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Some players register on betting websites to have remote online fun with their favorite slots, while others seek different alluring promotions. If you are of the second type and frequently crawl among platforms, you are in the right place looking for attractive introductory rewards.

Casino Robots will give you invaluable guidance on how to get bonuses without a deposit and how to apply them correctly to boost your bank. This is a small fraction of the topics that we will dig deeper into in the following guide, so place yourself comfortably and let us tell you all about the terms of the free casino bonuses.

The best no deposit casino bonuses

We will not try to mislead you – most casino bonuses are given out after you make a deposit or other type of financial commitment (a bet, continual activity, etc.). However, some alternatives exist that are entirely free of charge. Their primary purpose is to capture new players’ attention and seduce them to later sign up for the website. This is a commonly employed technique, providing a considerable customer flow for gambling providers.

There are several types of casino bonuses when registering without making a deposit, so we will discuss them all and focus your attention on the most beneficial among them. Naturally, the leading position in terms of usability is owned by the Free Spins. They are activated for a group of slots or a particular game, providing a certain number of spins with a bonus amount that brings real winnings. Secondly, we rank the Free Credits, which provide funds for risk-free betting. However, they are characterized by several pre-fixed requirements related to your gambling style and your compliance with the maximum bet.

And the third type, which is not so popular and is activated only during certain months of the year (mostly around holidays), gives customers a chance to win a bonus without deposit. The most commonly accepted option is the Wheel of Fortune, which brings cashback or doubles all subsequent winnings.

How to take advantage of no deposit bonuses?

There is no fixed guidance on the process, as it is strongly individualized and depends on the specific bonus and the brand that offers it. We would summarize the answer to the question as follows: by strictly complying with the gambling company’s conditions and instructions. The most important thing is to be fully acquainted with the offer and carefully examine the restrictions imposed; otherwise, you will most probably violate the rules, resulting in the withdrawal of the bonus or a direct account limit.

To obtain information about the current casino bonuses without a deposit, you should visit all accessible websites and examine the assortment in their promo sections. However, note that not all promotions are targeted at new users, and there are no-deposit bonuses for regular players on the platform also. In fact, over 70% of the attractive no deposit casino bonuses aim to support the most active players who usually accumulate valuable bets on a daily basis.

In addition to following the rules, you must choose the right games to bet your funds on, of course, if the conditions allow you to make a choice. Suppose you need to wager the free credits many times. In that case, we advise you to bet on slots with medium volatility, i.e., those that offer profits at longer intervals but bring higher returns. In this way, you will wager the amount and secure that you withdraw a decent part of the provided bonus. In case you need to use a considerable resource for a short period, we recommend that you play with higher bets than usual. At the end of the day, you are not wasting real money, and you will get a more generous return for a winning result.

The difference between casino bonuses and sports bonuses

The Internet is dominated by extensive platforms operating in multiple gambling fields. In addition to casino games, these companies also administer sports betting with expanded coverage to hundreds of championships and tournaments. Like in casino gaming, users get appealing promotions here, but their structure is more specific and directly related to the account’s activity and balance.

What does that mean?! No deposit bonuses for sports bets are virtually rare. They are activated in special circumstances and bring mainly free bets for a particular game, usually a more important one. Of course, there are plenty of other offers that are not directly associated with a deposit. Anyway, they still require betting with real funds or accumulating a particular value for the weekly or monthly bets. So – you still need to deposit money into the account to get the promotion.

And while free bets and cashback remain the only opportunities for rewarding sports fans without making them deposit into the account, the situation is different with entertainment games. Online casinos strive to encourage players. The amount of money they bet is usually more considerable, so they frequently receive free spins without a deposit. In many cases, a simple account, even an inactive one, is the only requirement for obtaining the casino bonus. Brands believe that this is a winning marketing trick that will encourage the customers to take further action. Hence, they invest in their potential conversion into regular participants.

The pros and cons of this type of promotions

Analyzing the positive and negative features is subjective and too specific, at least due to the difference in the bettors’ luck. Still, we will try to give an unbiased perspective. We will start with the advantages, and then we will highlight the disadvantages of no deposit bonuses.


  • You can earn a reward that does not require personal investment;
  • Sometimes the promotions are personalized, i.e., if you actively bet on the particular platform, you will earn a higher bonus than other irregular participants;
  • Even in case of a losing outcome, you lose nothing;
  • Certain casinos provide a considerable amount of Free Spins, and bonuses with over 100 spins are not uncommon;
  • There is an increase in the number of casinos offering an introductory no deposit bonus in 2020.


