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Bet365 withdrawal methods – How to withdraw your funds

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Withdrawing your funds from Bet365

Bet365 withdrawals

It is in your interest to know how you can make withdrawals with Bet365. You need to be aware of how to withdraw any winnings, how long this is likely to take, any limitations with the withdrawal process and what verification steps are necessary.

Please read this guide so that you are fully aware of how the Bet365 withdrawal process works and how you can use it without any hassle. You need to comply with the rules imposed by Bet365 over withdrawals. Failure to do this will lead to additional delays and even the cancelling of withdrawal requests.

How to withdraw your funds from Bet365

There is a process that you need to follow to withdraw funds from Bet365. If you have won and want to withdraw your winnings, it is essential that you understand that you will not be able to do this until you have been verified by Bet365.

It is not difficult to achieve verification with Bet365. You just need to send them a scanned copy of an identification document such as a passport, national ID card or a driver’s license. There is a verification form on the Bet365 website where you can attach your scans and answer specific questions. After receiving your documents, it normally takes around 5 days or so for a decision.

Instead of scanning your ID document it is permissible for you to use the camera on your smart phone to take a color photograph. If the document is double sided then you need to take a picture of both. To check whether your account is verified go to “your account” and then “authentication” when you are logged in.

Once you are verified with Bet365 you need to follow this process to make a withdrawal:

  • Login to your Bet365 account
  • Go to the cashier page and select “withdrawal”
  • You should be presented with the same method that you used to make a deposit for your withdrawal
  • If you want to change the method then you can do so here
  • Select the method you want to use for your withdrawal
  • Enter the amount of your withdrawal and answer any questions on the page
  • Make sure that your withdrawal amount is within the Bet365 limits
  • Confirm the withdrawal transaction

Please be aware that there are likely to be different questions that you need to respond to with the different withdrawal methods. If you decide that you want your withdrawal to take place with a card issued by a bank, you will need to provide the card holder’s name (as it appears on your card) as well as the security CVV number which is 3 digits on the rear.

If you want to make a withdrawal to an e-wallet system such as Skrill or Neteller then you will need to provide login details for your account. This is going to include your username (this may be your email address) and your password. Check what is required with each different withdrawal option if you want to use them.

What are the withdrawal methods available at Bet365

Bet365 allows a number of different options for you to make a withdrawal. You need to be aware that when you make a withdrawal request, only the payment methods you have used to make a deposit will be displayed for you.

Here are the various withdrawal methods that you can use together with their minimum and maximum limits. These may be slightly different in your country so please check this. We have provided this information in US Dollars for ease of reference. There are no fees charged to use any of these methods:

MethodTime to ProcessMinimumMaximum
Debit CardImmediate$10$30,000
Credit CardImmediate$10$30,000
Skrill 1-TapImmediate$10$13,000
Wire Transfer2 to 10 banking days$50$100,000
CheckUp to 30 banking days$1,500$80,000

Usually there is no set maximum per day but if you want to withdraw over $20,000 or equivalent then there may be an additional process to go through. Of course, you need to ensure that the funds are available in your Bet365 account prior to making a withdrawal application.

Fees for withdrawals

You will not be charged a fee by Bet365 for any withdrawal transactions. All of the methods shown above do not require the payment of any fees. Please bear in mind that if you select an e-wallet to make a withdrawal and then when you receive the funds you want to transfer them into another account there may be a fee payable to the e-wallet provider.

Please check the terms and conditions of any e-wallet provider or any other method of withdrawal to see if there are any transaction fees involved. This is out of the control of Bet365 and they will be unable to advise you on this.

Is it possible to withdraw funds from another account holder

No, this is not possible. Any holder of a Bet365 account must have all of their financial instruments such as cards and e-wallets linked directly to them. Everything must be in your name. Bet365 is never going to allow you to withdraw funds from another person’s account.

Can you make withdrawals using a mobile device

Yes, you can use a mobile device to make a withdrawal request from Bet365. It doesn’t matter if you are using a browser to access the Bet365 website or using the Bet365 mobile app. You will make your withdrawal application in the same way as you would using a computer.

Go to “your account” and select the “withdrawal” option. You should then be presented with the methods that you can use to make a withdrawal. Usually, you will only see the methods that you have used to make a deposit available as withdrawal methods. There is nothing difficult about using your smart phone or tablet device to make a withdrawal from Bet365. You will find that the navigation is clear and that you have the same options available as using a computer.


Does Bet365 charge you for all of your withdrawal transactions?

No, there is no charge made by Bet365 for withdrawals using any of the supported methods.

Can I withdraw in Bitcoin or some other cryptocurrency?

No, currently there is no support for cryptocurrencies with Bet365.

Do you have to be verified to withdraw winnings?

Yes, you must prove who you are to Bet365 before you can withdraw any winnings.

Are e-wallets the quickest way to make a withdrawal?

Usually e-wallets provide the fastest withdrawal transactions with Bet365.

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