Monese Casinos

A few words about Monese and online casinos

Monese casinosMonese started in 2015 and it is a mobile bank in the United Kingdom. At the time of writing this guide, Monese has over 2 million customers who are happy with the service and find it very reliable. You will need either an iOS or Android mobile device for a Monese account. Download the app from the Apple Store for iOS or the Google Play Store for Android.

It is totally free to setup a new Monese account. They have a free plan where you will receive a contactless MasterCard for making purchases and withdrawing cash from ATMs. There are no credit checks or minimum deposit requirements. You will have to provide a copy of a document which will verify your ID and a video of yourself.

With a Monese account you can use Euros and GB Pounds. You can only open a Monese account if you live in the EU or the UK. You can transfer funds to your Monese account from a conventional bank account or through the use of a debit card. It is also possible to add cash at the Post Office and other locations throughout Europe.

Are there any casinos that accept Monese?

You cannot make a direct deposit from your Monese account to an online casino. The only way you can make an online casino deposit is to use the prepaid MasterCard. There are many online casinos that accept MasterCard as a payment method. It may be that you will find a Monzo account more straight forward than Monese.

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You need to be aware that there are limits around the amount of the deposit that you can make with your Monese MasterCard. If Monese believe that you are making an international transaction with your card then the limit is around £2,000. There are alternative prepaid card casino options that you can check out.

To get started with Monese, download the appropriate app for your mobile device and then follow the instructions they provide. It is simpler to open a Monese account than it is some other mobile accounts.

What to look for with a Monese casino

As you are using a MasterCard associated with your Monese account to make deposits, you will have a lot of choice in terms of the number of online casinos that you can sign up with. It is essential that any Monese casino that you choose has a valid license from a recognized authority. This will provide you with some protection if you have a dispute with the casino.

Unfortunately, not all online casinos are totally honest and some of them will try to stop players receiving their winnings for example. Once you have found some Monese casinos you are interested in, check the online forums to see if there is any negativity about them. Also, check that they don’t appear on online casino blacklists.

It is very important that the Monese casino you choose has the casino games that you like to play. Most online casinos offer a lot of slot games these days. So, check that your favorite slots are available. You can also look for the best bonuses offered by online casinos that accept a prepaid MasterCard as a method of payment.

Security is very important with online casinos so you need to check out what they are doing to protect you and your transactions with them. Usually, online casinos provide end to end encryption of transactions using SSL technology.

Making a deposit with Monese

It is not difficult to make a deposit with a Monese prepaid card but there are some things that you need to know. You may have to provide your address details to the online casino so that they can confirm the prepaid card belongs to you.

Go to the “cashier” page of the Monese casino and select the option for making a deposit. Then you need to find the MasterCard option. Before you attempt a deposit, it is essential that you have the funds available in your Monese account.

You then need to enter the amount of your desired deposit. Please check what the minimum and maximum deposit limits are with the online casino to ensure that you are in compliance with the amount that you chose. There may be some other information required at this point.

Finally, you will need to confirm your deposit transaction. Once you have done this, you should see the funds in your Monese casino pretty fast. It usually only takes a few seconds for the transaction to take place. If you experience any problems with your deposit then get in touch with the support team at the Monese casino.

Can you withdraw using your Monese account?

You may not be able to withdraw any winnings to your prepaid MasterCard. It is important that you check the rules of the Monese casino before you sign up with them. If it is possible to make a withdrawal, the Monese casino may charge a transaction fee for this which is typically around 2%.

If your Monese casino of choice does not allow withdrawals to your prepaid MasterCard then you will need to use an alternative method. A good choice here would be an e-wallet services such as PayPal.

Where you are able to make withdrawals to your Monese MasterCard, you will need to navigate to the cashier page and choose to make a withdrawal. Then you need to select MasterCard as your withdrawal method and enter the amount that you desire to withdraw. Check to see the withdrawal processing time of the Monese casino.

Advantages and disadvantages of using Monese casinos

As with most payment methods, there are advantages and disadvantages to using Monese with online casinos:


It is fast and easy to setup a Monese account

You can use the prepaid MasterCard to make deposits at online casinos

Deposit transactions are simple and fast

You can transfer funds to your Monese account in a number of ways

Monese support is available in 5 languages


Monese does not support the funding of gambling so your deposits may be denied and your account blocked

You can only use Monese in the EU and the UK

Monese does not have a banking license but it is regulated by the UK FCA

There is a fee to have your prepaid card delivered

Are there any fees with Monese? You should not find that a Monese casino will charge a fee for making a deposit. It gets a little complicated from the Monese side of things as to whether they view the transaction as national or international.


Is the Monese payment method widely available?

No, you can only open a Monese account if you live in the UK and most EU countries. You can use either Euros or GB Pounds in your Monese account.

Do Monese permit gambling transactions?

No, they are against gambling transactions but you may be able to use your prepaid Mastercard to make deposits at online casinos.

Are there other prepaid card options similar to Monese?

Yes, the iCard can be used with online casinos.

Are Monese deposit transactions quick?

Yes, usually a deposit will appear in your online casino balance in seconds.

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