  • Luck is required not only when wagering, but also when receiving the bonuses, as they are generally of limited value;
  • Although in the speculation realm, the return on the no-deposit bonuses is thought to depend on the activity in the casino. Sometimes, however, it comes to motivating participants who used to play with higher bets, but then ceased to engage with the platform actively;
  • Bulgarian customers can not enjoy a very generous assortment of offers unless they bet in a foreign, unregulated casino.

Mobile casino bonuses without deposit

With each passing year, there is a significant increase in the use of mobile betting applications. Thanks to them, betting has become even more affordable and easily accessible now: we do not need to spend hours in front of the monitor, and we can have fun with our favorite games at any convenient time by using a handy smartphone or tablet. Virtually all online bookmakers and casinos have mobile versions, and 80% of them also produce special applications for greater user satisfaction and minimal device memory consumption.

There is a trend for developing applications backed by the two most prevalent mobile operating systems – Android and iOS. Still, Blackberry and Windows Phone users are also free to use the smartphone versions of the games. Unlike iPhone and iPad users, who have access to applications through Apple’s official AppStore, Android users are expected to download the application from the casino website due to some restrictions imposed by Google. Indeed, many of you gamble over the phone and recognize the advantages provided by this cutting-edge technology.

Looking for the right strategy to promote the applications, gambling brands once again rely on different promotions. In this way, the two parties benefit from each other without disadvantaging the end user. In fact, no deposit bonuses for mobile users are not very common these days, contrary to the beginning of their expanse. Many betting websites offered tempting offers to support participants about ten years ago, guaranteeing them a free initial bet through the mobile app or Free Spins for betting on new mobile games.

After the rapid boom in mobile device usage and now that each of us has a modern smartphone, many online casinos have abandoned mobile marketing promotions. However, other offers remain available, whether you register through the desktop version or a portable application. You’ll have access to initial offers, recharging promotions, as well as generous bonuses without deposits.

Types of no deposit bonuses

Suppose you have reached this point in the article. In that case, you are already familiar with the types of bonuses without a deposit for 2020. Now, we will summarize the different variations and highlight some of the fundamental rules for their proper use for those who had scrolled directly to this subtopic.

  • Free casino gaming credits – received by brand-new or engaged users, with the bonus added to the non-withdrawn balance. It is required to wager the credits several times to release it and make it available for withdrawal; 
  • Free spins – mainly distributed to new customers or when new games appear on the platform. A fixed number of spins is given out, the profit accumulated through them is stored into the main client’s wallet and is available for withdrawing;
  • Freebet for sports events – one of the most common football bonuses without a deposit brings a free bet for a particular event. In most cases, a bet with real funds is required, which in case of a non-winning outcome, is returned to the consumer;
  • Freeroll poker tournament tickets – a popular tool for encouraging new customers, which is used by a number of online poker platforms;
  • VIP client – actively engaged users in casino and poker websites are added to special VIP clubs, presenting daily bonus offers. The goal for the participant is to accomplish his mission for the day, and in return, he will get a pre-announced prize – a tournament ticket, free spins, bet credits, etc.;
  • Mobile bonuses without a deposit – as we have remarked above, promotions for betting over a smart device are becoming less and less popular, but still exist in some foreign online casinos. Most often, they provide free spins or cashback in case of a non-winning first mobile bet.

How do we activate them?

Information regarding the initial no-deposit bonuses is usually published in the PROMO sections of the respective online casinos. There, the collecting method and the permissible games for wagering the amount/spins are described, and the validity period of the bonus is fixed.

However, to activate your no deposit bonus, you will need to register by filling in personal information and account information. Companies that require account verification to verify the account holder’s identity and confirm the action’s legitimacy are no exception (some players register to receive a bonus for a second time). Once you have joined the platform, you will most likely receive a message on the chosen e-mail, which will contain information about the active bonuses on the website. Sometimes the offers are personalized, i.e., you are the only one who will receive them, so you should check your e-mail and system messages in the casino more often.

The activation of the promotions is done through the profile menu. To do it, you need to click on the username, select => “My offers” from the drop-down menu, and choose one among the available options. The procedure for receiving no-deposit bonuses is identical on most platforms, but in case of difficulty, ask for help from an authorized representative of the company.

No deposit bonuses in Bulgaria

We will have to disappoint you, but in the native web space, such offers are very limited. Of course, you can get a variety of bonuses without depositing by registering on foreign platforms. Still, you have to be very cautious due to the lack of an official license.

