Best Pay By Phone Casinos

These days everyone has a mobile phone and they can now use it to make deposits with certain mobile casinos. Pay by mobile phone bill phone casinos have been around for a while and they are used by many mobile users that appreciate the convenience that they offer.

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If you are looking for a casino you can pay by phone bill then you have come to the right place. You will find a number of casinos that accept pay by phone bill here. In this guide we will explain the advantages of using a pay by mobile phone bill casino and what you should look out for when choosing one.

Pay by Phone Casinos

What is a pay by mobile phone casino?

A pay by phone casino allows deposits using your phone bill or phone credit. The transactions are seamless and casinos that offer this payment method are available all around the world.

One of the reasons for the rising popularity of pay by mobile phone casinos is that people are concerned about security. They hear about cyber crimes going on all of the time and feel safer making deposits with online casinos using their phone.

When you deposit funds with a pay by phone casino it is different to using a credit card or a payment processor such as Skrill. There is no interaction with your bank account at all when you make transactions. The casino takes deposits from your phone credit or the deposit amount is added to your mobile phone bill.

So if you are looking for reasons to use a pay by mobile phone bill casino as an alternative to conventional payment methods, you should consider this:

  • Paying by phone is a safe method
  • Transactions using your phone are fast
  • Everything is very confidential
  • It is a good alternative to using debit and credit cards
  • All you need to play in the casino is your mobile phone

It is not surprising that many people are taking advantage of the pay by phone casino phenomenon. There are several advantages which all make sense. Paying with your mobile in an online casino is definitely here to stay.

Which are the best pay by phone casinos?

If you want to start using your mobile phone to start making deposits with online casinos then we have found the best pay by phone casinos for you. We have looked at several aspects of each casino that offers a mobile phone payment method with the most important things being trust and security.

How does it work?

We will explain how you can use pay by mobile casinos step by step. If you have played at an online casino before you will be aware that the conventional methods of depositing funds so that you can play are things like credit and debit cards, PayPal or direct bank deposit.

With a pay by phone casino you will not use any of these conventional methods. The casino works with a third party payment processor that has links to mobile phone carriers. A couple of well known players in this market are Boku, Payforit and Zimpler.

After choosing the online casino that offers payment by mobile phone you will have to setup an account with the third party payment processor. Usually the casino will list the mobile phone carriers that it works with, e.g. Vodaphone, on their website so you know that your phone will work.

After setting up your account with the casino and third party processor it is very straight forward to make a deposit. All you need to do is to navigate to the payment or cahier page on the casino site and select the mobile phone payment processor option.

Enter the amount of money that you want to use for a deposit and then confirm the transaction. Almost instantly the funds will appear in your casino balance and you are ready to play. The third party process will ensure that the amount of your deposit is added to your next mobile phone bill.

If you do not have an account with a mobile phone carrier then you can still make deposits with a pay as you go phone. Of course you will need to ensure that you have the available credit on your phone to cover your deposit. The transaction takes seconds and the money deducted from your available phone credit.

In which countries are pay by phone casinos available?

The majority of searches for pay by mobile phone bill casinos come from the UK. It really all started there and the number of people in the UK using their mobile phones to play online casinos is increasing all of the time. Casinos that allow payment via mobile phones are available in other parts of the world too.

UK casinos that accept pay by phone bill

There are a number of casinos in the UK that accept payment by mobile phone. The good news for people in the UK that want to play online casinos with their smartphone is that all of the major mobile carriers in the country have signed up to this.

All a person in the UK has to do is to download the app for the casino that accepts mobile phone payments and then go to the payment page and add their phone number. The user will then receive an SMS message with a special code that they need to enter in the payment page.

You will never be asked for any bank or card details to play a casino that you can pay by phone bill in the UK. All of the transactions that you make are either added to your mobile phone bill, or deducted immediately from your available phone credit.

Pay by phone casinos are now so popular in the UK that over 70% of people that play online casinos use their phone or tablet device in this way to make deposits and play. You do not need a bank account or credit card to use this method in the UK. It is a good way to stay in control of the money you spend in the casino as you can see this instantly on your bill.

US casinos that accept pay by phone bill

There are some online casinos available to United States citizens that will accept mobile phone payments for deposits. Third party processors such as Boku and Payforit are expanding their markets and have connected with casinos aimed at US players.

