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Where and how to play free 777 slot machines

777 slots777 slot machines are the classic choice for slot players to have a good time. Because of this, many are interested in slot games you can play for free. We recommend visiting the vast array of free 777 themed casino games at Casino Robots offers.

You can start playing slots at just the click of a button. There is no registration and no download required to start playing. You can select a demo version of your favorite slot machine and play online for free. It’s a simulation of a real online casino.

Playing these free 777 themed slots allows you to get a taste of how real slots work. The only difference is there is no deposit required. If you want to start wagering real money, select your desired slot machine and click “play for real money.”

777 slot machines overview and history

“777” is seen on many slot machines, so you may wonder why that is. The number 777 is considered a lucky number, so casinos use that to their advantage. They include that number on their slots, so players feel they have extra luck when betting.

Slot machines use 777 as the symbol for a jackpot. Since it is a lucky number, it makes sense that casinos use it for the most fortunate combination.

Casino game machines have been using 777 as their jackpot as early as the 1920s. It quickly caught on and became a mainstay for slot machines.

Slots with 777 – which symbols are typical?

  • 777

777 themed game machines, of course, must have the 7 symbols. If you get three 7’s in a row, you hit the jackpot. This combination adds to the classic feel of the 777 one-armed bandits. You will see that a lot of the standard symbols on these slots are vintage.

  • BAR

You’ll notice that “BAR” symbols are on most 777 casinos. This symbol has an olden history that dates back to the 1890s. During this time, gambling became illegal, and casinos had to rework their reward system. They began using BAR chewing gum as a prize for winning in slots. 777 themed casinos have since honored this tradition and implemented the “Bar” symbol.

  • Fruits

Fruit symbols are also popular symbols used in 777 themed game machines. One-armed bandits started showcasing fruit symbols, which correspond to the flavored gum you were getting. If you lined up three cherry characters in a row, you’d win a cherry-flavored piece of gum.

They did this to avoid the restrictions placed on casinos in the early 1900s. Casino restrictions only applied to cash casinos, so non-cash rewards weren’t affected.

Some casinos used their one-armed bandits as vending machines. The player would always win a prize, so there was no risk to playing. They may have done this to please gamblers who were angry at the removal of cash prizes.

  • Diamonds

The first slot machine had a diamond, spade, heart, horseshoe, and the liberty bell. The diamond initially was referencing the playing card symbol, but that has changed over time. Although the diamond symbol originally symbolized a playing card, the diamond symbol started to mimic a diamond gemstone.

777 themed game machines commonly use the gemstone version in their reels. This change may be due to a gemstone being more appealing than a playing card.

The liberty bell

The Liberty Bell was the first jackpot symbol in slots. Historically, if you lined up three Liberty Bells, you won 50 cents. The “7” character has since overtaken the bell as the jackpot symbol, but casino games still pay tribute to the original mark.

Popular slots with 777

  • Sevens and Bars Slots

This American-themed slot game made by Rival is the definition of old-fashioned. It’s a classic three-reel slot that lets you win up to 2,500 coins.

  • Firestorm 7 Slots

Rival also developed this game, and it has a fiery theme to it. Line up three yellow sevens to multiply your bet up to 3,000 times.

  • 20 Star Party Slot

20 Star Party is a fruity casino slot with five reels and 20 paylines. You can only bet one coin per spin, so there is no high-stakes option.

Bonus rounds and payouts

777 themed slots are supposed to be simplistic, so there is little room for bonus rounds. For some slots, you can earn free spins or multipliers for hitting specific paylines. Some 777 slot game developers take a more creative approach and include bonus rounds.

A lot of 777-themed take on a classic theme, so the payouts are straightforward. You bet, and you either win or lose. There are no fancy bonus rounds that compound your bet.

Return to player and strategies

The RTP in 777 themed slots is just like any other online slot machine. They usually will have an RTP of 93-97%. If you play on a penny slot, the RTP can go as low as 87%. You should check the RTP before playing because it varies.

When playing slots, you rely on luck, so no strategy allows you to profit over time. However, you can play by a system that minimizes your losses.

Set a loss and profit limit. If you go under your limit, you stop gambling. If you win a certain amount, you stop gambling. Have your total bankroll be an amount you’re okay with losing. That way, you won’t get trapped trying to win back your losses.

You should choose a slot machine that has an RTP of at least 96%. Mathematically, you will lose less. Look for bonus features such as free spins and multipliers to increase your chances of winning.

Software providers

  • Rival

Rival is one of the top casino game developers on the globe. They have helped create over 150 games, including their tropical “Tahiti Time” slot. They develop software for all kinds of casino games but mainly slots.

  • Casino Technology

Casino Technology is an American casino development company that first started in land-based casinos. They recently started creating online software for many games, including 777-themed online slots. They’ve come out with fantastic video 777 casino games such as “Lucky Clover.”

  • Wazdan

Wazdan’s classic slot machines are their most significant achievement. They dabble in other game types, but slot games are their specialty. If you like vintage 777-themed slots, you’ll love western themes. “Mega Jack 81” is a western-themed casino game that features olden cowboys and six shooters.

  • Playtech

Playtech is a 20-year-old company that brings a new level of excitement to the gambling industry. They’ve worked on over 500 games, so we’d say they are a reliable and trustworthy provider—one of their most favored slot games in “Haunted House,” a spooky three-reel slot.

  • Saucify

Saucify prides itself on having a diverse set of languages and currencies. They have a wide variety of games under their belt, but “Minted Sevens” is one of our favorite 777 slots.

  • Microgaming

Microgaming is notorious for producing the biggest successes. They are a reputable brand, and their slot games are top-notch. We love 777 slots, so naturally, we had to try a vintage-themed game. We played “Golden Era” and ranked it one of their best vintage-themed slot games.

Are there any 777 slots available for mobile devices?

For Android users, “Big 777 Jackpot Casino Slots” is a popular choice if you want to gamble on your phone. It’s an app on the Play Store that gives you 10,000 free coins upon download. Can play it with your friends or offline. All Androids, including Samsung, can enjoy this app.

“Wild Classic Slots Casino Game” is a thrilling traditional iOS 777-themed slot game available on the App Store. Download now to receive a 20,000 bonus and daily spins.


Developers have implemented 777 game machines in casinos for over 100 years. You can experience playing on these slots anywhere with modern technology. Use this information to learn the history of 777-themed game machines and how to play.

Frequently asked questions

Are 777 casino games more profitable?
Not necessarily. Many 777 game machines lack extra features such as bonuses, but they have the same RTP as all slot machines.
Are there free mobile 777 games?
Yes, there are free options for mobile gamblers. “777 Slots- Free Vegas Slots!” is an excellent option for Android users, while “777 Slots Casino- New Online Slots Machine” is ideal for Apple players.
Where can I play 777 slots with real money?
Many online casinos offer 777 games, but here is a casino specializing in that game type.
What are the best software providers for 777 casino games?
Rival, Casino Technology, and Microgaming are safe options. They are well-known brands that have developed many games over the years.

Overall rating of 777 slots by Casino Robots

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