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If you want a safer way to make deposits with online casinos then the Paysafecard is a good option. It is a pre-paid card that you can top up using special codes. These codes have different values from $10 up to $100.

The good thing about using a Paysafecard at an online casino is that you do not have to provide any sensitive financial information. There is also an app available for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets which you can use to manage all of your codes and payments.

When did online casinos first start accepting Paysafecard?

The exact date when the first casino accepted the Paysafecard is not known but this is likely to be around 2005. It originated from Austria back in 2000 but took a while to go mainstream. There are now more than 500,000 online retailers that accept the Paysafecard including online casinos.

Online casinos like the Paysafecard method because it protects their players and they will receive deposited funds immediately. It is a win-win for both the online casino and the player. These days there are many online casinos that accept the Paysafecard for deposits and some for withdrawals.

Why do players want to use the Paysafecard?

The main reason players want to use the Paysafecard is because they do not want to provide online casinos with their sensitive financial details. If you want to keep all of your personal information private then you should find no account casinos that accept the Paysafecard. Players may also want to consider Click2Pay casinos.

It is convenient and easy for players to use the Paysafe card. Setting up an account is simple and is purchasing codes to top it up. Being a pre-paid card, players know how much they can deposit and there is no credit so they cannot deposit more than they can afford as they can with a conventional credit card.

How to get a Paysafecard

You can easily obtain a Paysafecard from thousands of retail outlets all across the world. They are available at gas stations, grocery stores and other retail outlets. You choose the amount for your Paysafecard in your local currency and then pay the retailer this amount.

The Paysafecard website allows you to enter a zip code or postal code to find your nearest outlet. You can do this with your phone as well if you have the Paysafecard app. Once you have your Paysafecard you can go to the same retail outlets and purchase codes to top it up or you can order these online.

Is the Paysafecard accepted at licensed online casinos?

There are many licensed casinos that will accept the Paysafecard as a method of payment for making deposits. Some of them will allow withdrawals using the Paysafecard as well. Please see our list of licensed online casinos below where you can use your Paysafecard. We have checked out all of these online casinos so they are safe to use.

Pros and cons of using the Paysafecard at online casinos

Every payment and withdrawal method at online casinos has pros and cons. You will see that there are more advantages than disadvantages when you use the Paysafecard at online casinos:


  • Using the Paysafecard for online casino deposits is very safe because you never have to provide your sensitive financial details
  • It is quick and easy to use your Paysafecard
  • There are many places that you can obtain a Paysafecard and purchase top up codes for it
  • Many online casinos now accept the Paysafecard for deposits and withdrawals
  • The free mobile app for Android and iOS devices helps you to manage your Paysafecard
  • In most cases, online casinos do not charge any fees to use your Paysafecard


  • The amount of money that you can deposit may be lower than with other payment methods
  • You have to buy codes to top up your Paysafecard
  • Not all online casinos accept the Paysafecard

How to make deposits and withdrawals with your Paysafecard

It is a fairly simple and straightforward process to make a deposit with an online casino using a Paysafecard. Once you have your card and the necessary codes for the amount you want to deposit then you need to find the “cashier” page of the online casino website once you are logged in.

Look for the Paysafecard option for your deposit and click on this. Now you will need to enter the amount of your deposit and the Paysafecard code. There is a 16 digit number related to your Paysafecard that you need to enter.

If you have several different codes on your Paysafecard then you can combine these so that you make the right amount for your deposit. With Paysafecard you can deposit anywhere from $10 if you are playing at a low min deposit casino up to a maximum of $1,000.

After you have confirmed your deposit it should occur immediately and top up your online casino balance so that you can start to play right away. If you have to convert your Paysafecard currency into another currency to make the deposit then you will have to pay a 2% fee to Paysafecard for this.

Not all online casinos allow withdrawals using a Paysafecard. However, there is a “My Paysafecard” service that some online casinos can use for withdrawals. If the online casino allows Paysafecard withdrawals then you will need to do the following:

  1. Navigate to the “cashier” page of your online casino and choose the Paysafecard as your withdrawal method
  2. Enter your Paysafecard details and the amount that you want to withdraw. Usually, you can withdraw from $20 to $1,000 with a Paysafecard but the online casino may have its own limits
  3. Confirm that you want to make the withdrawal
  4. All processing fees are covered by Paysafecard and not by you as the player
  5. On average it will take around 24 hours for a withdrawal to be approved. This time can change depending on the online casino

Is there anonymity when using a Paysafecard?

In terms of the deposits and withdrawals that you make with your Paysafecard there is no sharing of any personal details so you have anonymity. Whether the online casino has details about who you are depends on the type of account you have. For total anonymity it is best to find no KYC casinos that accept the Paysafecard.

What are the payment limits with a Paysafecard?

The maximum amount that Paysafecard will allow you to deposit at an online casino is $1,000. There is a minimum of $10. Online casinos may impose their own payment limits when you are using a Paysafecard so you will need to check this first.

