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Where and how to play for free Skull and Skeleton themed slots

Skull and Skeleton slots

If you want to play for free skull and skeleton themed slot games then you can do that right from this website All you need to play free is your browser as there is no download necessary. Also, there is no deposit and no registration requirement.

There are skull and skeleton slots available at online casinos but do not start there. Use the free games on this website so that you can master all of the gameplay and features first. When you are a master you can play your favorite skull and skeleton slot casino game for real cash.

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Skull and Skeleton slots overview and history

Skulls and skeletons have held a fascination for people for a long time. The manufacturers of the earliest slot machines were aware of this and added skulls and skeletons to their machines many years ago. Today, there are many skull and skeleton type slot games for you to enjoy. You will probably enjoy ghost slots as well.

Skull and Skeleton slots – which symbols are typical

Would you believe that skulls and bones are the most popular symbols with skull and skeleton themed slots? No surprise there but there are other symbols that occur fairly often in skull and skeleton style slot machines such as playing card symbols, evil potions and other symbols related to death.

Popular Skull and Skeleton slot games

You will not find any official statistics for the most popular skull and skeleton slot games so we have looked into this and believe these 3 games to be very popular:

Beautiful Bones from Microgaming

Microgaming have one of the most popular skull and skeleton slot games with their Beautiful Bones. This slot is based on the Day of the Dead holiday in Mexico. You get 5 reels and 3 rows and up to 243 paylines. Exciting features include free spins, wilds, scatters and multipliers.

King Kong Island of Skull Mountain from Amaya

Amaya have based their King Kong Island of Skull Mountain on the legendary character of King Kong. You have to rescue an explorer and his wife with this great skull and skeleton slot. There are 5 reels and again you have up to 243 paylines available. This slot has great graphics and sounds and exciting bonus rounds too.

Skull Shock from Merkur Gaming

Merkur Gaming have entered the skull and skeleton slot arena with their Skull Shock game. This is best described as a scary skull and skeleton slot with a lot of surprises. The slot has 5 reels and offers up to 9 paylines. There is an interesting bonus round and a gamble feature too.

Bonus rounds and payouts of online casino slots with Skull and Skeleton

Payouts are going to be different for every skull and skeleton slot game. Play free at to see which skull and skeleton slot appeals to you the most. Not all skull and skeleton themed slots have bonus rounds but most of them do.

Skull and Skeleton games return to players RTP and strategies

There are certainly some skull and skeleton style slot games that have a higher RTP than the average of 95%. Some will have a lower RTP than this so please do your research here. Don’t waste your time looking for big win strategies for skull and skeleton slots as they do not exist.

Software providers that develop slot games with Skull and Skeleton

A number of the top slot software companies have released at least one skull and skeleton slot. These include:

  • Amaya
  • Microgaming
  • Merkur Gaming
  • iSoftbet
  • Aristocrat

Are there any Skull and Skeleton themed slots available for mobile devices

We were unable to find any mobile apps for the Apple iOS iPhone and iPad or the Samsung Android smartphones and tablets. All of the skull and skeleton type slots we tested were fully optimized for browser play on mobile devices though.


The skull and skeleton slot machines that we tested were a lot of fun to play. Some of them had really good sound effects and graphics which certainly added to the gameplay. We are confident that you will enjoy playing skull and skeleton themed slot games too.


Are there many skull and skeleton slots available?
There are a few skull and skeleton slot games available now.
Are their skull and skeleton themed slots with high RTPs?
Yes, you can find skull and skeleton slots with higher-than-average RTPs.
Do all skull and skeleton style slots include bonus features?
All of the skull and skeleton slots we tested had bonus features but there may be some that do not.
Are there any mobile apps for skull and skeleton slots?
No, but most of the slots are fully optimized for playing with a browser on your mobile device.

Overall rating of Skull and Skeleton slots by Casino Robots

Casino Games: Skull and Skeleton Slots; Requires: Browser with HTML5 support and web device with OS like: Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, etc.; Type: Game; Price: Free (0); Rating: 9.79 out of 10