At the time of writing it may not be easy for you to find an online casino that you can use your mobile phone to pay with if you are in the United States. Things are very likely to change as more and more people see the benefit of using their phone to make safe and easy payments.

Canada pay by mobile phone bill casino

The pay by phone casino craze has definitely taken off in Canada. You will find several online casinos that provide this payment feature to citizens of Canada. There are a growing number of casino players in Canada that like to play on a casual basis and paying with their mobile phone account is perfect for them. Boku offers its pay by phone facilities to people in Canada but the other major companies, Zimpler and Payforit are making ground in the market as well. Always check that the casino supports your mobile carrier before you sign up for an online casino in Canada.

Australia pay by mobile phone bill casino

Australia is another country where pay by phone casinos are taking off. With the help of the payment processor Payforit, Australians are able to pay and play in Australian dollars at online casinos that accept the pay by mobile phone method. There are casinos that use Boku to process mobile phone payments available in Australia too. Most of the mobile carriers in Australia are on board with the concept of funding online casino payments but it is still advisable to check that you can use your carrier to do this before you sign up to an online casino.

Pay by phone casinos Ireland

As Ireland is part of the European Community there are several online casinos available to Irish player that will accept mobile phone payments. Deposits can be made in Euros and you will play in Euros. The concept is as popular in Ireland as it is elsewhere as people appreciate the convenience, confidentiality and safety of paying with their phone.

Boku is behind a lot of the casinos in Ireland that accept payments using a mobile phone. But casinos using Payforit are growing in number as well which is all good news for Irish citizens. It is very likely that your mobile carrier in Ireland will support payments to a casino but as always you need to check first.

Pay by phone casinos Germany

As Germany is a member of the EU there are a number of online casinos available to German citizens that will accept mobile phone payment methods. German players can play and make deposits in Euros. The payment processor Zimpler, specializes in online casino players from Germany as well as Finland and Sweden.

German players really like the idea of paying for their casino games using their mobile phone accounts and the popularity of casinos that offer this service has risen as a result. The payment processors should support the mobile carriers in Germany but you need to check first.


At the moment, there are more casinos that accept mobile phone payments available in Europe than there are elsewhere. If you live in the UK or an EU member country then you should not find any difficulty finding an online casino that will take payments from your mobile carrier.

For the rest of the world things are changing fast and it will not be too long before they catch up. Paying for casino games using a mobile phone makes sense on so many levels that there will be pressure brought to bear and more casinos across the world will take up the option. The popularity of this option in UK and Europe will drive demand for the service elsewhere.

Casino apps with pay by phone option/credit

If you have an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet device then you will find online casino apps that you can download that support payments made through your mobile carrier. The apps available to you will depend on where you live and what carrier you use. There are even apps available for Windows Phone users.

If you don’t like the idea of downloading an app on your mobile device then a lot of these casinos have mobile ready websites that you can use in your favorite browser instead. There are a number of advantages to using your mobile phone to play at online casinos. You can play wherever you are and even on the go.

With so many mobile device users these days it was inevitable that online casinos would make their games available to mobile users. Most of the apps for mobile casinos are small in size so it should not be a problem for you to download and install them.

When you have an online casino app installed on your mobile device you can literally play anywhere and at any time. If you are waiting around for a bus or taxi you can hit the slots for a while. These mobile apps are great for playing online casino games in short bursts. Playing for short periods of time is a good thing because you are less likely to get tired.

There are several places online that you can find free apps for mobile casinos that accept payment via phone. Whether you have the latest iPhone or Samsung Galaxy phone you should not find it too difficult to discover a casino that will meet your gaming requirements.

Some people worry that apps for mobile casinos are not as secure as using a browser and a desktop or laptop computer. But this is not true, as these apps employ 128 bit encryption end to end to ensure that all of your transactions are secure.

You should find that you are able to play just about every casino game via a mobile app as you would do using a computer and a browser. Certainly you will be able to play popular games such as blackjack, slots and roulette without any problems.

Usually you will find free games available on mobile apps so that you can practice before you play for real money. All you need to do is load the app on your device and then you can try out any new methods or strategies you have discovered without risking your money. Once you are happy with the results you can start to play the game for real cash.

You need a good connection to the Internet to play online casino games using an app on your device. If you are going to visit an area where access to the Internet is poor then you will need to play elsewhere. It may be possible for you to play some free games using a mobile app when you are offline.

