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If you’re going to start gaming online, you will need a way to move money around in a virtual world. Ecopayz is another e-wallet payment method supported by multiple online casinos for deposits and withdrawals. Ecopayz casinos offer you a handy way of funding your account or cashing out your winnings. 

Ecopayz Casinos

Ecopayz is a verified online e-wallet, and it’s suitable for multiple activities online. From shopping to gaming, Ecopayz is a preferred payment method trusted by millions of customers worldwide. 

There are a few costs involved with managing your money on Ecopayz, and you’ll need to verify your identity before using the e-wallet. However, it presents a legitimate and easy way to receive or send funds. Ecopayz is similar to other payment methods like Skrill and Stripe, and it’s common in the European market. 

However, unlike these other payment methods, Ecopayz has a tiered membership system, offering you four membership levels. You get silver, gold, platinum, and VIP membership levels, depending on how much you use your account. Ecopayz has a virtual card available for easy payments as well. 

The prominent UK-based PSI-Play operates the Ecopayz network, and it’s been working with MasterCard since 2009. As a result, you can issue prepaid virtual cards through your account on the site. Initially, the company started as “Ecopay,” rebranding to Ecopayz in 2013.

you can also make deposits and transact between your MasterCard credit card or debit cards and your Ecopayz account. 

When did casinos start working with Ecopayz?

Online Ecopayz casinos started accepting Ecopayz withdrawals and deposits decades ago. The company began taking clients in 2011, in the aftermath of the financial crisis. Over the last near 10-years, the company evolved into one of the biggest players in the online payments market. 

There are plenty of online casinos with Ecopayz as a preferred payment gateway on the admin panel. When signing up with an online casino, check to see if they support Ecopayz deposits and withdrawals. The best Ecopayz casinos offer you fast funding of your account and speedy withdrawals. 

Why do people use Ecopayz?

People use Ecopayz because it’s a secure way to transact online. The Ecopayz card has a specific design and functionality to streamline your online payments process. The company collaborates with the MasterCard Network, which is capable of processing more than 1,700-transactions per second. As a result, you get instant results when you hit the deposit or withdrawal button at your Ecopayz casino. 

Online vendors and Ecopayz casinos don’t receive your personal details when making deposits or withdrawals using your Ecopayz account. This structure gives you some level of identity protection online; that’s better than using your credit or debit card for those same transactions. 

The MasterCard network is encrypted, featuring military-grade encryption technology that’s impenetrable to hackers or cybercriminals. As a result, your data and transaction information remain safe. 

How do i set up with Ecopayz?

To start with Ecopayz, you’ll need to visit the company website. You sign up using the virtual forms on the site, and representatives get back to you if you qualify for the service. 

After receiving approval for an Ecopayz account, the company opens your e-wallet, and you can purchase prepaid cards using your account. You can use the card information in virtual environments, like Ecopayz casinos. 

The Ecopayz card operates like a secured credit card. You get a specific limit from the issuing authority, creating a threshold on deposits and withdrawals until you confirm your identity. After verifying yourself, the company lifts those limits, and you have access to the Ecopayz facility. 

Your Ecopayz account operates like a separate bank account with independent transaction costs and account fees. Before signing up with Ecopayz, make sure you understand all the charges involved with opening and maintaining an Ecopayz account. 

Are there licensed casinos accepting Ecopayz?

There are thousands of casinos accepting Ecopayz for payments right now. Ecopayz casinos have the option listed in their cashier or check-out section of the site. Check if your prospective casino accepts Ecopayz before signing up.

Ecopayz is a full-licensed organization, and it complies with all anti-money laundering legislation. It’s for this reason that the company runs a thorough KYC (Know Your Customer) program. When you sign up for an Ecopayz account, it’s like opening a second bank account for online spending. 

MasterCard and the financial authorities track all your transactions, and they flag any suspicious amounts they think could be money-laundering transactions. 

What are the pros and cons of using Ecopayz for online gambling?

