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Find the slot theme that you are looking for at Casino Robots

Many people like to play slot machines based on a theme that they like. At we want to help you to find the themed slots games that you really want to play.

The truth is that most slot machines that you will find online will have some kind of theme. With some of the available slot games the theme will be obvious and jump right out at you. In other slot games this is not so obvious. Slots with popular themes tend to attract players a lot more. This doesn’t mean that they are always the best slots to play of course.

It is actually very challenging to find a slots game that does not have a theme nowadays. Themes tend to set the different slot machines apart from the alternatives, and players are much more likely to gravitate towards a slot with a theme that they like.

We have organized our website here at to make it easy for you to find your favorite themes and access the slot games that have these themes. This will help you a lot as there are so many slot games with themes available today.

If a theme is really popular then you will see a lot of the slot game developers rush to market with their themed slot. Some of the most popular themed slot games have been “cloned” many times by different software providers. The games are not exactly the same but very similar.

People like themed slots because they can relate to something that really interests them such as a movie, TV show or just a subject that fascinates them. The slot software providers know this and they create themed slots that will appeal to player emotions. It is in their interest to make their themed slots games as popular as possible.

Themed slots – what stands behind the name?

The very first slot machines commonly featured fruits, bells, playing card symbols and the like. They were pretty basic games but nonetheless popular. Manufacturers of slot machines wanted to increase the enjoyment factor so they started to add themes to them.

With the introduction of online casinos the world of themed slots games really opened up. It became possible to create slot games without any limitations so the modern games include stunning graphics representing the theme of the slot as well as high quality sound effects.

Today you will find just about every slot theme imaginable available at online casinos. Within each theme, there will be individual slot games that a player can choose from. The choice nowadays is nothing short of overwhelming.

While there are some slot players that choose a slot game based on the jackpots and bonus features they have, many players will be drawn to a specific theme of slot game because they identify with it or really like the theme.

This has resulted in many of the major software providers purchasing the rights to create themed slots around popular movies and characters for example. It is common to see live footage in these slot games from movies or TV shows these days.

Popular themes

At we make it our business to identify the most popular slot themes. Although there are many themes available, some stand out as being the most popular. Here is our view on the most popular themes for slot games.


Everyone that enjoys playing slot games knows about Las Vegas. It is the most well-known gambling area in the world. Many people will think about Vegas when they want to play a slots game. They may not have been there before but they have seen it depicted on TV and in movies.

The dazzling bright lights of Vegas are a real draw. Therefore, you will find many slot games that try to emulate this. All of the major slot software developers have Vegas style games. They all try to provide the famous Vegas experience in these slot games.

Hollywood and movies

This is another popular theme for slot games. The main reason for this is that so many people can identify with blockbuster movies from Hollywood. Now you can find many slot games branded around famous movies.

Examples of this are the Dark Knight Rises, Tomb Raider, the Terminator series, Rocky, James Bond and a whole lot more. There are also slots themed around famous TV shows such as Game of Thrones, Love Island, and Who Wants to be a Millionaire. You can find themes around famous actors too such as Marilyn Monroe.


Everyone likes magic and many people are intrigued by fantasy and mythology. There are many slot games themed around dragons for example as there is always strong interest in this. Slot games with magic in the title such as Magic Mirror and Magic Portals are very popular.

Some players like to immerse themselves in a fantasy world of unicorns, wizards and witches and so on. As a result there are many of these fantasy slot games available. The magic of ancient Egypt and mythology themed slots are also extremely popular with many players.


When people play online slots it is an adventure in itself. Combine this with an adventure theme and you have a real winner. With certain adventure themed slots the player is transformed into a world where they are the hero and they need to defeat the enemy and claim the reassure.

With adventure themed slots you can find yourself immersed in a world from the past or even a fantasy world. Usually adventure slot games involve some kind of treasure and you will need to do the right things in the game to claim it as your own.


Given that music touches everyone’s life it is no surprise that there are several music themed slot games out there. You will often find these slots themed around well-known bands or individual music stars. Usually the developers secure the rights to use the music from these bands and have them running as a sound track.

One of the most popular music slots is Guns n Roses by NetEnt. If you like the rock genre then you can also play the Motorhead themed slots game. For people that have musical tastes going back some years there is even a Jimi Hendrix themed slot. Music will always be popular and music themed slots will always be around.

Most weird slot themes

It will probably not surprise you to know that there are some weird slot themes around as well as popular ones. So if a slot game that has a theme of grannies turning into terrorists and attacking cities or maybe an Indian curry themed slot game appeals to you then these are available.

Here are some other weird themes for slots:

  • Flowers
  • Aliens
  • Viruses
  • Mechanical chickens
  • Bible
  • Chilies
  • Vegetables
  • London pubs

These weird themes are just the tip of the iceberg as there are many more. There is even a slots game themed around Donald Trump. Or maybe you want to play a slots game that swears at you? The sky is the limit with weird slot themes. Just search online for a weird theme that appeals to you.

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