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Dog themed slots – A list of the best types and more information

Dog slots

With the New Year 2021, it’s time to bid goodbye to the Rooster and welcome the Dog. The story of animal-themed slots started off in the last century and these are first slots in ground halls that have always been successful in raising interest among bettors and generate lucrative turnovers for the casino companies. The user-friendly interface which is equally attractive and the winning combinations help in such cases.

If you love dogs and you have been a dog-lover, there’s good news for you. Your favorite dogs can take you closer to making unique profits only when you show dedication, perseverance and patience. All you need to do is choose a loyal online casino and sign up with it.

Every casino brand will have its personal slots section in which more than 200-300 offers, including animal-themed slots are published. Once you visit our gaming platform, you’ll be able to play several other casino games like baccarat, blackjack, roulette, poker and keno, which are similar table games.

Dog themed slots – What are they

Once you sign up with the right betting site, you’re most probably going to get an abundance of slots based on the dog theme. These slots are not too different from the other normal casino slots as they are easy to function, they don’t have any complicating elements and they have a super-easy calculation process of profits. Certainly the slot casino games with dog themes aren’t too generous on the market, but they are definitely well-suited for beginners.

A list of the best Dog themed online casino slots

There are many dog-themed slots for a spin that will seem interesting. Majority of these slots have amazing features which lead to the best payout. Here is a round-up of the best video slots that players will spin in their next visit to crypto casino.

Diamond Dogs Slot by NetEnt

The NetEnt slot features those dogs which have got a celebrity status. Diamond Dogs is a type of slot that demonstrates the fortune and fame of the canines with gold-plated symbols and diamond-rimmed frames. There are two ways in which you can win big in this game. Here you can gain a better payout through the bonus game where players take pictures of celebrity dogs.

Top Dog by Arrow’s Edge

Top Dog is entirely based on competitive dog shows. Such shows put the focus on canines rated by a set of judges as per their abilities and appearances. These games are famous for Random Jackpot feature which is a huge prize. Players can win an amount up to $50,000 USD when they trigger the Random Jackpot.

Hound Hotel Slot by Microgaming

Hound Hotel is a sophisticated place for dogs and is a cartoon artwork depiction of the hotel along with its canine guest themes. This dog-themed slot has 5 different Special Wild features one of which is that the Split Wilds symbol which is count as 2 symbols rather than one. One more is the Super Wild Reels feature which turns the Scatter symbol into Reel.

Puppy Love Slot by Betsoft Gaming

Betsoft Gaming’s slot is entirely about the cutest puppies. Players are able to view these cute puppies in action when they design a match in Puppy Love. The most valuable feature of this slot is Wild symbol. A Wild Reel can even appear during the Free Spins Scatter mode and these reels give players added re-spins.

Return to Player (RTP) on Dog-themed slots

Dog themed slots are never popular for their high returns but in most cases, the return that we can expect is around 95-96%. This isn’t something insignificant as there are other bonus levels and added winnings which means you win based on the combinations that you form.

Payments and Bonus levels on Dog-themed slots

Dog-themed online casino slots aren’t exceptionally functional and they offer a limited number of additional levels. This game is based in standard spin with the Spin button and the summation falls on winning lines. The doubled profit is the only attractive option and this is possible by choosing a black or a red card.

Security and Software of Dog-themed slots

These slots are designed utilizing a pattern model, in spite of the lines, the theme and the additional games. With slots with dogs, there’s nothing extraordinary that you’ll find. There are usually 5 reels with 3 rows and the usual number of paylines is a basic of 20, 40, 50 etc.

The most reputable software providers are Novomatic, EGT, Evolution Gaming, Play’nGo and more. Therefore, now that you know the details of the dog-themed slots, you can move forward to ensure that you play the best slots in the most reputed casinos. Make sure you do your research on the bonuses and payments.


Can I play on mobile?
Yes. Most of the online dog slots are available on your mobile devices.
Are their dog slots with good RTPs?
Yes, there are some dog slot games that have higher than average RTPs.
Is it entertaining to play dog slots?
Yes, we loved the dog slots games and we are sure that you will find them entertaining as well.
Are there free dog slots?
Yes. You can play demo versions for free.

Overall rating of Dog slots by Casino Robots

Casino Games: Dog Slots; Requires: Browser with HTML5 support and web device with OS like: Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, etc.; Type: Game; Price: Free (0); Rating: 9.76 out of 10