There are plenty of pros and cons to using Ecopayz Casinos and Ecopayz as a payment method. Here is a quick overview of the pros and cons of using this payment system. 

What are the Pros of Using Ecopayz?

  • Ecopayz Casinos supports up to 40 international currencies, including the USD, EUR, and GBP
  • You can load funds into your Ecopayz card directly from your Ecopayz account, debit, or credit card
  • Encrypted network for safe and secure transactions with no risk of identity theft
  • No need to furnish your financial or personal details until you verify your account

What are the Cons of using Ecopayz?

  • The Ecopayz service is not available to US-based players
  • To raise your payment limits, you’ll need to provide KYC information
  • Fees for loading and withdrawing are high compared with other payment methods
  • Withdrawals can experience delays, especially for large amounts

How do i deposit and withdraw funds using Ecopayz?

When depositing to your Ecopayz account, you have the option of using three currencies. Ecopayz supports deposits and withdrawals using USD, EUR, and GBP. And you have options for up to 46 currencies.

You can link the Ecopayz account to your credit card and make deposits or receive payments directly from your Ecopayz account. 

If you’re depositing money from a foreign credit card that uses currencies not supported by Ecopayz, you’ll have to pay the conversion fees. Your bank will set the currency exchange rates, and you can expect that to add to the costs of funding your Ecopayz account. 

What are the top reasons for using Ecopayz for online gambling?

There are a few reasons why online gamblers choose to use Ecopayz for funding accounts and withdrawing from an Ecopayz casino. 

Convenience – The Ecopayz account is an easy way to fund your Ecopayz casino account and receive withdrawals. Most online Ecopayz casinos have the payment method listed in their cashier section.

Security – Ecopayz is part of the secure MasterCard network, with military-grade encryption surrounding all financial transactions. 

Fast funding of Your Account – The MasterCard network processes thousands of transactions every second, for fast funding of your account. 

Easy Withdrawals – Some users complain about slow withdrawal times for large amounts. However, for amounts under $1,000, you should receive your money within 24-hours. 

Approved Use – When you verify your Ecopayz account, Ecopayz casinos won’t have any problem paying you out. 

Does Ecopayz offer me any anonymity online?

It does, and it doesn’t. When using your Ecopayz account at a registered online casino, you’ll have to verify your casino account. If you don’t do it, you get limitations on your withdrawals.

As mentioned, online casinos need to comply with anti-money laundering laws and KYC policies to remain open. If they fail to meet these commitments, the relevant government authorities will ban them from operating in the country. 

For this reason, many Ecopayz casinos now operate in sovereign territories and countries like the British Virgin Islands. By setting up operations in these locations, the company doesn’t have to worry about financial authorities’ interference. 

Therefore, the casino will always know your identity when transacting. However, if hackers were to intercept transactions, they would not find any personal information embedded in the transaction. With credit cards, they would have access to your name and bank as well. 

However, it’s important to note that most Ecopayz casinos have decent online security. As a result of the company’s protocols, you shouldn’t have to worry about the threat of someone stealing your data. 

What are the payment limits with Ecopayz?

When depositing with your Ecopayz card, there are no limits on your transaction size. The casino will have maximum limits on funding, but your card won’t Ecopayz with KYC and AML checks to ensure all transactions using the card are legit. 

Therefore, Ecopayz casinos don’t have any problems accepting deposits or making withdrawals to Ecopayz accounts. When signing you up for your Ecopayz account, make sure you have your KYC information on hand to speed up the verification process.

Ecopayz will need a copy of a photo-ID and a proof of residence like a utility bill in your name before opening your account. By having these items on-hand and submitting them as soon as you sign up for an account, you avoid delays in your casino’s withdrawal process. Winning big and not getting you money for days will leave you feeling frustrated. 

What is the transfer times for Ecopayz transactions?

With Ecopayz, you get instantaneous deposits, thanks to the lightning-fast MasterCard network. Most players state that deposits to Ecopayz casinos appear in their account instantly.

