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How to play free online baccarat (Step by step)

If you're reading this you're probably new to the world of baccarat. We advise you to avoid the risk of losing money in the initial stages of your practice. Try some available free online games to gain some skills. We have prepared a list below of some of the best casino websites some of which offer some no deposit bonuses.

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Why we should first play for free, then play for real money

In gambling experience is key. The more confident you are in your skills, the better your performance will be. That's why you need to start from the beginning. Practice as much as you can but do it through the free alternatives we mentioned earlier. You won't lose any money and, on top of that, you will get a grasp on how to use all the tactics and strategies when playing baccarat.

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Baccarat - history, rules, and strategies for winning games

There is barely any person who bets in a physical casino or online that has not come across the title Baccarat. The name ‘Baccarat’ comes from the French language. In Italian, it’s written as "Baccara" and translated as "0", as the jack, king, queen, and ten cards each give participants zero points. In this article, we will pay special attention to Baccarat to learn its history, rules, facts, and everything that may be interesting and, most of all, useful. And now, let's move on to the essential things on this subject. In Casino Robots, in addition to baccarat, you can play many other similar card games such as blackjack, poker, keno, and many other table games. You can also find many other casino games such as slots, bingo, roulette, and many other ball games and dice games that you can play for free online.

In Casino Robots, all fans can try the casino game baccarat for free without registration, download, installation, or registration.

History of baccarat

Baccarat boasts an impressive history dating back over 500 years. Nowadays, different opinions exist about the origin of the game. According to some, it appears for the first time in Italy, and according to others, its birthplace is France.

Despite the controversy over the creation of the game, there are historical sources according to which its author is a man named Felix Falguiere, who popularized it in Italy in 1400. This is the official version, which you may find on the Internet and various media. We can only assume what the truth is, but at this stage, this is all the information we have.

Centuries ago, Baccarat was played mainly by aristocrats, but later it became available to ordinary people as well. Today, many know ‘Baccarat’ and play it in land-based casinos or on websites. They can also enjoy an online version with a live dealer who accepts bets, serves customers, and makes sure players comply with the rules.

Rules of baccarat

Baccarat is a board game that consists of six or eight decks that contain fifty-two cards each. Fourteen players are taking part, but the 13th spot remains unfilled due to the superstition that the number brings bad luck. In addition to the bettors, there are three croupiers - one primary dealer and two assistants. The game itself starts when the participants sit at the table, and the primary dealer shuffles the cards and puts them in a box where they cannot be seen.

How to play baccarat?

The croupier in the game draws two hands from the box with two cards each. One card is for the player, and the other one is for the dealer. In this scenario, all bettors have three options: betting on the croupier's hand, betting on the player's hand, or betting on equal hands. Correctly guessing the more substantial hand will earn you the prize. How much you win depends on the specific bet you made in the casino.

The highest number of points you can get in Baccarat is nine. If you achieve an asset of eight or nine points, you earn a clear victory. If your card is a jack, a queen, a king, or a ten, you score zero points, leading to a loss. There is an additional option to draw another card. If this happens, the dealer also gets the right to draw a card, but that depends on your hand. Here are the different options in which the dealer can take the third card:

  • In case the banker’s hand amounts to zero to two points, he will be able to draw a third card, regardless of the additional card of the bettor;
  • In case the banker has a hand amounting to three points, he can draw a third card, but only if the additional card of the player does not equal to eight points;
  • In case the banker has a hand amounting to four points, he gets the right to draw a third card, if the bettor has not drawn an additional card bringing zero, one, eight, or nine points;
  • In case the banker has a five-point hand, there is an option to draw a new card, but only when the player's extra hand has brought him four, five, six, or seven points;
  • In case the banker has six points, he can take an additional card, only if the player has taken six or seven points from the drawn third card.

* Note

If the banker has a hand equating to seven points or the player holds a hand with six or seven points, it is not possible to draw a third card. No additional draws are made, so the winner of the game is determined right away. These are generally the rules of Baccarat.

