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Where to find and play for free Chinese slots

Chinese slots

Do you like the idea of playing Chinese slot games? Well you can play for free Chinese style slots right here at There is no download involved to play free demo Chinese slots here because you play them in your browser. No registration required and no deposit necessary.

A lot of online casinos have Chinese slot machines and you could go and look for the games there. But we recommend that you play for free the high-quality demo games first on our website. It is important that you master all of the features and gameplay before you start to play for money.

The Chinese style slot games are very popular and there are many of them available. In fact, there are so many Chinese slots around it can be hard to choose one that you really like playing. All the more reason why you need to try out our free demo Chinese themed slots so that you can find the game that you really enjoy.

It should always be your aim to master every slot game that you want to play free before you go to an online casino and play for real cash. When you are ready to look for an online casinos we suggest that you check out our list of non verification casinos first. You do not have to disclose any sensitive personal information when you use these.

Chinese slot machines overview and history

People all over the world have had a fascination with Chinese culture for centuries. We cannot tell you the exact date when the first conventional slot machine appeared with Chinese symbols but this will have been decades ago for sure.

Today you will find a large number of Chinese themed slot games online. The software developers know about the strong interest in Chinese history and culture and create slot games to appeal to the people that like this. Players that enjoy Chinese slots also like to play Asian slots and dragon slots.

Chinese themed slots – which symbols are typical?

Because there is such a large selection of Chinese slot games available we are unable to provide you with a list of the most popular symbols used as this varies so much. A lot of Chinese slots have Chinese symbols in them. Others have animals associated with China and items from Chinese history.

One common set of symbols that we did find were the playing cards A, K, Q, J and 10. Red envelopes appear fairly often as well. If you have some specific Chinese symbols in mind then please check out the selection of free demo Chinese slots here at our website Spend a few minutes playing these games to see if you like the symbols.

Popular Chinese slots

There are plenty of web pages that will give you an opinion on the best Chinese slot games but there are no official statistics about this. So, we did our own research for you and believe that these three Chinese slots are popular with players:

88 Fortunes from S.G. Interactive

We found evidence that S.G. Interactive’s 88 Fortunes Chinese slot game was a very popular choice with players. This slot has very bright Chinese artefacts as symbols. There are 243 ways that you can win across 5 reels. You get good bonus features with this Chinese slot and there are progressive jackpots as well.

The Legend of Shangri-La from NetEnt

This is a nice animal themed Chinese slot from NetEnt. The Legend of Shangri La is different to other Chinese slot games in that there are 6 reels, 5 rows and no set amount of paylines. There are 7 cluster winning symbols in this game which makes things very interesting. You get free spins and other great features with this higher-than-average RTP Chinese slot.

Zhao Cai Jin Bao from Playtech

Playtech have a great Chinese type slot game in Zhao Cai Jin Bao. This game has a great Chinese feel to it and is very enjoyable to play. There are 9 paylines available with this 5 reel slot and there are a lot of interesting features including wild symbols and scatters. You can win big with this Chinese themed slot game.

Bonus rounds and payouts of casino slots with Chinese theme

We found that most of the Chinese slots we tested had bonus features but not all of them did. If you want bonus features then you need to do your homework here first. The payout levels for Chinese style slots all vary so again some research is necessary.

To find a Chinese type slot game that meets your payout and bonus feature requirements take a look at the free to play demo games here at You do not want to start playing Chinese slots for cash if they do not have the features that you want.

Return to players RTP and strategies when playing Chinese themed slots

There are so many Chinese slot games and they will all have a different return to player (RTP). The average RTP will be in the region of 95% and we were able to find some Chinese themed slots that had higher RTPs than this. You can usually find the RTP of any slot game you are interested in online.

We spent a bit of time searching for secrets and winning strategies with Chinese slots but came up with nothing worth reporting here. It is very unlikely that these exist to be honest. Make sure that you are familiar with any Chinese slot game that you want to play prior to gambling with real money.

Software providers developing online Chinese slots

All of the slot machine software development companies know that Chinese themed slots are popular so you will find that most of them have at least one of these slot games to offer you. Here are some of the most reputable software companies that have Chinese slots available:

  • S.G. Interactive
  • NetEnt
  • Playtech
  • Merkur Gaming
  • Play N Gp
  • Red Tiger Gaming
  • Game Art
  • Amatic

These are all very well-known slot machine development companies that have a very good reputation in the online gaming industry. You need to bear in mind that some of the Chinese slot games from these companies are going to be a few years old and the graphics may not be of the highest quality.

Mobile Chinese slots

The best Chinese slot gaming experience for your iOS iPhone or iPad or Android Samsung smartphone or tablet will be with a mobile app. We did find a small number of Chinese themed slot games available as mobile apps. This changes often so please check the Apple Store or Google Play Store to see what is currently available.

If a Chinese style slot game that you want to play does not have a mobile app then there is no need to be concerned as it is very likely to have been optimized for mobile play anyway. This means that the Chinese slot will play perfectly well on your mobile device using a browser.

Pros and Cons of Chinese slots


  • Chinese slot games are usually very entertaining to play
  • There is a large selection of Chinese slots available online
  • Many of the mist reputable software companies have created Chinese slots


  • Not all of the Chinese themed slots available have RTPs higher than average
  • Not all of the Chinese style slot games have bonus features


If you are interested in Chinese history and culture then you will enjoy playing Chinese themed slot machines. There is a wide choice of games available now so it should be easy for you to find a Chinese slot that you like. Give the free Chinese slot demo games a try first at our website so that you can choose the best game for you.


Do all Chinese slot games have high-quality graphics and sounds?
Some of the Chinese slot games that we tested were a few years old but the graphics were still reasonable. In general, we found the graphics and sounds to be satisfactory.
Do all of the Chinese slot machines have enticing bonus rounds?
No, not all of the Chinese slot games have bonus rounds but a lot of them do.
Are there Chinese themed slots with higher than average RTPs?
Yes, we found a number of Chinese type slot games that had a higher RTP than 95%.
Can you play Chinese slot games on mobile devices?
Yes, the vast majority are mobile optimized for playing with a browser and there are some Chinese slot mobile apps available too.

Overall rating of Chinese slots by Casino Robots

Casino Games: Chinese Slots; Requires: Browser with HTML5 support and web device with OS like: Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, etc.; Type: Game; Price: Free (0); Rating: 9.83 out of 10