However, the company doesn’t have the same record as making withdrawals. It might take up to 48-hours for you to receive your funds, especially if it’s a significant payout. It’s important to note that this timeline is in-line with most other MasterCard products.

Sure, you might get a faster payout with other methods. However, you don’t get the same confidence in the transaction as you do with Ecopayz. The MasterCard -backed payment network has one of the best reputations globally, making it a top choice for the European market, where it has its biggest market share. 

What are the fees involved with Ecopayz transactions?

The best Ecopayz casinos don’t charge you any fees relating to your deposits or withdrawals. However, the Ecopayz card system does charge you fees for these transactions. You have the option of depositing into your Ecopayz account using the following methods:

  • Visa Cards
  • Local Banking
  • ecoVoucher
  • Przelewy24
  • PoLipayments
  • Neosurf
  • Klarna
  • GiroPay
  • InstantTransfer
  • PaysafeCard
  • SafetyPay
  • Bancontact Mister Cash
  • Instadebit
  • Fast Bank Transfer
  • iDeal
  • PayU
  • PocketChange
  • iDebit
  • Trustly
  • UnionPay
  • Yandex
  • Multibanco
  • Tencent

It’s important to note the Ecopayz account does not have the same functionality as a bank account, but you do get an in-house Ecopayz account with a 10-digit account number.

When depositing into your Ecopayz card from your credit or debit card, you’ll have to pay 1.69%-6% + 0.25€. Payments from other payment services can cost between 1% to 3%, depending on the provider. 

Bank transfer deposits come with a 2% fee, and if you’re sending money to an Ecopayz casino, it’s going to cost you 1.5%. For withdrawals from your Ecopayz account, you’ll have to link it to your bank account in your profile.

However, there are no monthly account fees for the service and no annual costs. That makes the offering somewhat worthwhile. When selecting Ecopayz as your ideal payment method, you need to ensure you understand the costs thoroughly.

The company will not email you a statement, and you’ll have to look at your balances through your account portal online. It’s easy to make deposits directly into your account, and funding your Ecopayz account from your credit cards takes seconds. 

Will i receive free spins and deposit bonuses if i use Ecopayz at my casino?

That depends on the casino and its deposit policy. Almost all casinos accept Ecopayz as a valid deposit and withdrawal method. Therefore, you get the same deposit bonus and free spins as you would get depositing via any other payment method. 

Check with your preferred Ecopayz casino for a detailed listing of its deposit bonuses and free spins before signing up with the site. 

Do mobile gambling sites accept Ecopayz?

Yes. Most mobile gaming sites accept Ecopayz. The company supports mobile payments, and it’s compatible with iOS and Android devices. Set your Ecopayz account up on your Samsung Galaxy or iPhone, and make your deposit on the move!

Mobile gaming is growing in popularity across the world. With mobile, you have access to gaming wherever you go. Play a few blackjack hands while you sit in your Uber or get rich with some animal themed slots while killing time on the couch. 

Ecopayz is a mobile-compatible site, and you can sign up for the service using your Android or iOS device. The registration process is fast, and you’ll get access to your account in minutes, ready for funding. 

What do you need to look for In a good Ecopayz casino?

When assessing the best Ecopayz casinos, you need to look for platforms that offer you the best value for your money. In today’s competitive online gaming market, casinos are always looking to get an edge on the competition.

Some offer larger deposit bonuses, with more free spins just for signing up and making your deposit. The top Ecopayz casinos give you more for your money, matching your deposit, or giving you free spins to match your deposit’s value. 

Check with your casino and ask about the frees spins and deposit bonuses before signing up. Most Ecopayz casinos have a detailed description of its offerings on its homepage or within the website. Take your time and shop around for the best deal before signing up with an Ecopayz casino. 

The Ecopayz casino’s reputation matters, and you need to ensure they offer your account’s fast funding. When you make a deposit, you want it there instantaneously. There should be no waiting around for hours for your balance to reflect in your gaming account.

Fortunately, with Ecopayz, you get the power of the MasterCard network on your side. With Ecopayz, you get instant funding of any gaming account where the platform accepts Ecopayz payments. 