Currently, two native bookmakers introduce these types of promotions to their customers. There is a Winbet bonus without a deposit, delivering the brand-new participants a free BGN 5 for bets. It takes several hours without depositing to receive an e-mail inviting you to enjoy the offer after registration. The funds presented are available for betting on both the SPORTS and CASINO sections, depending on the bettor’s preferences.

The other brand that provides its customers with related offers is Palms Bet. No deposit bonuses are available mainly for sports and are distributed in the form of tombolas and contests. One of the most attractive offers is the “Precise result bonus,” bringing free credits up to BGN 50 for a correct prediction of the top match for the week. The tipster game “Survivor” has been available for several months, which provides a profit of BGN 1,000 for a correct prediction of 10 consecutive matches. Unfortunately, Efbet, one of the largest domestic bookmakers, does not offer bonuses without a deposit. Instead, it provides many other Efbet bonuses that you can use for both sports betting and casino games.

International online casinos offering no deposit bonuses

As you can probably guess, the world’s most notable gambling industry providers, such as Bet365, Bwin, Betfair, PokerStars, William Hill, 1xBet, 888, Betfred, Pinnacle, Unibet, Bet-at-home, Sportingbet, and Melbet, usually do not offer bonuses without a deposit. For this reason, we at Casino Robots have selected some lesser-known online casinos and bookmakers that provide a wide variety of no deposit bonuses and free spins.

Catches when accepting this type of bonuses

The nature of this type of promotion is to encourage consumers and drive them to take action. However, this does not imply that online casinos are ready to lose money. On the contrary, there are strict requirements for bonuses related to wagering within a disclosed period. The Free Spins offers are probably the most non-committal alternative, as everything won with them goes directly into the withdrawable balance and does not require further wagering.

Another essential aspect leading to incorrect use of no-deposit promotions is the underestimation of the funds received. As the participant obtains free credits, he does not estimate their value as he would in real currency. He starts playing indiscriminately on different slots and does not follow the primary strategies for winning bets, leading to a disastrous outcome and rapid spending of the free amount.

Our recommendation for you is to experiment, use the bonuses without a deposit, and do it wisely. Familiarize yourself with the terms of the proposals and find out about the required number of credit wagering. Otherwise, you will be surprised by the sudden removal of the bonus if the funds are not used within the specified time interval. The more carefully you analyze the rules of promotions, the more likely you are to deal with them. And remember – betting is a passion, not a necessity!

Restrictions on casino games with no deposit bonuses

As incredible as no deposit bonuses may sound, they have their limitations and restrictions. Online casinos usually limit the use of such bonuses to specific categories of games. Most often, these are slots. However, some gambling operators provide comparable bonuses for other casino games such as poker, blackjack, the wheel of fortune, roulette, baccarat, lottery, and scratch games, keno, bingo, and others.

These no-deposit bonuses in the form of a set amount of money or free spins are frequently assigned only for a specific slot machine or for a particular software company’s slots. For example, to take advantage of such a bonus, you may only need to wager it on the 40 Super Hot or 20 Super Hot slot machine, which is produced by EGT (Euro Games Technology). All requirements are individual and depend on the particular online casino, where the specifics of the slots and the software providers can be very diverse.

Also, operators giving out no-deposit bonuses or free spins may limit the use of these bonuses to specific categories of slots such as 40-line casino games, fruit slots, 20-line casino games, pyramid slots, mega jack machines, or others.

Frequently asked questions related to no deposit casino bonuses

What is a no deposit bonus?

The no deposit bonus is precisely what you think it is – taking a bonus from online casinos or bookmakers without the need to make a pre-deposit. This is the only type of bonus that does not require a prepayment to be activated.

How do I receive a no deposit bonus?

Receiving this bonus is remarkably easy. Just choose one or more online casinos that we have specially selected and register in it with the bonus code provided by us. After completing the registration, the initial no deposit bonus will be charged to your account, and you will be ready to use it.

Which casinos and bookmakers offer no deposit bonuses?

Many online casinos and bookmakers provide an initial no-deposit bonus to their brand-new customers. You will find almost all of them on the Casino Robots website. We have made a careful selection of online casinos and bookmakers that provide this type of bonus to Bulgarian players.

Are there Bulgarian casinos and bookmakers that offer a no deposit bonus?

Here the answer is yes and no. Generally, this bonus system is not widely administered by domestic casinos and bookmakers. However, there are exceptions when Winbet, Palms Bet, and Efbet offer this type of bonus for a short period of time. In most cases, it is only accessible to new customers, but sometimes it is also available for the existing ones.

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