New Online Casinos

In this guide we will show you what to consider when choosing the best new online casinos. It seems that new online casinos appear all of the time and if you are interested in playing at a new online casino then we urge you to read this short guide in full.

People like new things. It is human nature to be attracted to new shiny objects that promise a new level of excitement. Unfortunately, a lot of new online casinos do not stand up well to the more established casinos for a variety of reasons.

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How to choose reliable new online casino site

Each new online casino that appears is hungry for new customers and some of them will make wild claims to attract new business. If you make the wrong choice with a new casino online you risk losing money and even having your personal information shared with unscrupulous companies or having it stolen altogether.

To protect yourself from having your personal information stolen or hacked we strongly recommend that you take a look at no verification casinos. As the name suggests, you do not require an account to play at these casinos. It means that you do not have to provide the online casino with any of your really sensitive personal information so your details will be safe.

The first thing to find out when you are considering a new online casino is whether it has a proper license or not. You need to find out who is behind any new casino that you want to join. Some players will tell you that it doesn’t matter if an online casino has a valid license or not. But we disagree with this completely.

There have been too many horror stories of players not being able to cash out their winnings at unlicensed casinos. Unlicensed casinos are OK until something goes wrong. They are not bound by the strict terms of a license so you are relying on the morals of the owners here. This is a very risky thing to do.

Do your homework on any new online casino that you are thinking of using. Use Google or your favorite search engine to find out everything that you can. What is the jurisdiction of the online casino? Who are the owners (individuals or a company)? Do they have a legitimate license?

There are online casino blacklist websites that you can use to see if the new casino is on there. Also, online casino forums often provide a lot of essential information about new casinos. Do your due diligence as you could regret it if you don’t.

Next you want to check out the security arrangements for a new online casino. Do not just take their word for it that their casino is secure. What security arrangements are in place to protect your information? Does the website have a valid SSL certificate?

There are a number of online casino blacklist websites that you can go to see if the new online casino you are considering appears there. It is a sad fact that some new casinos will resort to unethical practices to make money and more often than not they find themselves on these blacklists.

It is worth checking all of the major online casino blacklist websites to see if your new casino appears on them. While it is possible that one website may have got it wrong, it is unlikely that several sites will wrongly blacklist a new casino. If you find that the new online casino you want to join is on more than one blacklist then our advice is to stay away from it.

Search for active online casino forums and join some of them. Forums tend to be unbiased and you get real reviews from real players. Forum members will tell you “warts and all” what they thought about a specific online casino and you can usually rely on this information.

Even if you do not find anything bad about a new casino and decide to sign up you should still monitor the blacklist sites and the forums as things can change very fast. It would not be the first time that a new online casino starts out with good intentions and then starts to cut corners at the expense of the players.

If everything checks out with your new online casino then you need to look at two other important issues:

  • The payment methods
  • The variety of games

We will look at these aspects in more detail later in this guide but for now we want to mention that if the new online casino you are looking at does not support the payment method that you want to use or has the games that you want to play then there is no point in you becoming a member.

Why are there always new online casinos?

Have you ever wondered why new online casinos seem to be emerging all of the time? What are the reasons for this? Well, one reason is because online casinos can make a lot of money and if the owners get it right, they can make a fortune. An online casino will always be biased and will win much more than the players do.

The second big reason why there are so many new online casinos is that players believe that they will change their luck by playing elsewhere. This is very unlikely of course but you will not stop people believing this so new online casinos will always be able to attract players.

New online casinos – what is the trend?

Some of the new online casinos emerge due to a trend in the industry. One of the most popular trends with online casinos at the moment is the use of cryptocurrency for deposits and withdrawals. So, players are looking for the best Ethereum casinos, the best Litecoin casinos, the best crypto casinos and so on.

Another trend in the online casino world is the availability of several different deposit and withdrawal methods. We have already mentioned the crypto option but there are other methods that players look for too which we will discuss in more detail later.

People love to play slots at online casinos and something that is trending right now is 3D slots. Does the new online casino you are considering have 3D slots? Players are savvier than they used to be and another trend now is to look for evidence that an online casino has provably fair games available.

Is it a good idea to try your luck at a new online casino?

The short answer is “Yes”. You need to perform your due diligence first of course, but once you have found a new online casino that is trustworthy then by all means try it out to see what it has to offer.