Is Ecopayz a legal payment method for online casinos?

Yes, Ecopayz is entirely legal for making deposits and withdrawals from international gaming sites. There are thousands of sites working with Ecopayz, and you can choose from any of them to fund your account using Ecopayz. 

Ecopayz works with the MasterCard network. They piggy-back off MasterCard’s reputation, ensuring you get fast, accurate, and secure transactions from your Ecopayz account to Ecopayz casinos. MasterCard is one of the biggest payment networks in the western world. It’s for this reason that Ecopayz is one of the preferred payment methods for European gamers. 

Do casinos that accept Ecopayz work with top gaming software providers?

Since Ecopayz works with almost all online casinos, you benefit from enjoying all the leading game titles from top software providers. The following production companies all work with Ecopayz casinos to bring you the top titles in gaming. 

  • Netent
  • Microgaming
  • Playtech
  • Evolution Gaming

The best Ecopayz casinos understand that they need to broaden payment methods to be more inclusive of other systems. 

However, many of them struggle to keep up with all the new independent payment innovations. With Ecopayz, you’re dealing with MasterCard and its legacy of being one of the world’s best payment methods. 

Why should i play at Ecopayz casinos?

Playing at Ecopayz casinos enhances your gaming experience. With Ecopayz, you get fast, convenient deposits and easy withdrawals for any amount you desire. The best Ecopayz casinos will offer bonuses like free spins and matched deposits to entice you to play.

However, it’s important to note that gaming venues need more suspicion than Ecopayz when signing up for your account. Make sure you’re dealing with a reputable casino with plenty of social proof. Log onto Instagram and Twitter when selecting your ideal Ecopayz casinos to make a shortlist of viable venues.

Make sure you’re dealing with a casino that offers a fair and equal opportunity to make money. Many online casinos run scams to bleed players dry of funds. Therefore, make sure you only play at verified and reputable Ecopayz casinos that promise to pay you out. 

The last thing you want is to experience a delay in your withdrawal or deposit. Therefore, working with a credible Ecopayz casino is vital to ensuring you have a safe and entertaining gaming experience online. 

Which countries accept deposits and withdrawals using Ecopayz?

Ecopayz is a European brand. Therefore, you can use your Ecopayz account to fund your gaming at various casinos around the world. 

However, it’s important to note that American gamers are not allowed to open Ecopayz accounts. The US government and financial authorities don’t want Americans using this payment method, as it may present money-laundering problems for US dollar markets. 

Ecopayz might not be available as a payment method for Americans, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work with the US dollar. 

Ecopayz supports payments in Euros, Dollars, and Pounds Sterling. Top Ecopayz casinos worldwide recognize Ecopayz as a valid, viable, and effective payment method for making deposits and withdrawals. 

What kind of games can i play with Ecopayz?

When you sign up for an Ecopayz account and fund your casino account, you get full access to all the games on the site. Choose to play your favorite games, including the following. 

  • Ecopayz slots
  • Ecopayz roulette
  • Ecopayz blackjack
  • Ecopayz poker
  • Ecopayz dice
  • Ecopayz lottery

Final thoughts on Ecopayz and online gaming

The best Ecopayz casinos accept Ecopayz as a valid method of funding and withdrawing from your casino account. Ecopayz has a high fee system, but it’s a convenient method of moving money around online. 

Gambling online with Ecopayz FAQ

Are there virtual reality casino sites accepting Ecopayz?

Yes, there are plenty of VR casinos accepting Ecopayz. Check with your favorite casino to see if it’s in the cashier section’s payment method options.

What are the alternatives to using Ecopayz?

The alternatives to Ecopayz are other MasterCard systems like credit and debit cards, and other e-wallet services like Skrill and Neteller. Ecopayz gives you an extra layer of anonymity when transacting online.

Is Ecopayz available for American citizens?

No, Ecopayz does not open accounts for American passport holders.

Is Ecopayz available for Europeans?

Yes, Ecopayz is one of the most popular online payment methods across Europe.

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