Rules - player

The sum of the first two cards is Action

0-1-2-3-4-5 Draw a card

6-7 Stands

8-9 Natural

Rules - banker

The sum of the first two cards is: Draw when the sum of the player's first two cards is: No draw when the player's third card is:

3 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-9-10 8

4 2-3-4-5-6-7 1-8-9-10

5 4-5-6-7 1-2-3-8-9-10

6 6-7 1-2-3-4-5-8-9-10

7 Stands Stands

8-9 Natural Natural

Calculating cards in baccarat

The cards numbered from 3 to 9 will bring you exactly as many points as the numbers written on the card itself. As for the jack, the king, the queen, and the card with the number 10, they carry zero points, as we mentioned at the beginning of the article. The ace brings you 1 point.

You may notice that there is a way to gain more points than the maximum nine that brings victory. For example, you can have 9 + 7 points, and their total sum is 16. In this case, the total number's digits are calculated, or in other words, 1 + 6 = 7 points.

If you get any of the cards bringing zero points in combination with another card, the higher value is prioritized. In other words, when you have a king that carries 0 points + an ace, which gives you 1 point, the total is 1 point. Another option is to have a seven + jack, and the points here will be 7.

In general, calculating the cards in Baccarat is not difficult, but you have to get used to it. This will happen after you’ve played the game more than once and have mastered its specifics, which we mentioned above. Let's continue with the exciting things about this gambling activity, with which you will improve your chances of winning and feel great afterward.

Types of baccarat

At the beginning of the article, we pointed out that the most popular type of Baccarat is called Punto Banco and is played mainly in gaming halls and online casinos in the US, Canada, the UK, and even in Macau. However, baccarat is also available in other shapes and forms, which we will discuss below. We will not describe each type in detail, but we will point out the most important things:

  • EZ Baccarat - Players can bet on two additional options, one of which is called ‘Dragon 7’ and involves predicting whether the dealer will receive a total of 8 points when drawing a third card;
  • The next bet option is named ‘Panda 8’ and is the exact opposite of the previous one. Here you predict whether the player will collect a total of 8 points after the third card is drawn; 
  • Punto 2000 / Super 6 - This type of Baccarat can be found more often in land-based casinos. So far, we have not encountered it online. A small feature that differs from the classic game is that here prizes are paid out according to ‘Banker’s Bets’ with no additional commission, compared to the five percent that exist in standard Baccarat;
  • Chemin De Fer - this is the French version of Baccarat, as the French claim, it’s original. It is very popular in its homeland, where many players gamble in casinos or online. Translated, Chemin De Fer means railroad, and the association comes from the fact that the cards are placed in an iron box. Here the players are the ones who shuffle the cards and put them in the box. Once the game starts, one of the participants is assigned as a dealer, and the others are players. Several other specifics distinguish this version from the classic one.

These are the most famous types of Baccarat today. If you decide to play one of them, it is good to look for more detailed information, as you can find obvious differences in the betting procedures, as well as the game conditions. Please have in mind that the rules for participation in the aforementioned options are different from those of ‘Punto Banco,' which requires you to conduct a survey before starting the bets.

Interesting facts about baccarat

There are various interesting facts about the history and current state of Baccarat. We cannot collect them all, but we will let you know the juiciest details. Most probably you will learn some exciting things about Baccarat.

  • Historical records show that the first forms of Baccarat were brought from Italy to France during the reign of Charles VIII in France who ruled from 1483 to 1498;
  • Punto Banco (North American Baccarat) and Chemin de Fer (French Baccarat) are the two most famous varieties of the game, played in almost all continents;
  • Chemin de Fer was first played in the resort of Palm Beach, United States, in 1911;
  • Baccarat first reached Las Vegas in 1959, and on this crucial night for the players, the tables lost a total of $250,000;
  • The pure translation of the word ‘Baccara’ from Italian into Bulgarian is ‘0’, as mentioned at the very beginning.

These are things you may or may not know about Baccarat, but we felt compelled to include them because they are relevant to the game's development and popularity worldwide. Don't stop reading, because the best in the article is yet to come.

Tricks and strategies when playing baccarat

You might expect us to give you some great tricks to win from Baccarat, but the truth is that this is a game with an outcome that is unexpected. Of course, you can use your intuition to predict what the next move will be, but hardly anyone can point out specific winning tricks.

Usually, some betting sites come out with headlines like "Winning Strategy for Baccarat" or "Learn the Secrets of Baccarat"… later, these so-called ‘casino gurus’ ask you for $10 to read some ridiculous things. Do not get involved because you will lose your money and you will not receive any useful information, just a whole bunch of lies.

