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Bet365 verification – How to verify account in Bet365

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How to verify your account with Bet365

Bet365 verification

You must verify your identity with Bet365 in order to establish that you are who you say you are. The company has a number of operating licenses across the world and they have to comply with the know your customer (KYC) rules for these licenses.

In order to verify your account with Bet365 you will need to use the dedicated page on the website and send a scanned copy of an identification document to them. A member of the Bet365 verification team will check the documents that they receive from you to ensure that everything matches with your registration details.

It usually takes the verification team a couple of days or even longer to check the documents that you send. Once the team has performed their verification checks they will inform you of the outcome. If you send documents to Bet365 that are not clear or illegible then the verification request will be refused.

What is allowed before your account is verified and after verification

Before you can verify your Bet365 account you have to register with them. You will then need to activate your account using the special link provided in an email from them. Once you have done this you can make a deposit and you can place bets on sports, poker or the online casino.

If you win with any of your bets then you will not be able to collect your winnings until you have successfully gone through the verification process. Bet365 will not allow you to make any withdrawals without first verifying your account. After verification you will be able to make successful withdrawal requests.

What does it mean to be verified with Bet365

All customers of Bet365 need to go through the verification process in order to use the gambling site to the full. You have to be verified in order to withdraw any winnings that you accumulate. The process is a simple one and requires you to send copies of your identification document as an attachment on a special form.

Problems with Bet365 may occur if you do not verify your Bet365 account. You will find that your account is limited or restricted by the company. The main reason that you should verify your Bet365 account is that you can make successful requests to withdraw any winnings.

The benefits of Bet365 verification

It is very important that you prove to Bet365 that you are who you say you are so that they can comply with strict KYC rules laid down by their various operating licenses. Once you are verified you will be able to use the full range of services that Bet365 has to offer you. This includes making withdrawals and being able to receive bonuses and other promotions.

Bet365 wants to ensure that all of their customers are protected from abuse. The verification process is a way of increasing security levels and prevents other people making bets with accounts that do not belong to them for example.

If there was no verification at Bet365 then anyone could get hold of your information and impersonate you. They would not be able to prove that they are you which is why the verification process exists.

What documents are allowed with the Bet365 verification process

The company will accept three different types of identity documentation:

  1. A valid passport
  2. A valid national ID card
  3. A valid driver’s license

You can either scan both sides of the document or take clear photographs using the camera in your smart phone for example. It is critical that any copies of your identification document are very clear so that all details can be checked. There is a special page for the verification process on the Bet365 website.

How to send identification documents to Bet365

The first thing that you need to do is to login to your Bet365 account. Then you can click on “your account” and then “identification”. You will then need to choose which type of identification you are going to send to Bet365. If you already have scanned your document or have photographs of it then you can upload these files from your device as attachments.

There is a feature on the identification page where you can “capture an image” using a built-in camera or web cam on your device. The images that you capture will be automatically added and then a check performed to assess the quality of any images. If your images are of the right quality then you will see a message telling you that they have received your documents.

If you want to send more than one type of identity document to Bet365 then you can do that. It is possible for you to add all three of the identification document types if you want to. After receiving your documents, it will normally take a couple of days for the Bet365 staff to check them. An email will be sent to you notifying you of the decision.

As an alternative to using the identification form, you can send your documents as an attachment to the main support email of Bet365. Make sure that you inform the company in your email that you are doing this for the verification process.

Verification deadline

We recommend that you go through the Bet365 verification process within a month of registering with them. Failure to do this may result in your Bet365 account being limited. It is not necessary to go through the verification process as soon as you register, but we do advise that you go through the process as soon as possible afterwards.

Bet365 state that they will attempt to look at all submitted verification documents within 48 hours of receiving them. Sometimes there are a lot of documents to verify from new members so you may need to wait a little longer. If you think that too long a time period has elapsed then you can contact the Bet365 support people and ask for an update.

Here is what to do if you experience difficulties with the Bet365 verification process

If you are not entirely clear on the Bet365 verification process and you experience some difficulty with attaching or sending your identification documents, you can contact support using the live chat feature and ask for help by explaining what has happened.

The support person will be more than happy to explain the verification process in detail to you. They will explain how to make scanned copies or photograph your identification document. In addition to this, they will help you to send the attachments using the identification page or by sending an email to support.

Do you have to verify your Bet365 account more than once? There may be situations where Bet365 will request that you provide further verification of who you are. They may ask you to provide a copy of a recent bank statement for example. They will only do this to ensure that your account is not abused. You will usually receive an email from the company if additional verification is necessary.


Why would Bet365 decline a verification request?

Usually, the only reason for declining a verification request is if documents sent are not clear or illegible.

Why do you need to verify your Bet365 account?

It is to protect your account and also for Bet365 to comply with KYC rules as part of their operating license.

Can you withdraw winnings without verifying your account?

No, Bet365 will not allow you to make any withdrawals if you have not verified your account.

Can your Bet365 account be closed if you do not verify it?

In some cases, Bet365 will close unverified accounts after a long period of time. It is best to verify your account as soon as possible.

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