SMS mobile verification online casino bonus

Are you aware that there are some online casinos that will now offer you a bonus just for verifying your phone number using SMS? These are no deposit online casinos that will provide new players with a worthwhile casino bonus simply by providing their mobile phone number and then verifying this with a text message.

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Why do online casinos want you to verify your phone number using SMS?

The online casino market is very crowded and extremely competitive. Nowadays, you will see online casinos implementing a variety of marketing tactics to get new players through the door. An online casino wants your mobile phone number. When they have this, they will be able to send you persuasive messages to play at their casino. A lot of new online casinos do this.

SMS mobile verification online casino bonus

An online casino is going to insist that you verify the phone number that you enter with an exchange of SMS messages. If they do not do this, you could enter a fictitious number and then claim the bonuses on offer. The casino will want to follow up with you by sending notifications and it cannot do this if it is not sure if the number belongs to you or not.

A lot of pay by phone casinos will make these kinds of offers. They bank on the fact that you will be able to make deposits using your mobile phone. More and more mobile network operators are allowing account holders to make small deposits at online casinos.

If you can make a deposit using your phone, there will be daily limits imposed on the deposit amounts. Usually, the minimum deposit will be around $2 and the maximum deposit will be $30. As you can often make a new deposit each day within these limits, online casinos are happy to accept this form of payment.

From the players perspective, this is usually a form of credit as they will not have to pay for the deposits that they make to an online casino until their next phone bill arrives. If a player is using a pay as you go phone, it is usually possible for the existing credit balance to be debited for an online casino deposit.

Always keep in mind that online casinos never do anything for nothing. When they offer casino bonuses for verifying your mobile phone number using SMS, they have an ulterior motive in mind. They want you to make a deposit and play their casino games so that they can make a profit from you. This kind of bonus is just a marketing tactic.

What kind of bonuses can you expect from SMS verification?

If you are going to go to the trouble of providing your mobile phone number to an online casino and then verifying it with SMS, what kind of bonuses can you expect? The bonuses offered by online casinos that use this tactic will vary.

Sometimes, an online casino will offer a welcome bonus to players that provide their phone numbers and verify them. They will provide you with bonus credits that you can use to play their casino games.

Don’t expect these bonuses to be very large. Our experienced team at have researched this thoroughly and discovered that the average bonus credits that online casinos will provide for a phone number verification is between $10 and $20. Usually, you can use bonus credit to play a variety of different games. This is not always the case, so please check first.

The other common type of bonus offered to new players that will verify their mobile phone number is the free spins bonus. Again, you are not going to receive lots of free spins here. Our team found that it is likely that you will receive 10 to 20 free spins on average.

Unlike with bonus credits, the online casino will often specify the slot that you have to play your free spins on. It is rare that an online casino will provide you the option of choosing from a variety of slot games. If you have never played the specified slot before you can make mistakes and miss out on wins.

Another thing to note about free spins bonuses offered for phone number verification is that their value is usually very low. In fact, our team found that some of the free spins were only worth around 10 cents. So, if you win, you are not going to win very much.

It is very likely that you will need to use up your bonuses in a short time period. Sometimes this can be just 24 hours, but in most cases, it will be a couple of days. There are always going to be terms and conditions with the bonuses offered so you need to read these.


Why does an online casino need phone number verification?

They need to verify all phone numbers entered to ensure that they are real and associated with the player.

What bonuses are available with SMS verification?

Typically, the bonuses offered with SMS verification will be either bonus credits or free spins.

Are there usually terms and conditions associated with bonuses?

Yes, you need to read these terms and conditions to know where you stand.

Do you have to make a deposit after verifying your phone number?

No, but the online casino will do everything that they can to persuade you to do this. They are a business and want to make money.

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