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Bet365 bank transfer deposit and withdraw – Payments with iban

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Using a bank transfer at Bet365

Bet365 deposit and withdrawal bank transferThere are many payment methods allowed by Bet365 to make deposits and withdrawals. A lot of customers use a bank transfer as their preferred way to make a deposit or a withdrawal from Bet365. If you are interested in using bank transfers with Bet365 then please read this guide so that you know what to do.

How to use a bank transfer to make a deposit with Bet365

The first thing that you need to do is to login to your Bet365 account. From here you need to go to the cashier page and then select “Deposit” from the options. You will then see a number of options to fund your Bet365 account and you need to choose “bank transfer”. Now you will see the details of the Bet365 bank where you need to make the transfer.

You need to be aware that making a deposit with Bet365 using a bank transfer is the slowest possible method. It can take between 2 and 10 business days for the funds to arrive in your Bet365 account.

There are minimum and maximum deposit rules for making a bank transfer with Bet365 and you need to comply with these or else your request will be rejected. These rules vary from one country to another so please check this for your country.

These are the bank details that you will see for the Bet365 account:

Bank name – Barclays Bank plc

Name of account – Hillside Sports GP Ltd

IBAN number – GB39BARC2065829151300

BIC code – BARCGB22

Address – 50 Pall Mall, St James, London SW1Y 5JH United Kingdom

Can you get an initial bonus with a bank transfer

You will be eligible for a new customer bonus when you use a bank transfer to make a deposit with Bet365. The bonus will not be available to you until the transfer has completed and the funds are in your Bet365 account.

As soon as your transfer is complete and the funds are in your Bet365 account, head over to “My Offers” and you should see the Bet365 bonus available. There will be terms and conditions associated with the bonus which you will need to read and comply with.

How to make a withdrawal from Bet365 by bank transfer

You can withdraw winnings from your Bet365 account using the bank transfer method. Login to your Bet365 account, go to the cashier page and select the option for a withdrawal. There is a drop down menu with various options and you need to select “bank transfer”.

You will now see a form where you will need to enter a number of details. First you need to enter the amount of your withdrawal making sure that this complies with the minimum and maximum withdrawal limits set by Bet365 for your country.

Now you will need to provide the details of your bank account which will include the following:

  • The name of your bank
  • The address of your bank
  • The account number
  • The IBAN number
  • The BIC code
  • Account holder name

Please be aware that you must have your account verified by Bet365 in order to make a withdrawal. You will also have to comply with the withdrawal rules and of course, there needs to be sufficient funds in your Bet365 account. It is going to take between 2 and 10 business days before you see the funds in your bank account.


Is a bank transfer a fast method for deposits and withdrawals at Bet365?

No, it can take a number of business days for a deposit to show up in your Bet365 account or a withdrawal to reach your account.

Are there minimum and maximum deposit limits?

Yes, these tend to vary from one country to another so you need to check the rules for your country prior to making a deposit.

Are bonuses available with a bank transfer deposit to Bet365?

Yes, you will be eligible for a new player bonus if you make your first Bet365 deposit using a bank transfer.

Are there any fees involved with bank transfer deposits and withdrawals?

Bet365 will not charge any fees but there may be fees to pay with your bank so please check this.

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