In 99% of cases, the profit from Baccarat is based on luck. Yes, the word luck is not always appropriate because there’s not much meaning behind it, but if you are looking for a reason to justify your gambling failures, you can use it for consolation or just to name a reason for the losses.

Counting cards

Although counting cards in Baccarat is not the same as with blackjack, you can also choose a similar approach when you want to win. We remind you that you have the option to bet on the dealer's hand, a player's hand bet, and a tie. The basic idea is to try to guess whether the player's hand or the banker's hand has a better chance of winning.

And in this case, you can find some graphics to help you, but we do not recommend you to count the cards, as it is possible to face a loss. Here we have deliberately excluded betting on a tie because they often fail. Keep in mind that counting cards in Baccarat is hardly the winning formula for you.

Tips for a successful game

From the article so far, it is clear that success in Baccarat depends largely on the dose of luck you have got. We've already ruled out options for some phenomenal strategies to bring in revenue to your account, as well as card counting, which is typical of other card games. However, we will give you some useful tips to get you on the road to winning.

Betting on the banker's hand

If you get to know Baccarat, you will come to the conclusion that the banker's hand is the more likely one to profit from. This is the reason why most online casinos require a commission of 5% or more when you bet on the croupier’s win. Fortunately, some casino game bookmakers offer lower betting commissions in this situation.

Don't bet just to get your lost money back!

Many players make a bet to recover their investment. They lose several games but still believe that spending more money will bring them success. In such situations, however, the exact opposite happens, and even greater disappointments follow. Therefore, you should limit yourself to some average amount that you can spend on gambling.

Bet on games with a limited number of decks

The number of decks in Baccarat is essential, especially when it comes to online gaming. Some online casinos allow you to play at a table with fewer decks, thus significantly increasing your winning chances.

Avoid betting on a tie with the dealer

Ties are a rare phenomenon, although guessing it will bring better income. Just think about the likeliness of you having the same amount of points as the dealer, even if you draw the extra card. Better focus on the other two betting options.

Take it seriously

Yes, gambling and casinos are meant to have fun but do not ignore the chances of severe losses, negatively affecting your financial condition. We warn you that the use of alcohol and other intoxicants will negatively affect decision-making and make you inadequate during the game.

Popularity by country

It is time to measure and point out the popularity of Baccarat in different continents and countries. For this purpose, we refer to reliable sources on the Internet and expert analyzes that place the game high in their rankings.

In the Chinese city of Macau, Baccarat flourished back in 2006, when it even surpassed the Las Vegas casinos in betting and investing. The 44 casinos in Macau reached an impressive figure of 33.2 billion dollars grossed from this game. Singapore's casinos also enjoy high revenue from the game and boast some of the world's most prestigious halls.

As for Las Vegas, things are kind of middle-of-the-road there. According to a journalist survey, many casino visitors do not even know what Baccarat rules are. However, the activity brings in 18% of the total profit, which is not a small number. The revenue of the halls in Vegas comes mainly from slot games, and the rest is distributed among Blackjack, Baccarat, and others.

As for Europe, the countries of France and Italy gain the most significant attention from Baccarat fans. They have online versions, as well as the chance to play in physical locations. It is interesting that recently there has been increased interest from Eastern European countries - Serbia, Romania, Greece, Bulgaria, and others.

Analysts believe that this is the most coveted casino game in the world. It competes successfully with poker games (Texas Poker and Caribbean Poker), blackjack, and even slots. We can conclude that the interest is huge and comes from anywhere in the world.

What are the most common mistakes when playing baccarat and how to avoid them?

We have decided to present to you the most common mistakes when playing Baccarat, which you should avoid if you want to get the most out of the game, real casino or online. These are usually errors by beginner players, and we want to pay attention to them specifically.

Making the wrong bet

In all likelihood, it seems impossible to place the wrong bet, as you only have three options. However, we have already discussed the tie bets, which are made for a more significant profit. Yes, you will really enjoy a good income if you predict equal hands, but this scenario is scarce.

The solution is to focus on player and dealer hand bets. By betting on a player's hand, you will not face a commission, and you can take the net profit. If you bet on a banker, you will have to say goodbye to at least 5% of the investment, although your success chances are significantly higher.