What transfer times can you expect when using a Paysafecard?

When you make a deposit at an online casino using your Paysafecard the funds will normally be transferred instantly. It certainly should not take more than a few minutes for the deposit to show up in your online casino balance. If it does take longer than this then you need to check with the online casino support team.

Transfer times for withdrawals using your Paysafecard are likely to vary from one online casino to another. Some online casinos are very strict about withdrawals and have a team that will check all requests for fraud etc. Once the casino accepts the withdrawal request the funds should be in your Paysafecard account within 24 hours.

What fees can you expect when using a Paysafecard?

Most online casinos will not charge you a fee for a deposit or a withdrawal using a Paysafecard. You need to check this before signing up with the casino. Paysafecard has a monthly account maintenance fee of $2 but will not charge you any transaction fees unless you need to convert currency where a 2% fee will apply.

Are there free spins available at Paysafecard casinos?

Some Paysafecard casinos may offer free spins as an incentive for you to sign up with them. If this is available then it is likely that the casino will specify what slots you can use your free spins on. There are going to be terms and conditions associated with any free spins or other casino bonuses so please read these carefully so you know where you stand when it comes to winnings.

Are there mobile casinos that accept Paysafecard?

Yes, there are mobile casinos that will accept the Paysafecard as a payment method and possibly a withdrawal method. There will be details about this on their main website. If you are in any doubt about a mobile casino accepting the Paysafecard then speak with their support people.

Things to consider when choosing a Paysafecard casino

You want to ensure that any Paysafecard casino that you choose has a valid operating license. If you have a dispute with an online casino that has a license you can report this to the authority that granted the license and request their assistance. When a Paysafecard casino has no license there is nothing you can do.

Check the reputation of the Paysafecard casino before signing up. Do they appear on any online casino blacklists? Also, you need to test the support of the Paysafecard casino to see how long they take to respond and the quality of the answers they provide.

Is the Paysafecard casino secure? Check that they use SSL encryption for all of their transactions. Find out their rules about deposits and withdrawals. If you want to make small deposits then you will need to find low deposit casinos that accept Paysafecard. Does the online casino allow withdrawals using the Paysafecard?

Finally, you need to check that the Paysafecard casino has the games that you want to play. You may like to play slots with stacked wilds or fireworks themed slots. Are these available to you? Then there are the different table games. Does the Paysafecard casino have blackjack and Texas Holdem poker if you want to play these games?

Is it legal to use Paysafecard as a payment method for online casinos?

It is legal to use a Paysafecard for payments at online casinos. Paysafecard is now owned by a UK company and the Financial Conduct Authority strictly regulates them. You can be confident that transactions with your Paysafecard will always be legal.

What software companies do Paysafecard casinos partner with?

Some of the top software companies in the world partner with online casinos that accept the Paysafecard. These include:

  • Microgaming
  • NetEnt
  • Playtech
  • Novomatic
  • Red Tiger Gaming
  • Play N Go
  • IGT

It is very likely that you will find casino games from different reputable software providers at Paysafecard casinos.

Why should you play at a Paysafecard casino?

The main reason to play at a Paysafecard casinos is the fact that they allow the use of the Paysafecard for secure transactions. You will not have to provide any of your sensitive financial details when making deposits and withdrawals.

Which countries support Paysafecard?

A number of European countries support the Paysafecard including:

  • United Kingdom
  • France
  • Belgium
  • Spain
  • Iceland
  • Denmark
  • Bulgaria
  • Italy
  • Latvia
  • Hungary
  • Portugal
  • Switzerland
  • Turkey

For North and South America:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Brazil
  • Argentina
  • Paraguay
  • Peru
  • Uruguay

Other countries that support the Paysafecard include:

  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Kuwait
  • Saudi Arabia
  • United Arab Emirates

What games are available at Paysafecard casinos?

You should find that there is a wide variety of games available at all Paysafecard casinos. There should always be a good choice of slot machines available so if you like to play fire slots, explorer slots or DC comics slots then this will usually be possible. Here are some of the games that you should be able to play at a Paysafecard casino:

Always check that the games you want to play are available first at any Paysafecard casino that you are considering.

Final thoughts

There are a lot of advantages using the Paysafecard for your online casino deposits and withdrawals. More and more online casinos are accepting the Paysafecard these days so you will have a good choice here. We recommend that you use the Paysafecard casinos that we recommend in our list above.

Do all online casinos accept the Paysafecard for deposits and withdrawals?

Not all online casinos will accept the Paysafecard but there are many that do. Check to see if they will allow deposits and withdrawals if that is what you want.

What is the main benefit of using the Paysafecard at online casinos?

The main benefit is that all of your transactions will be private and secure. You will never have to disclose any of your personal financial details.

What is the maximum deposit with a Paysafecard?

The maximum deposit you can make with a Paysafecard is $1,000.

Are there any fees with a Paysafecard?

You have to pay an account maintenance fee of $2 each month. When you make transactions there are no fees unless you need to convert currency and then there is a 2% fee.

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