It is always worth bearing in mind that all new online casinos need to attract players. They can often be extremely generous with bonuses and other aspects because they are very keen for you to play with them. So, check to see what the new legit online casinos have to offer you.

Software providers at new casinos

You should look out for games from the top software companies when you are sizing up a new online casino. A good online casino will have games from many of the top providers such as:

  • NetEnt
  • EGT
  • Microgaming
  • IGT
  • Playtech
  • Novomatic
  • Play N Go
  • Amatic

There are more high-quality software companies of course. Each of these companies will lease their games to an online casino. Although the presence of games from top software providers is not a guarantee that the online casino itself is legit, it is a good sign that they want to provide the very best games for their players.

Payment methods in new casinos

We have already discussed the trend in using crypto currency for making deposits with online casinos. There are other options of course that you can look out for with anew online casino including:

You can never have too many payment options in our opinion. Most online casinos now accept Visa and MasterCard deposits, bank deposits, wire deposits, Stripe, PayPal and so on. New casinos that are eager to attract players will often have other payment methods like those we have listed above.

Are new casinos better than the old ones?

The answer to this question really depends on what you are looking for. If you like the idea of playing at an online casino that has a track record and a good reputation built up over several years, then the older casinos are likely to be the best choice for you.

But the older casinos can be complacent and not offer you the latest payment methods and the new games that you want to play. New casinos will often try to attract your custom with very generous bonuses too, so if you are looking for these kinds of things then a new casino is worth checking out.

How Casino Robots rates new casinos

Casino Robots use a thorough 6 step process whenever we evaluate a new online casino. We want to ensure that our visitors have the very best online casino experience so we are very thorough in our assessment of a new casino. Here are the steps that we use:

Is the new online casino legit?

We find out who the owners of the new casino are and perform due diligence on them to see if there is any bad history for example. Our team will also look at the jurisdiction that the new online casino is in and whether or not they have a legitimate license to operate.

Check blacklists and forums

Next, we will visit the major online casino blacklist websites to see whether the new casino appears on any of them. Then we will check out the active online casino forums to see what members are saying about the new online casino. If all is good, we proceed to the next step.

Deposits and Payments

This is the next most important thing with a new online casino. We check to see what kind of deposit and withdrawal methods exist and are especially interested in fast payout casinos and instant withdrawal casinos. Also we take a look at the security arrangements of the new online casino.

Another important test is the minimum and maximum deposit levels in place at the new online casino. We always look for minimum deposit casinos and those new casinos that have a low deposit or a low minimum deposit.

We will take a look at the transaction fees associated with the different deposit and withdrawal methods offered by new online casinos. Transaction fees tend to vary from one online casino to another.

Finally, we will check for any limitations on withdrawals. Usually there will be daily and even weekly limits imposed but we look beyond this to see if there are monthly limits as well. Some casinos will make special arrangements for a player that has won a progressive jackpot with a slot game for example.

The games offered

The Casino Robots team will look at the different kind of games that are on offer at a new online casino. We are especially interested in the table games that these casinos provide. Do they offer free table games for example?

We pay close attention to the slot machine games that a new online casino provides. Slots are the most popular type of casino games, so we always check to see if they have slots with bonus features and different themes such as popular fruit slots and classic slots. Does the new online casino offer live games?

We contact their support

The way that a new online casino responds to support requests is usually a good indicator of what they really think about their customers (players). If they have live support then we will try this out. We will always send them an email to see how fast and how well they respond to this.

Do they have good welcome bonuses?

We cover this in more detail below but we always look at the bonuses that a new online casino will provide to new players.

Welcome bonuses and free spins at new casinos

In order to attract players a new online casino will usually offer generous welcome bonuses which may include free spins. You need to be careful here as some of the welcome bonuses offered really are too good to be true.

Sometimes a new online casino will offer a welcome bonus package that is so big you should be suspicious of it. Check out the rollover terms with these bonuses because there can be a lot of restrictions there.


What are the most important things to look for with a new online casino?

First you need to ensure that the casino has a license and then you need to check that they do not appear on any blacklists.

Do all new online casinos offer generous welcome bonuses?

Most of the time they do. Always check to see what restrictions apply to any bonuses offered.

What payment options exist with new casinos?

Payment options will vary from one new casino to another so you need to check if the method you want is available.

Do all new online casinos have fast withdrawals?

Unfortunately not. You need to do your homework here and test their withdrawal process.

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