Counting cards is a waste of time

Some players think that counting cards will help them. This strategy is great for blackjack, but it doesn't work in Baccarat. If we really think about it, there is nothing so much to gain, so if we know that there are more high or low cards in the deck.

Adhering to the smart bet and saving time from counting cards. That way, we can enjoy the game and take advantage of the unique atmosphere it creates that makes us experience that sweet thrill of being at the table or playing it online.

Betting at any cost

Betting on casino games is a fun activity. It should not become an obsession where you do it at any cost. Even if you are attached to Baccarat, it may be time to stop because of the real possibility of encountering unpleasant outcomes, such as gambling addiction and losing money, which may be more useful for other endeavors.

Why is baccarat the biggest casino game in the world?

If you scroll back to ‘Popularity of Baccarat by Country,' you will notice that most casinos make their living thanks to the game. Many players gamble and participate with a substantial amount of chips.

The reason for the great interest is due to the simple rules, the opportunities for substantial profits and last but not least, the great variety of offers. These are the main reasons for its number 1 placement in the world casino rankings.

Should we play with a live croupier or online?

Near the end of the article, we will answer the question that concerns literally millions of players. Is the virtual casino better or the game in the halls? We can look at things in two aspects. If you do not want to waste time visiting the halls and like to play from your cozy home, then betting sites are better options. Even better, nowadays, you can join Baccarat live with croupiers who contact you via real-time video link.

If you are used to meeting your friends and admiring beautiful women in casinos, then perhaps visiting them is the better option. We can't decide for you, no matter how much we want to. Pay attention to our answer, because it contains all the information you need. At this stage, our opinion favors online solutions, as we find them practical and profitable.

In conclusion, we say that Baccarat's game will never die. It is yet to become successful in many countries, cities, and provinces. Here on our site, you will find the most exciting things about it, and you can also ask any questions related to it. We part with wishes that you will be able to outsmart the game and earn your expected cash flow.

Baccarat alternatives

Baccarat is a card game that does not require skills but basic control of the bank and the bet. If you get tired of playing Baccarat and want to try something new, we have a few alternative games for you. Poker is a game that requires more skills and thoughts and may seem difficult at first, but we assure you that as you progress, this game will give you great pleasure. Blackjack is another popular casino game that you can also try. The rules are easier compared to poker, and you will easily understand them.

If you want to try various card games, we recommend that you take a look at our selection of popular slots divided according to their theme into the following categories:

With us you can play every casino games provided by most online casinos, including the most popular slots such as 40 Super Hot and 20 Super Hot completely free of charge without the requirement to register, install, download or save - directly through the browser on your desktop computer, laptop or mobile device.

Where can you play baccarat with real money?

Baccarat is one of the fastest-growing and most popular casino games in the world. Some online casinos have huge casino bonuses aimed entirely at players who want to play baccarat with real money. You could enjoy this gambling game at one of the following established online casinos:

  • Bwin
  • Bet365
  • PokerStars
  • 888
  • Betfair
  • William Hill
  • Pinnacle
  • Sportingbet
  • Bet-at-home
  • Melbet
  • Unibet

All big and established names in the gambling industry offer bonus codes and other encouraging deals to their customers, such as no deposit bonus, starting bonuses, and many other promotional conditions designed for baccarat players.

Frequently asked questions about baccarat

What types of baccarat are played worldwide?

Punto Banco (most popular), Chemin de Fer, Mini Baccarat, Baccarat Bank.

How to play baccarat, and what are the rules?

This game is only played between a player and a dealer. The game begins with the dealing of cards for both. If the player’s first two cards equal to a sum of 5 or are less, the dealer deals a third card. The winner is the one who is closest to 9.

Where does the name baccarat come from?

The game's name comes from the Italian word "baccara", which means zero and losing the game.

What is the best hand in baccarat?

Baccarat's strongest hand is 9. If you have a total of 9 points, you can either win or be on par with the dealer, but you cannot lose.

Is baccarat a game of luck or skill?

Baccarat is a game of chance and does not require skills to play it. The good thing about the game is that the percentage of winnings for the casino is tiny, and this gives the player the chance to win big, compared to slots and roulette.

Can we beat the casino?

The mathematical answer to the question is NO. In the long run, the dealer (banker) will win because the rules are created to benefit the casino. But some players can win and keep winning for a very long time.

Overall rating of Baccarat games by Casino Robots

Rating 9.6 out of 10