Bet365 will reject your deposit request.

You will also be able to deposit from your IP account using ePay, and when you do this there will be a code provided to you that will be displayed when you arrive at the cash register.

Can you withdraw winnings from Bet365 using

At the moment, you cannot use the ePay method to withdraw any winnings from the Bet365 site. You are able to make deposits but not make any withdrawals using this payment method. To make a withdrawal of your winnings from Bet365 you will need to use another method.

Withdrawal methods for Bulgarian Bet365 customers include bank transfers, bank cards, the Paysafecard prepaid voucher, Neteller and Skrill. Unfortunately, Bet365 does not allow any withdrawals using ePay at the moment, but this could change at any time in the future.

Creating an account

If you do not currently have an account with then you can create one for a number of different payments made by individuals. It is very easy to open a micro account and the first step is to register with

You will be requested to provide three pieces of information when you register:

  1. Your PIN number
  2. Your citizenship
  3. Your address

You will also need to fill in some other details related to your personal information.

Once you have successfully registered with ePay, you will have access to a micro account and you will be provided with a CIN which you will need to make payments. You will be able to top up your ePay account by going to the cash register. Here you can connect your debit card or your bank account. The whole process with ePay is fast and convenient.

Minimum and maximum deposit at Bet365 using ePay

You must be aware of the minimum deposit amount with Bet365 using ePay which is BGN 30. There is also a maximum deposit amount which currently stands at BGN 2,500. If you desire to make a larger deposit with Bet365 than this then you will need to choose another payment method such as a bank transfer, bank cards or an e-wallet system such as Skrill.


Does it take long for a deposit made with ePay to appear in your Bet365 account?

No, once you have confirmed your deposit using ePay you should see your funds in your Bet365 account almost instantly.

Can you make withdrawals from Bet365 using ePay?

At the moment, it is not possible for you to make any winnings withdrawals from Bet365 using ePay. This could change in the future of course.

Is it easy to setup an account?

Yes, you need to register with and provide the personal information that they require in order to open your micro account.

Are there minimum and maximum deposit limits with ePay at Bet365?

Yes, the minimum deposit limit is BGN 30 and the maximum deposit limit is BGN 2,500.

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