If an online casino app is available for iOS devices it is very likely to be available for Android devices too and vice versa. You need to check that this is the case. The graphics used for the mobile games are of the highest quality and will provide you with a similar experience to what you will get playing on a computer.

One thing that you need to be aware of is that not all online casino apps are created equally. Unfortunately, not all of the apps out there are designed well and some will offer better bonuses than others. Then there are the casino apps that are not very trustworthy.

You may find that some of the better apps will only allow you to charge your mobile carrier account and will not accept pay as you go credit. This is likely to be a fairly rare thing but it is worth checking if you intend to use your phone credit to play in the casino.

So it is very important that you choose your online casino with mobile phone payment apps wisely. We want to help you to make this choice so please see our list of great apps below that will allow you to use your mobile phone to make payments.

Which mobile operators support payments to online casinos?

Not all mobile carriers across the world are going to support payments to online casinos. A lot of the leading mobile operators have seen the light and either already offer this are planning to do so.

In the United Kingdom all of the major mobile carriers will allow you to use your phone to make payments at an online casino that supports the payment method. The following four major carriers will certainly allow this:

  • Vodafone
  • Three
  • O2
  • EE
  • Virgin Mobile
  • Orange
  • T-Mobile

If you are with a smaller carrier then you will need to check with them to see if they provide support for payments at online casinos. They will either do this or not or maybe have plans to introduce it. If you find yourself in this situation then you can either change to a mobile carrier that does support it or wait for your existing carrier to catch up.

The payment processor Boku, is now available in more than 60 countries and works with more than 250 mobile operators across the world. This does not mean that all of the mobile carriers that they work with are going to support payments to online casinos though. They may offer the service for other applications and not casinos.

Vodafone and T-Mobile are examples of mobile phone carriers that operate across the world. The fact that they allow the funding of online casinos in the UK will probably mean that they will allow it in other countries too.

Payforit is also expanding its operations and so are the other companies that are offering payment processing with mobile phones. This means that they will work with more mobile carriers and some of these will want to offer an online casino payment method service.

So if your mobile carrier does not offer this service at the moment it probably will in the near future. These mobile operators will not want to miss out on the opportunity that paying for casino funding offers them.

Pay by phone casino processors

There are four main players in the mobile payments processing space that online casinos use for deposits:

  • Boku – many online casinos that accept payments via mobile phones use Boku as their payment processor. Boku supports payments added to mobile phone bills and pay as you go credit transactions.

When you have a contract with a mobile carrier that works with Boku you will find that payments to casinos work in a similar way that payments via SMS do. When you have a pay as you go SIM from a supported carrier, Boku will deduct the deposits that you make with online casinos from your current credit balance.

If you sign up for a Boku supported online casino you need to be aware that some of these casinos and mobile carriers could limit the amounts that you can use as a deposit. There is a good feature with Boku where you can cancel a transaction that you make.

You have to take action quickly to take advantage of this Boku failsafe. Once you have made the transaction you can reply with “cancel” or “stop” and if you do this fast enough then you will be able to cancel the transaction and not face any questions about it.

  • Payforit – this is another mobile payment processing company that works in a similar way to Boku. The deposits that you make to online casinos resemble SMS payments that you can make for other applications.

More and more casinos are using Payforit for their mobile deposits. When you already have a connection to your mobile carrier using 3g or 4g you do not need to enter any additional information. If you just have a WiFi connection then you will need to provide your phone number.

Making deposits to casinos using Payforit is really easy. You just have to navigate a couple of different screens to confirm your deposit. Some mobile carriers (like Three in the UK) have integrated with Payforit and will therefore encourage their customers to use it.

  • Zimpler – this mobile payment processor is for online casino players in Sweden, Germany and Finland only at the moment. It is quick and easy to make deposits to online casinos using Zimpler. You even have the choice of paying with your phone bill or a card that you have linked to your phone.

When you want to make a deposit with an online casino you will receive an authorization key from Zimpler. At the time of writing there are many online casinos that integrate with Zimpler and they plan for more integrations.

You can actually manage your Zimpler account from within the online casino app or the website. If you are concerned about how much you might spend with an online casino you can setup deposit limits.

  • Siru Mobile – although Siru Mobile is not as well known as Boku and Payforit it is fast becoming a mobile payment processor of choice with a lot of online casinos. Just enter your phone number and you will get your login information.

Each time that you make a deposit to an online casino, Siru Mobile will send you an SMS requesting you to authorize the deposit transaction. Once you do this then they will process the transaction fast for you.

Sometimes there will be transaction fees associated with making a deposit to an online casino. If this is the case then Siru Mobile will notify you while the process is in place so that you know what to expect with your next mobile phone bill. If you do not want to pay the charge then you can easily cancel the transaction.

Mobile casino games you can play by phone bill

You should not find that you are restricted with the casino games that you can play if you use pay by phone deposits. With most online casinos that accept mobile phone payments you should be able to play the following:

  • Slots – progressive, jackpot, fruit, ancient, 40 lines, 20 lines etc
  • Roulette
  • Blackjack
  • Baccarat
  • Live casino games

It is best to check with the online casinos that take payments from mobiles to see what games will be available and if there are any restrictions. Paying with your mobile phone is just another way to make a deposit so you should not be restricted and be able to play any of the games offered by the mobile app or website.

Pay by phone credit – what does it mean?

If the feature is there to make a casino deposit using phone credit it means that you can use a pay as you go SIM and your deposit will be deducted from your available credit balance. The mobile payment processor will ensure that the amount of credit you have available is enough for the deposit and then make the deduction straight away.

Pay by phone not Boku

There are several Boku based casinos available but if you want to find a casino that will accept deposits using your mobile phone bill then you can search for them. It will help to use the name of the payment processor. So for example you can search for:

  • “Payforit pay by phone casinos”
  • “Zimpler pay by phone casinos”
  • “Siru Mobile pay by phone casinos”

If that does not yield satisfactory results you can try searching for “pay by phone casinos mot Boku”.

Casino bonuses in pay by phone casinos

The good news here is that most pay by phone casinos will offer bonuses especially when you sign up to become a new member. Welcome bonuses that match your deposit are popular and some casinos will offer a number of extra spins on slots when you join.

It will probably be difficult for you to find a mobile casino accepting deposit payments through your mobile carrier that does not offer you a number of bonuses. Casinos will save money on transaction fees when you use your mobile phone account for your deposit so they can afford to give back to you in the form of bonuses.

Pros and cons of using pay by phone casino


  • When you use a pay by phone casino you protect your sensitive information
  • All you need is a mobile phone number from a supported carrier and you can make deposits
  • It is a very convenient way to pay casino deposits
  • On your phone bill you can see your casino spending at a glance
  • It is a secure way to make deposits


  • If you lose your mobile device then you could be at risk
  • Withdrawals are difficult and you will need another option for this
  • Not available in all countries and with all mobile carriers

How to withdraw in a pay by phone casino

You cannot make withdrawals to your mobile phone account from a casino that allows you to make deposits with your phone. It is very unlikely that you would want to do this in the first place. So you will need an alternative account to withdraw your funds to such as Skrill or Visa for example.

Is it legit and legal to deposit at a pay by phone casino – are they licensed?

Casinos that offer the pay by phone feature are certainly legal in themselves and they will have a license in the jurisdiction that they operate in. Whether you can legally play these casinos from your location is another matter.

You need to check that you are not breaking the laws of your country by playing mobile casinos that accept payment via phone. This is your responsibility and we cannot advise you on this.

How to choose the right pay by phone casino

There are a number of factors to take into account when choosing a pay by phone casino:

  • Do they support your mobile phone carrier?
  • Can you play in your own currency?
  • Are there any fees associated with making deposits with your phone?
  • What games are available to you?
  • Does the casino have a good reputation?

Final thoughts

More and more players of mobile online casino games are turning to making their deposits using their mobile phone bill or their available phone credit. It is a safe and secure way to pay and eliminates the need for you to disclose any sensitive information such as your bank account details.

Not all countries and mobile phone carriers are on board with the concept yet but this is very likely to change in the near future. It makes total sense to make payments to casinos with your mobile phone account and it is good for the mobile carriers and the casinos as well.

Frequently asked questions

What are the fees associated with making deposits with your mobile phone?

This is going to vary from one casino to another. Check first before you choose a pay by phone casino.

Is it easy to pay using your phone?

Yes it is. Just select “pay by phone” from the payments page, enter your deposit amount and confirm and verify the transaction.

Are there deposit limits for pay by phone casinos?

Yes there are. You should find that the maximum available deposit with a Boku or Payforit casino is $/£/€ 30.

Is it safe to use a pay by mobile phone casino?

The vast majority of casinos that offer pay by phone are going to be safe to use. But some casinos are not trustworthy so identify these and avoid them.

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